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TenTen Salts

TenTen Salts Range

Supplied by TenTen for review
£3.99 each or 3 for £10

Those Tenacious folks at TenTen have been busy releasing a new conTender in the crowded nic salts market. I am on Tender-hooks to see if they meet my high standards, will I be conTent or smitTen?

How many flavours in the TenTen range? You guessed it; Ten!

  • Blackcurrant Aniseed
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Grape Mixed With Berries
  • Heiberry Ice
  • Mango
  • Mixed Berries
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Red Berry Ice
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Watermelon Ice

For a reasonable price of £3.99 for 10ml or a smarter choice of 3 for a Tenner, sadly they aren’t Ten-a-penny though. They come in the standard 10ml bottles and a 50VG/50PG ratio. There are two strengths to choose from: 10mg or 20mg.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

TenTen Salts Range with Uwell Sculptor

Ten Pin Bowling

My inTended weapon of choice to test was the new Uwell Sculptor pod which guaranteed to bring out the faithful flavour of each e-liquid, I didn’t have enough pods but used Caliburn coils for the rest which Tend to give the same flavour.

Nine out of Ten Cats

Due to an unfortunate blunder with the Mango flavour (which I ended up wearing and repainting my kitchen with), I could only test nine out of ten so I broke them up into 3 x 3:

TenTen Salts Range Watermelon Ice, Red Berry Ice, and Heiberry Ice

Watermelon Ice

TenTen’s Description: Watermelon Ice Salts is the perfect all-day everyday vape, rain or shine. Featuring refreshing watermelon flavours throughout the inhale has a ripe watermelon taste and the exhale is sweet with lovely cool exhale.

Vape Club

No surprises here as this clearly tasted of watermelon. The ‘ice’ kick was subtle and delivered a nice aftertaste, I did find it quite sweet which suited my preferences, but the ice element made all the difference on this one.

Red Berry Ice

TenTen’s Description: Red Berry Ice Salts will remind you a lot of a famous red liquid of yesteryear. Perfect combination of berries with grape, anise and eucalyptus. Classic Flavour, Classic Vape!

That “red liquid of yesteryear” is a bit of a mystery to me, I expected Vimto but it reminded more of a mixture between Fruit Salad & Black Jack sweets, not that it’s a bad thing as the mixture works a treat. Again this one is quite sweet, but the ice element tones it down to provide a moreish aftertaste.

Heiberry Ice

TenTen’s Description: Heiberry Ice Salts is a fruity sensation of mixed red berries topped off with a cool menthol breeze. Experience the ice-cool crystal kick as the intense flavours of ripe fruits burst through. The fruit to menthol ratio has been perfectly balanced, making this e-liquid great for vaping all day long.

This one is based on the classic vape flavour of ‘Heisenberg’ which is a take on the Breaking Bad crystal meth. The easiest way I can describe it is menthol berry and it is a bit of an acquired taste, and I haven’t acquired that taste, I just don’t do menthol so I couldn’t get on with this one.

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TenTen Salts Range Blue Raspberry, Mixed Berry, and Grape with mixed berries

Blue Raspberry

TenTen’s Description: Blue Raspberry Salts We have hit the nail on the head with their impressive Blue Raspberry. A real Pod Device treat with that signature sweet blue raspberry flavour, pure juicy fruit goodness. You will be coming back to this…

Fair play, TenTen’s claim of “We have hit the nail on the head” did hit the nail on the head, I always cross reference blue raspberry to those blue slushies you get but this one is actually nicer. There is a clear note of raspberry but not as you know it as it has a more mixed berry sidenote to it. I’m digging myself a hole here as I attempt to describe it but trust me it’s fruity, berry lushness, sweet and with a pleasant aftertaste.

Mixed Berry

TenTen’s Description: Mixed Berries Salts vaping liquid is a fantastic fruit blend. Featuring sweet a medley of summer mixed berries creating the perfect all day vape!

Deja Vu here, I had to double check I put the right e-liquid into the pod as it tasted too similar to the ‘Red Berry Ice’ but this one was closer to the actual Vimto but the squash if you get my jist? I preferred this one as you got a fruitier aftertaste rather than aniseed. It is pretty sweet as with the others.


Grape Mixed With Berries

TenTen's Description: Grape Mixed With Berries Salts is a fantastic fruit blend. Featuring a sweet medley of freshly picked summer mixed berries, creating the perfect all day berry vape!

Ah Grape! You can’t go wrong with this fruit for me, lob a grape with most fruits and it works so it was no surprise that it compliments mixed berries. Grape was the dominant flavour throughout the vape and aftertaste which suited me, the side-note of berries made it all the more pleasant overall.

TenTen Salts Range Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon, and Blackcurrant Aniseed

Raspberry Lemonade

TenTen’s Description: Raspberry Lemonade Salts is a soda blend with fruity notes. On inhale, the fizzy, citrus taste of lemonade plays between tart and sweet, complemented by the juicy notes of raspberry.

Oooh this wasn’t quite what I was expecting; the lemonade was very clear and dominant and is possibly the best lemonade I’ve tried. The raspberry was quite subtle but came through to make the overall taste and aftertaste pretty tasty, possibly my favourite so far.


Strawberry Watermelon

TenTen’s Description: Strawberry Watermelon Salts is mouth-watering burst of fruit flavour you have to experience to believe. Full of ripe juicy strawberries, the sweetness is mellowed with delicate, refreshing watermelon.

This combo is one of my favourites in the real fruits, drinks, and e-liquids. I find strawberry too overpowering in e-liquids so toning it down with watermelon works a charm. TenTen have got the perfect balance, and the aftertaste makes it even nicer.

Blackcurrant Aniseed

TenTen’s Description: Blackcurrant Aniseed delivers a juicy taste when vaped. By choosing blackcurrant, we have created a blend that has a sweet base to it, the sweetness of which is given more depth by floral notes of aniseed.

Again this wasn’t quite what I expected, I tend to avoid aniseed in e-liquids as it is so overpowering, it even lingers in pods and tanks for ages. Thankfully the blackcurrant smashed it in the face and told it to calm down. It’s an interesting blend which still manages to give your taste-buds quite a kick, not one I could vape all day long but it made for an interesting treat.

TenTen Salts Range stacked


Ten Commandments

Due to the mango malarkey, I wasn’t able to test all ten which is a shame as they had the potential to score Ten out of Ten. Going by the accuracy of the other nine, I reckon the Mango would have been a winner though.

Tenzing Norgay

I can’t preTend that I liked them all but that was only down to my personal preferences, I dislike Menthol as much as I dislike Ten-hag (I had to slip the tosser in somewhere), and I was on Tender-hooks if I could hack Aniseed but the rest moisTened my taste buds nicely.


I didn’t lose my rag with any of them, overall TenTen have really caught my atTention and, most importantly, customer reTention so I will likely come back ofTen, and they won’t be forgotTen easily.

TenTen Salts Full Range

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 Si Davies
Article by Si Davies
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