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Teardrip Juice Co. E-Liquids

Teardrip Juice Co. are an American E-Liquid manufacturer. At present there are only three flavours in this range and all of them were sent to us for review.

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Teardrip Juice Co. E-Liquids

Teardrip Juice Co. is an artisan company striving for the perfect balance between their excellent fruit flavours, and the smooth inhale/exhale derived from higher VG levels. You'll love the scrumptious flavour combinations from Teardrip E-liquid!

Teardrip Juice Co. are an American E-Liquid manufacturer. At present there are only three flavours in this range and all of them were sent to us for review. The juice comes in white opaque glass bottles with child proof dropper caps. All of the warning information is clearly marked and the labels while somewhat minimalist in design are still very eye-catching.

The entire range is mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG and is available in several nicotine strengths: All of this juice was vaped in my Achilles II RDA which currently has a 1.2ohm Kanthal build in it that is wicked with Japanese Cotton. My device of choice was the iPV3-Li.

Revenge of the Geeks

Revenge of the Geeks is sweet little candies with a tart bite

I find it quite hard to describe this juice because it has multiple flavours. There is definitely a strawberry in there, perhaps a raspberry and also lime I think. At times it reminds me a little of Skittles and on occasion it reminds me of Sorbet. The juice is sweet and reminiscent of American Candy without being quite as overly sugary or sickly. There is also a slight tartness that comes through once in a while on the exhale.

Despite the fact that the juice is well mixed I personally don’t honestly think it is for me. The reason being is that I find it has a few too many flavours and nothing really stands out to me which makes it something of a confusing vape for my palate. Personal taste aside I think that if you enjoy sweet fruity mixes then you will likely get on well with this.

Vapour production was good and typical of the mix ratio used. Throat hit was medium for me but might be strong for some people.


An orchard fresh red apple parfait with a cinnamon sprinkle.

This is a very enjoyable juice with the main flavour being deliciously fresh and sweet apple. The apple is extremely nice and this is complimented by cinnamon that works mainly as a background note. The cinnamon does give you the occasional tingle in the mouth but rest assured it isn’t overly strong and does not dominate the mix. This juice reminds me a lot of American apple pie (going back quite a few years) without the pasty. I felt that I could definitely vape this juice all day long!

Vapour production was decent enough but surprisingly it didn’t seem to put out quite as much as I would expect from a 70VG/30PG juice, nevertheless it will be more than sufficient for most people. I found the throat hit to be mainly medium but if you take a very long draw it does start to border on strong.


A sugar torched pear with caramel drizzle.

This juice is a seriously nice and flavoursome pear combined with a subtle caramel. The caramel mainly works in the background and serves to tone down the pear which I think would be quite strong if it was the only ingredient in this mix. The pear flavour is truly excellent and it makes for a delicious and refreshing vape!

Vapour production was much better with this juice and was quite typical of the mix ratio. I personally found the throat hit to be medium but then I do like strong flavours and therefore don’t always notice how potent they really are so I suspect for some people this juice may border on strong. If you enjoy pear vapes this one is well worth trying out!


This is a nice range of American made E-Liquid and I highly recommend the Pearamel and Cinnapps. Revenge of the Geeks was mixed very well but simply wasn’t for me but since tastes vary greatly you may really enjoy it.

One thing I will say about this range is that the fruit flavours are quite excellent and very natural in taste. The pear and the apple are both very crisp, flavoursome and highly realistic. I sometimes find that high VG juice tends to have far more washed out flavours but that is not the case with these E-Liquids. Do note that these juices are certainly stronger than a lot of other 70VG/30PG juices so if you prefer milder vapes they might not suit you but they are ideal for people like me who prefer more potent flavours!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who send these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. All of the juices in this range can be purchased here from Grey Haze and they are currently priced at £8.99 for a 15ml bottle.

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