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Strawberry Queen

Strawberry Queen are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in California. At present there are four flavours available in this range which we received for review. As you might expect from the name, all of the e-liquids in this range are strawberry flavoured!

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Strawberry Queen E-Liquids

Strawberry Queen are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in California. At present there are four flavours available in this range which we received for review from www.e-liquids.uk.com. As you might expect from the name, all of the e-liquids in this range are strawberry flavoured!

The juice comes in transparent glass bottles with child proof dropper caps. The caps themselves are red and green to really help drive home the strawberry theme. The labels are neat and contain all of the relevant information you might expect including warnings.

The juice is available in several nicotine strengths: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. All of the juice in this range is mixed to 70VG/30PG so you will get a good amount of cloud production. You can purchase this juice in either 15ml or 30ml bottle sizes.

All of the juice in this range was vaped in my Achilles II RDA using a 1.2ohm Stainless Steel coil. My device of choice was the iStick Pico which I was also reviewing.

The Queen by Strawberry Queen

Experience the delight of fresh picked strawberries with your pinky held high that will have you feeling like royalty.

This juice has an especially lush flavour that really does taste like real strawberries. There is certainly a creamy quality to this juice which makes for a very smooth vape. I was a little worried that the strawberry might become washed out due to this being a high VG mix but that is not the case at all because the flavour is seriously nice and very noticeable.

Cloud production was good but quite typical of the 70VG/30PG mix. I found the throat hit to be medium to strong since the strawberry flavour is quite potent.

The Jester by Strawberry Queen

This strawberry jelly donut indulgence is no joke, a performance that will leave your taste buds touched by magic.

This is a very pleasant vape. The main flavour is a mild strawberry that tastes very natural. Also added into the mix is jelly doughnut which has a good amount of sweetness that you really notice on the exhale. This juice would make a good all day vape since the flavour is very well balanced and it never gets sickly or overpowering. This one will really appeal to anyone who enjoys jellied jam doughnuts!

Vapour production was pretty good and I found the throat hit to be mild.

The King by Strawberry Queen

Let's just chill with this refreshingly fantastic blend of strawberry and ice that simply rules!

With this juice the main flavour is of course a natural tasting strawberry but it is also mixed with a cooling menthol. On the inhale this liquid tastes very creamy and the strawberry flavour is very distinct but the menthol that hits the back of your throat is a bit too overpowering, even for me. The overall flavour is actually really nice but that menthol just tickles my throat too much. You can kind of get around it by taking shorter inhales but I think that ideally this one would probably be much tamer in a tank rather than a dripper.

Vapour production was good but quite normal for 70% VG.  As mentioned the strong throat hit has quite a kick to it due to the menthol so be warned!

The Knight by Strawberry Queen

Join the noble strawberry and cream cavalry. It will surely gain your loyalty due to its sinful decadence.

The Knight is certainly my favourite juice in this range. What you get is a strong and very natural strawberry flavour that has the same potency as The Queen liquid but due to the addition of the delicious cream the overall mix is nicely toned down and balanced. The taste is pretty much the same as eating real strawberries and cream but it also has almost a strawberry milkshake quality to it. It is a highly enjoyable flavour and would make an excellent all day vape!

Vapour production was good but once again typical of the mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be medium.


As long as you are a fan of strawberry flavours there is absolutely nothing to dislike about these very tasty E-liquids so do check them out if you like the sound of them at https://www.e-liquids.uk.com/products/e-liquids/usa/strawberry-queen! The team at E-LiquidsUK have also given POTV readers the chance to try this juice with a 20% discount.  Just enter the code SQV-POTV at checkout when buying these juices to get a 20% discount on these juices only until the 6th July 2016.  So if you like the sound of them head over now to bag a bargain!


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