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Urban Chase 50/50 10ml E-liquid Range

Tecc have sent us some E-liquid to review so we are kicking things off with the Urban Chase 50/50 10ml range

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TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG 10ml Juice review

Supplied by TECC for review.
Price = £2.99 each or 4 for £10

Here’s the official TECC information:
Urban Chase e-liquid from TECC has been created to offer a vape liquid which ticks all the boxes and can be vaped all day long. Drawing from over a decade of industry experience, Urban Chase features a fantastic range of complex and audacious flavours, with a well-balanced 50:50 PG/VG mix making it ideal for use with almost any vaping device on the market.

Urban Chase is available in 13 ‘edgy’ flavours including; Blue Raspberry Slush, a deliciously cool blue raspberry slushy, Fruit Blast, an intense mixed fruit combination of juicy grape, strawberry and tropical pineapple, Rhubarb Crumble, tart rhubarb with a buttery sweet crumble topping, and Ultimate Menthol, an ice-cold blast of refreshing menthol. No matter your vaping preference, Urban Chase is bound to become your new e-liquid partner.

  • PG / VG Ratio - 50/50
  • Nicotine Strengths - 0.3%/0.6%/1.0%/1.8%
  • Made in the UK

I’m a bit of a brand snob when it comes to MTL juices after trying way too many dodgy ones, these day I only use nic salts or Manabush so when I agreed to test this new range, I hoped they would meet my fussy tastes, especially as an ADV (All Day Vape), so let’s see how they performed…..

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG full range

I only chose five flavours that appealed to me the most, but there was a decent range to choose from which should cater to most tastes:

  • Blackcurrant - Succulent and juicy blackcurrants 
  • Blueberry - Delightfully sweet blueberries, ideal for fruit lovers
  • Blue Raspberry Slush - Blue raspberry combined with an ice-cold slush
  • Blueberry - Delightfully sweet blueberries, ideal for fruit lovers
  • Cool Mango & Pineapple - Tropical mango and pineapple with a cooling finish
  • Double Menthol - An intense blast of crisp, cool double menthol
  • Fizzy Cola - Classic sweet shop cola flavour with a hint of fizz
  • Fruit Blast - An intensely fruity mix with juicy grape, sweet strawberry, and pineapple
  • Mixed Fruit & Menthol - A medley of mixed fruits with a cool menthol finish
  • Raspberry Lemonade - Tart raspberry with refreshing, tangy lemonade
  • Rhubarb Crumble - Slightly sharp and sweet rhubarb with a golden buttery crumble
  • Strawberry Delight - A smooth and creamy blend of strawberry with hints of vanilla ice cream
  • Ultimate Menthol - Brace yourself for this spearmint and peppermint flavour, finished with a cool, slightly sweet menthol
  • Urban Tobacco - A light, tasty golden tobacco with a subtly sweet undertone

I used only my best MTL setup to test these juices, one that delivered the best flavour and sod the clouds (which is the point of MTL for me). If you are new to vaping, you will find flavours can drastically change for tank to tank, fortunately these days modern stock coils have come a long way so hopefully you already know your favourite setup.

I used the Aspire Zero G with the RBA as it was simply to rewick when changing juices and offers superb authentic flavour. I stuck to a 1.2Ω build for all juices.

I absolutely love the 10ml bottles, chubby for the 10ml size which makes them easier to squeeze and they are more durable. The funky orange colour made them stand out too. Better still, they are also great to re-use, and I refill them with shortfill juices for out and about.

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG Si's Choice

Cool Mango & Pineapple

Tropical mango and pineapple with a cooling finish.

This was the first flavour I tried. I’m not normally a ‘cool’ fan as all too often the cool is overpowering. Thankfully the balance of this juice was spot on, flavour first and a hint of coolness in the aftertaste. This flavour was an instant like for me, and you can pick up on the pineapple the most but the mango was also clearly present. The thing I liked the most was the subtle sweet balance which was just right which makes this an ideal ADV.

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG Mango and Pineapple

Fizzy Cola

Classic sweet shop cola flavour with a hint of fizz.

Out of all the flavours this one gave the biggest punch of flavour, no need to look at the label to tell what this flavour was! Cola Cubes without a doubt, and it felt great to vape with it’s refreshing inhale and flavoursome aftertaste. It didn’t take me long to demolish the 10ml of this, though the sweetness of this was naturally quite high so I would use this as a treat rather than an ADV (Unless you prefer sweet for your ADV).

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG Fizzy Cola

Fruit Blast

An intensely fruity mix with juicy grape, sweet strawberry, and pineapple.

This flavour profile was right up my street and are three fruits that mix together to makes a delicious taste. It had a medium sweetness aftertaste. The odd thing was that I couldn’t pick up the individual flavour notes, instead you get the whole blend all in one, to the point that if I didn’t know the description I wouldn’t have a clue. This is not a bad thing at all as it’s such a great flavour, the label could have said “dog food, cabbage and grass” for all I care, all I know is I love this fruity recipe and it is easily an ADV. 

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG Fruit Blast

Rhubarb Crumble

Slightly sharp and sweet rhubarb with a golden buttery crumble.

I’m a big rhubarb fan (I have all their albums) and so wanted to like this one, but it all seemed a bit muted for my tastes. You can certainly taste the rhubarb and a hint of buttery crumble, but it lacked that punch you usually get from rhubarb. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad juice and I enjoyed it in general, the flavour was just too subtle for my personal tastes. Others might enjoy it for that reason though.

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG Rhubarb Crumble

Strawberry Delight

A smooth and creamy blend of strawberry with hints of vanilla ice cream.

Before I begin, strawberry has been my nemesis flavour, for some reason my taste buds struggle to pick this flavour up. That said, I took a punt as I do like Strawberry Delight (the food) so I hoped this flavour could work for me, I’m ‘Delight’ed I took a punt now, this flavour is lush and the mostly pleasing out of all of them for me, partly due to a strawberry juice working for me and partly to the dessert treat it gave. The only down-side was it’s quite sweet and not really suitable for an ADV. That said, I will be buying it again for what it is. ‘a treat’.

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG Strawberry delight

Final thoughts

Overall I think the new TECC Urban Chase range surprised me with the quality recipes. Sure the Rhubarb Crumble wasn’t quite to my tastes but I still enjoyed it and demolished the whole bottle which is quite something for me. I’m a fussy tw@ so any juice I dislike becomes sink fodder, none of these juices came close to that.

Four for a tenner is good value too so I will be stocking up on a few. I do buy hardware and coils from TECC so I will now pay more attention to their juices. I have some TECC 70/30 shortfills I will be reviewing soon too, I hope they live up to the same standards.

TECC Urban Chase 50VG/50PG with favourite mod

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