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Smoozie by Apollo (shortfill range)

The guys at Apollo Ecigs have very kindly sent us over their new range of Smoozie eliquids to review. This time round we are looking at the shortfill range but keep your eyes peeled as we will be doing a comparison review of the nic salt range shortly too!

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The guys at Apollo Ecigs have very kindly sent us over their new range of Smoozie eliquids to review. They come in shortfills, regular 10ml (3mg and 6mg) and nic salts. This time round I am looking at the shortfill range but keep your eyes peeled as I will be doing a comparison review of the nic salt range shortly too!

Smoozie is a high VG, fruity series of juice. They also do a variant of each regular flavour which includes an ice blast, but thankfully they didn’t send me these too. Personally I’m not a big fan of fruit and koolada but if you like that sort of thing, Apollo have you covered. Whilst stating they are high VG, I haven’t been able to find the percentages. The ingredients listed on the bottles only state USP vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial sweeteners and flavours (which may contain propylene glycol). They are made in house in the USA. Each juice is based on three flavours so these are not complicated or trying to be anything flash, just good, honest elquids.

Smoozie Strawberries Gone Wild

“This one is for all the berry lovers! We mashed fresh sweet strawberries together with ripped raspberries that will almost melt in your mouth into a smooth, very delicate texture in combination with a sour kick from tart green apples bringing the best profile for an all-day vape. Not too overwhelming, perfectly balanced”

As soon as you crack open the bottle, you can smell the strawberry so you know this is the main flavour (as if the name didn’t give that away!) and this is true when vaped. They have gone with a fruity strawberry rather than a candy style. The raspberry is very subtle and if it wasn’t listed on the bottle, I probably wouldn’t have thought it was there. The apple brings some sweetness to the mix and smooths things off. It is sweet but not overkill, it’s a good balance.

Smoozie by Apollo Strawberries gone wild

Smoozie Maui Waui

“You won’t be able to put down this classic smoothie, combining tropical pineapple with sweet mango and fresh strawberries. This is the vape of your dreams!”

This is my kind of flavour, I love tropical juices. As a big fan of cheech and chong, the name made me chuckle too, but this isn’t that kind of juice! Pineapple and mango are definitely the main elements at play here, with a hint of strawberry to bring the blend together. The pineapple has that typical throat hit which I always enjoy but may irritate some vapers, but the mango, which is sweet and juicy counteracts it well. Mango can be very dominant if not used carefully but that is not the case here. This was one of the highlights in the range for me.

Smoozie by Apollo Maui waui

Smoozie Perfectly Peachy

“Sweet peaches, blended with apricots and strawberries freshly picked for the ultimate vape nectar. Fully bodied and delightful smoothie, this is the flavour that will have you coming back for more and more”

This is mostly peach with subtle undertones of apricot and strawberry. Again, if I didn’t know it contained strawberry, I wouldn’t have guessed it was there. I would say it is not a fresh fruit flavour, but more of a candy, fuzzy peach like the ones you get in the big bags of haribo. This is no bad thing as I’m rather partial to them but if you are looking for that handpicked straight from the tree flavour, it may not be for you. 

Smoozie by Apollo Perfectly Peachy

Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour

“Smoozie Wondermelon Berry Sour is a prime blend of watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries, making it a sweet yet smooth and easy to vape flavour. Produced at Apollo facilities in California, this e-liquid was created for an intense, balanced vape, full of flavour and a great sour aftertaste”

Hmmm, this is where my tastebuds don’t agree with the description. I get the melon medley and the strawberry undernote, but the great sour aftertaste didn’t really come through which was a little disappointing. Maybe I was expecting too much as I love sour sweets, you know the ones that make your cheeks go tight and bring tears to your eyes! This doesn’t do that. But it doesn’t mean the juice isn’t perfectly vapable, just don’t expect to be doing facial contortions when the vape hits your mouth.

Smoozie by Apollo Wondermelon Berry Sour

Smoozie Ki Berry Pear Sour

“You won’t be able to resist this bursting kiwi, strawberries and pear vape. The mouthwatering taste of punchy kiwi brings a sour yet not overwhelming note to the smoothie, really putting the spotlight on the sweetness of the strawberries. With the pear hints adding even more body to this blend”

This is about as sour as the last one but at least the description doesn’t big up that aspect as much this time. This one was one of the more surprising in the range. I wasn’t sure if kiwi and pear would be good bedfellows but it turns out they work really well together and the hint of sweet strawberry compliments the two stronger flavours well. The pear was stronger than I thought it would be and is well defined and the kiwi gives it body and texture. Surprisingly nice.

Smoozie by Apollo Ki-Berry Pear Sour

Smoozie Awesome Apple Sour

“Refresh yourself with a crisp sour apple taste that you can’t find anywhere else! Awesome Apple Sour Max is everything you can imagine a perfectly balanced sour apple ADV tastes like. Carefully manufactured in our California labs and brought to you for your enjoyment, it has the right amount of sour and sweet - just like a fresh tree picked green apple”

It tastes of apples! I find apple can be a very disappointing flavour. I’ve tried many and quite a few have been wishy washy and can almost make you feel like you’ve got vapour’s tongue but thankfully this is one that gets it right. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is sour but it definitely has a tart bite. It is more of a medley of different apple varieties, juicy and fresh. 

Smoozie by Apollo Awesome Apple sour

Smoozie Blue Rizzle

“Blue raspberries blended with cool watermelon and mixed with tart green apples in a smooth refreshing vape with just enough sour and sweet to satisfy even the most demanding tastes out there. You simply can’t miss out on trying this beautiful flavour, there is something for everybody here”

Enough with the “sour”! This, again, isn’t sour, but is still a nice blend. The watermelon is subtle but raspberry and apple are always a solid combination and it has the same authentic apple that you get from the awesome apple sour juice, I guess if you get a flavour that works, you might as well flaunt it! 

Smoozie by Apollo Blue Rizzle

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a veritable fruit bowl of flavours. I found the whole range needed to be matched carefully with the right atty, my flavour set up was too intense and showed up the fact that these are quite basic profiles, and my pod system just couldn’t pull enough flavour through. But my trusty old rose 3 came up trumps and the juices all really came to life. It will be interesting to see how well the nic salt range can replicate the flavours in a dedicated pod system. They did gunk my coils up quite fast too, due to the use of sweeteners, but these are American made juices so it kind of goes with the territory. Whilst there is nothing revolutionary about the range, they are very solid mixes and are a strong workhorse range. Sometimes you just need a juice that you can simply fill up and vape without distraction and these fill that role well.

They are stocked in many bricks and mortar shops so check your local vape store, and you can also pick them up direct from Apollo. They are priced at a very fair £13.49 for a 50ml shortfill.

Smoozie By Apollo Full Range

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