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Vape Simple House 10 E-liquid

Vape Simple have sent in their House 10 range of premixed eliquids to check out. With a strong line up of flavours to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone here.

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Vape Simple have sent over a selection of their House 10 range of e-liquids for us to check out. All of Vape simple’s own e-liquids are made in house at their SVC Lab in Gatwick, which is their state of the art ISO facility and are all fully TPD compliant. The House 10 range are 10ml premixed, and are 70/30 VG/PG. Being regular, premixed juices, they come in either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 9mg so should suit most vapers but if you are still in to the higher nic juices, I’m afraid you are out of luck. There is a lot to get through here so let’s get straight in there.

Vape Simple House 10 large selection of flavours

Mango Strawberry blast

This E-liquid has the perfect balance between ripe mango and smooth Strawberry

I was expecting this to be very sweet, mango juices often are, but this is more of a green, slightly under ripe mango with more of a background hint of strawberry. The sweetness actually comes more from the light berry flavour rather than the mango. It is mellow and light but easy to vape. It has a good throat feel, husky but not harsh. A pleasant, easy going juice.

Lime Vanilla Candy

This E-liquid Is just like a penny sweet-sharp lime with a smooth vanilla aftertaste

A smooth, sharp lime with a well rounded creaminess. It is thick and almost chewy with a full mouth feel. The lime cuts through well and stops the vanilla from being too clogging. It is a well balanced flavour and one of my favourites from the range, but it is a bit of a coil killer.

American Pancakes

Classic American pancakes Topped with maple syrup with a  smooth buttery finish

This tastes just like American style pancakes with syrup, but without all the mess and sticky fingers! The pancake base underlines the flavour but gives it a light doughiness which works perfectly with the syrup which has a lovely caramelised brown sugar depth. It’s not a complicated juice but it does exactly what it says on the label.

Blackberry Orange

This E-liquid features a bold blackberry with a zesty orange that helps lift this flavor to perfection

The orange is sweet and a little synthetic, more like branded orange squash than a freshly squeezed juice. It is very sugary. The blackberry is set so far back that you really have to home in to pick it out. You can taste something is there but if it didn’t say it in the name, I would struggle to have put my finger on what it was. It is not a bad flavour but I was a little underwhelmed.

Menthol Fruits

This E-liquid is bursting at the seams with delicious ripe fruit and cool menthol a perfect all day vape

This has got to be the mildest menthol I’ve ever had! There is a slight hint of cool freshness but, again, you have to concentrate to really notice it. As for the fruits, I think I get a medley of melons but the rest is just a general fruit flavour. It is a light juice and I found it refreshing, but don’t expect a big menthol hit.

Vape Simple House 10 all day vape

Caramelised Custard

This E-liquid is the perfect balance between caramel and vanilla custard it will have your taste buds wanting more.

Back on track again, this is a good, solid custard. It is not as sweet as I thought it might be, but this is a good thing as it could easily have upset the balance. It is rich but without becoming overwhelming. The bonus of it not being too sweet is that it is surprisingly gently on your coils. I love these kinds of flavours but so many are so overly sweet that you are lucky to get through a full tank before your wick is black and nasty. The balance is spot on and this is an easy all day vape if you like custards.

Sweet Cookie Cream

"This E-liquid Is a sweet chocolate chip cookie finished off with a healthy serving moorish cream"

Oooh this is really good. I love a nice biscuit and this juice certainly doesn't disappoint. It has that sweet, crumbliness you get with a fox's vanilla cream and it really does dance on the old tastebuds. I didn't get a big choclate hit but there was just enough to give the cream a grown up twist. If you are a bit of a cookie monster like me, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Lemon Cake

This E-liquid Is a loving baked lemon cake just like mamma used to make

After the surprise of the caramelised custard, this one came as a bit of a disappointment as it is a really coil killer, so much so that it was hard to fairly review it. If anything, it felt like it had been over steeped. The lemon is quite strong and a little artificial but worked well with the cake base until my wick and coil begged for mercy. It’s more a Bobby’s special than an M&S cake. Shame as I am rather partial to lemon cake.

Pancake Ice cream

This E-liquid is a classic Pancake stack topped with smooth vanilla ice cream

This was quite surprisingly different to the American pancakes juice which came as a nice surprise. The vanilla ice cream comes through cleanly and really works well with the pancake base. I liked it more than I expected as I was a little worried that it might be a bit bland. It is very balanced and flavourful and is another I’d put on the all day vape list.

Orange Blossom

This E-liquid floral orange Blossom is a refined liquid for those of us who love light and fruity flavors

This is a very light citrus flavour but is also very sweet. I’d say it is more of a nectar than a blossom, but it was still very pleasant. It is a light, floral vape without becoming overpowering, but again, the sweetness is a coil killer.

Vape Simple House 10 love love love!

Final thoughts

So there we go! Obviously it has to be said that taste is very subjective and what works for me may not work for you. These are not gourmet juices and are not trying to be, but they are good quality and there is a great selection of flavours so you are bound to find quite a few that will work for you. Best of all is the price, at £1.99 a bottle, you just can’t really go wrong and I’d definitely recommend picking up a personal pick and mix and see how you get on with them.

Many thanks to Vape Simple for sending these in for review. Keep your eyes peels too as we have more reviews coming in the shape of their House 25 range of shortfills!

Vape Simple House 10 nowhere man

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