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The Curiosities from Can Vape Distro UK

As fans of the weird, the dark and the stranger side of life, we were very excited to try the Curiosities range from Can Vape Distro UK, after all who doesn't like to get a bit freaky sometimes!

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Many thanks to Can Vape Distro UK for sending these over for review. As a fan of the weird, the freaky and the stranger side of life, I was very excited to try the Curiosities range from Can Vape Distro UK. I am a huge fan of American Horror Story: Freakshow, so many of the characters depicted on the branding were already very familiar and the images certainly stand out from the usual bright, in your face colours and happy cartoon characters. I love the concept. 

The range consists of seven flavours which are all 70/30 pg/vg and are definitely aimed squarely at the cloud chasers. I tried them all in a variety of set ups and my mtl rig struggled, not only with the thickness of the juice, but also with the sweetness. They very much remind me of American juices from my zamplebox days. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be very happy indeed, but if you prefer more subtle juices, these may not be for you. My coils definitely didn’t enjoy them as much as my tastebuds did!

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster loves nothing more than enjoying a delicious ice-cream sundae after his show!

Ok, I do love the branding, but the link between the flavours and the names is tenuous at best! But it is all just a bit of fun. This is a lovely vanilla ice cream flavour, sweet and rich with a warm, syrupy aftertaste that lingers nicely in your mouth but also keeps you coming back for more. I didn’t get any other parts of a classic sundae, no syrups, nuts or fruit but that’s not a problem as it would detract from the really nice ice cream. I guess it would also be a great base if they wanted to expand the range further at a later date. But for now, this is a very solid vanilla ice cream. 

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk Ringmaster

Tattooed Lady

This tattooed lady may look tough on the outside but she is as sweet as rainbow candy on the inside

I do love my candy flavours, I have a huge sweet tooth at the best of times so this was definitely one I knew from the first smell that I would enjoy. You can’t miss the smell too, it is very strong and definitely makes your mouth water. Whilst the description nods towards a type of sweet that lets you taste the rainbow, I’d say it is more like starburst. The lemon candy is the first blast that hits you followed by a mixed berry with no single fruit being easy to identify as they all blend well together. It also leaves you with a deliciously chewy but creamy mouth feel. If you love fruit chews, you will definitely enjoy this one.

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk Tattoed Lady

The Strongman

The strongman’s secret potion of pink champagne, fruity sweets and cola gets him ready for action

Now this is a strange one. From the description, I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. On paper, these are not flavours that I would ever have put together. Actually that isn’t quite true. As a DIY mixer, you often find you end up with flavours at the end of the bottle that aren’t quite enough to use on their own and I have been known to just check them all in and hope for the best. Normally it is a disaster but occasionally it produces unexpected gold but due to the nature of it, I can never remember what I mixed and you can forget about ratios! Well this feels like that is what originally happened here, a crazy experiment that somehow works! I mostly get the slightly dry cola which is enhanced by the sweet candy. I didn’t get much from the champagne flavour but it is such a strange flavour that I think my tastebuds were a little confused. There is also a slight cooling effect but thankfully it is used carefully so didn’t overpower everything else that is going on. Very strange and not something I would have picked up if I saw it in the shop, but if you want to try something that I can pretty much guarantee you won’t have tasted before, it might be worth taking a punt here.

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk The Strongman

Bearded Lady

Everybody wants a taste of this bearded lady’s thick creamy strawberry milkshake!

What juice range wouldn’t be complete without trying that classic staple profile of the strawberry milkshake! Whilst most of the juices worked equally well in a regular tank and in my flavour beast set up, this one struggled with an average build. It needs a bit of power behind it to get the most out of it. So definitely one for the cloud chasers and high wattage vapers. If that is you, you will be rewarded with an authentic milkshake with the emphasis being on the milk as this is not overly creamy. The strawberry isn’t strong but gives it a well blended sweetness. It reminds me of strawberry yazoo. 

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk The Bearded Lady

The Pin Head

Feeling hot headed? Cool yourself down with this ice cold cola slushy! It’s the only thing that works for our pin head!

This was one I wasn’t looking forward too as I really don’t like iced flavours at all. Thankfully the dread was unfounded as it is really just a very good, strong cola with no hint of koolada. They certainly haven’t been shy with the amount of flavour too, it is a very deep, syrupy flavour. That is also it’s weakness though, all that sweet flavour means this will gunk your coils and fast. I managed 1\3 of a tank before I had to strip everything back down for a rewick. To be fair, I have yet to find a cola that doesn’t ruin coils so it was very much expected and the quality of the flavour was almost worth the work, but if you like to make your coils and wicks last, you might want to give this a swerve.

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk The Pin head

The 4 legged girl

Start your day off with a smooth taste of our salted caramel macchiato! It even gives a boost to a girl rushed off her 4 feet

I always like the idea of coffee based juices but they rarely work for me, so I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The balance of the creamy coffee and the sweet caramel is spot on and it is very easy to vape. It is smooth and almost velvety with no hints of bitterness or that weird curdled milk taste that so many other coffee flavours seem to have. very nice and my only complaint is that I ran out of biscuits to go with it and I can’t really blame that on the juice!

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk The 4 legged girl

The Man Child

Our Man Child is made up of a mixture of absinthe and menthol with may look simple but packs a powerful punch!

I absolutely love absinthe eliquid, its been a staple of my juice box pretty much from 2011 when I started vaping. But it is a dangerous beast. I had one particular concentrate that was so powerful that it blew it’s own lid to pieces! I also enjoy menthol but am wary as it can really grab you by the short and curlies if you don’t show it the right respect! Needless to say, I wimped out and didn’t try this in the flavour beast and instead when for a more sedate set up and that proved to be a very wise decision as it worked perfectly. The menthol kicks in first and the absinthe sits more on the exhale. If I was being picky, I would have liked a little more absinthe but that is just because I’m greedy and I really do love the flavour. But for an in your face flavour profile, this is very easy to vape and if you enjoy a fresher vape, you will find a lot to enjoy here.

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk The Man Child

Final thoughts

The Curiosities is a very broad range, covering many different types of flavours and, for the most part, does it well. Some vapers will find these too sweet and if you like subtle, delicate flavours then these won’t be for you. But if you don’t mind keeping your wicks fresh and like flavours that are bold and in your face, there is a lot to enjoy here. With this amount of variety, there will be something for most people here too, even if you don’t like the sound of every flavour on the menu.

Best of all in the price though, these are a real bargain. You can pick them up direct from Can Vape Distro UK, 60ml will set you back £9 and 120ml is a steal at £15. These prices also include nic/vg shots too. 

The Curiosities by Can Vape Distro Uk Full Range

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