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Summer Love Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

Si kicks off a bonanza of reviews for Dispergo Vaping who are releasing the motherland of new flavours. We start things off with Summer Love!

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Supplied by Dispergo for review
£14.99 or two for £25

Dispergo have found yet another worthy range to add to their already vast library of e-liquids, the Summer Love’ range has three different fruity flavours to choose from which might sound simple by description, but don’t that fool you as the blend recipe has made them rather interesting indeed.

Summer Love (The Council of Riddim & Rhyme) 100ml Shortfills full range

They come in large 120ml chubby bottles with 100ml of 0mg e-liquid. The artwork is plain and bold with a subtle embossed ‘Council of Riddim & Rhyme’ logo (one of those you only see when rotating in the light)

Price of Love

Since these are 100ml (120ml with nic-shots added), then £14.99 is pretty good value, and with the two for £25 offer, I think it’s a no-brainer to get at least two at a time. I’m writing this part after testing these lush flavours so the pricing is sounding quite a bargain to me.

These 100ml Shortfills are higher Vegetable Glycerine (70% VG) content meaning higher vapour production (bigger clouds). High VG liquids are more suitable for DL sub-ohm devices and cloud chasing. The idea of a shortfill e-liquid is that the 100ml of liquid in a 120ml bottle allows for 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to be added.

Shortfill are basically flavoured e-liquids with no nicotine and you add your own, so in this case the 120ml bottle is has 100ml e-liquid leaving room for up to 20ml of nicotine (hence short-fill).

Summer Love (The Council of Riddim & Rhyme) 100ml Shortfills with nic shots

So adding 2 x 10ml nicotine shots makes your 100ml 0mg into 120ml 3mg, you will need to flip the top-cap off which can be fiddly but I just use the edge of a two pence piece and lever it off at the little indents, you can get a tool similar to the one in the photo but it’s just as easy with a two pence piece in my experience. Once the top-cap is off, you simply squirt your load (nic shots) into the bottle and pop the cap back on.

Summer Love (The Council of Riddim & Rhyme) 100ml Shortfills Range mixing up

Once the nicotine is added and shaken vigorously, the bottle will have 3mg/ml of nicotine. Dispergo E-juice is over concentrated with flavour to allow the extra nic shots to give the correct vape once mixed with the shots.

You can vape straight away if you’re stuck, but it’s best to let it settle and infuse for 15-20 minutes to get the most from the flavour, also the longer you leave it, the more the flavour as it ‘steeps’ and benefits even more with regular shakes.

Summer Love (The Council of Riddim & Rhyme) 100ml Shortfills Range ready for the clouds

Riddim is a Dancer

I used an RTA to test these flavours, the Digiflavour Torch which I know delivers superb flavour (mod used is my sci-fi style Wismec RX80).

Summer Loving (It happened so fast)

At the time of writing this review, we are into Autumn and bracing ourselves for a ‘winter of discontent’ as the fuel crisis kicks in further. This range, as the name suggests, is ideal for those summer days but these classic fruit blends equally taste great in Winter. I would say blast your heating up and close your eyes to replicate Summer, but who can afford that these days?

Riddim & Brews

So it’s time to start testing these flavours, I went of them alphabetically rather than what I fancied first as that can prove unfavourable to those I leave until last, it turned out I needn’t have worried as they were all very different.

Cranberry & Raspberry

"A fruity blend of tangy cranberries and juicy raspberries perfect for a summertime everyday vape."

If I’m honest I was expecting this range to simply taste as the description dictates, but this first flavour raised my expectations as this flavour has some punch to it! The raspberry is dominant and the cranberry makes it far more vapable as it tones it down perfectly. The inhale and exhale gave a similar flavour, but the aftertaste was even nicer and I can get why ‘summer’ is the theme as I imagine it being quite refreshing.

A good start and a great ADV (All Day Vape).

Summer Love Cranberry & Raspberry

Mango Strawberry Pineapple

"A summery tropical combination of juicy mango, sweet strawberries and tangy pineapple. A perfect exotic mix for summer!"

An unusual mix of fruits but dagnabbit, they did good on this recipe! For me this was a ‘wow’ reaction on the first vape and prompted me to look at the flavour description again. It’s one of those where you cannot quite decide the dominant flavour and you can pick off each when you try, but it’s the blend of the three that makes it work so well.

I think it’s the strawberry that holds the three together to make it a smooth inhale, but I pick up the mango and pineapple mostly on the aftertaste and I really like it, I wasn’t expecting this one to be so good but I already preferred this one and it is easily an ADV.

Summer Love Mango Strawberry Pineapple

White Grape & Sweet Peach

"A summery blend of mouthwatering white grape and sweet fresh peach."

Possibly the most basic sounding flavour of the three, but yet again it was the blend recipe that made all the difference. Peach is an awkward one and difficult to get right in e-liquids as it is naturally overpowering, so that’s where the white grape comes in and tones it down.

I’m happy to report that they have achieved this almost perfectly, I’m getting the peach as the dominant flavour but the white grape is the key to making it so smooth yet punchy. The aftertaste is also well balanced as you get a toned down, refreshing peach taste but you can still clearly pick of the grape.

To my surprise this was the pick of the bunch (pun intended), I can’t say I’ve vaped anything quite like it before but the perfect balance of the two flavours make it come together into almost a single flavour and it is yet another ADV.

Summer Love White Grape and Sweet Peach

Overall Thoughts

I have a lot of love for this Summer Love range, there are only three flavours but I love each one, and they are plenty different enough to enjoy each one for their own strengths. They are all on the sweet side but that’s how I prefer fruity flavours, and they aren’t too sweet as to make them sickly, far from it as they are all quite moreish and make a great choice for ADVs.

There’s another factor that I cannot include in reviews and that’s the steeping, in my experience the flavour gets better and more intense the older it gets. One of the down-sides to reviewing e-liquids is you often don’t get to polish off the whole bottle as there’s always something new to test, but when you go back to some of the six month old e-liquids, you end up with another level of flavour, it’s going to be hard not to polish off these but if I don’t then it will be interesting to see how they taste with an even stronger flavour boost!

Dispergo have made another wise choice to add this range to their collection, I know they are smart in ensuring their e-liquids aren’t sink fodder due to their ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ policy, but its more than that as they go beyond that in my opinion. Take a punt if you like the sound of them, I really doubt you will be sending any of these back!

Summer Love labels

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