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Six Licks Tongue Twisters ShortfillsSix Licks Tongue Twisters Shortfills

Six Licks are already a favourite brand of mine with their rather fabulous Cherry on Top shortfill shooting right up my list of all-time favourite e-liquids when I got to review it back in 2021. Their story actually started back in 2017 but I guess I was late to the party, but better late than never, and they have built up a really strong line up over the following years. Their motto is “perfect flavour in every drop” and I think it sums up their e-liquids perfectly as I haven’t tried one yet that hasn’t been packed to the rafters with crazy amounts of flavour.

Six Licks may not be the most prolific brand, but that just means that every bottle is designed with ultimate care when it comes to the recipe formulations, after all, perfection takes time and it is always worth the wait. But they are back with not one, but two new sub brands, and today I am looking at the Tongue Twisters range which consists of six new fabulously fruity concoctions.

The Look

Six Licks Tongue Twisters look bright and bold, the label design is loud and in your face and it really acts as a mission statement as the contents are every bit as direct on the inside as they are in the presentation. There are no clever names at play here which is a bit of a departure from their heritage flavours, what you see is what you get and the names all state what fruits you can expect, no more, no less.

Each bottle contains 100ml of e-liquid with space for you to add a couple of nic shots to take the strength up to 3mg. Being 70VG/30PG, these are aimed at the direct to lung market and will suit sub ohm vape set ups best. I loaded them up in some of my favourite pod kits and they all produced great flavour with some equally satisfying clouds.

Six Licks Tongue Twisters Shortfills full range


The Flavours

The six new Tongue Twisters are a mixture of single and double fruit blends, nothing complicated or too challenging, with a strong focus of big flavour.

Lemon & Lime

Lemon & Lime Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Tongue Twisters brings the classic flavour duo of lemon and lime alive with a deliciously tangy tongue-twisting kick. This tart citrus blend is guaranteed to have your mouth watering”

This is an instant classic mix of the two perfect citrus bed fellows. There is a really cutting sharpness from the lemon which is perfectly rounded out with a sweeter, mellower lime, and thrown in is the perfect amount of tang to really get your tastebuds feeling lively and awake. It reminds me of the classic opal fruit/starburst flavour, it has that same chewy juiciness that just makes you keep coming back for more.

Pineapple Peach

Pineapple Peach Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Tongue Twisters is a delicious tropical fruit flavoured e-liquid with a twist. The two mouth watering flavours are perfectly blended with a delightful and tantalising tang”

Two very different fruits here, but somehow it works. You get a sweet smooth peach which bounces off the brighter juicy pineapple. Both flavours come through clearly even though they are very different, but somehow they meet in the middle and the blend is seamless. It is on the sweeter side of things so if you like to sugar coat your flavours, this one will hit the spot.

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Green Apple

Green Apple Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Tongue Twisters provides a perfect example of just how well a tangy tongue-twisting kick can complement the flavours of green apple. This e-liquid provides a tantalising experience for every taste bud”

This is so juicy! It is an authentic flavour though and if you take the best fresh picked apples and run them through a juicer, this is the flavour you’ll get. Apple can be one of those flavours which can be a victim to vapers tongue which is where you vape for a while and then can’t really taste the flavour, but this one stays strong and true right down to the last drop.

Six Licks Tongue Twisters Shortfills round 1

Strawberry Melon

"Strawberry Watermelon Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Tongue Twisters brings together a perfect fruity blend of strawberry and watermelon flavours. This sweet e-liquid is then lifted to perfection with a deliciously tantalising kick"

Back to a dual flavour recipe, but this time it uses two fruits that just naturally work so well together. What I have found interesting with all of the double fruit flavours is just how equally the flavours come through, and this is no exception, you get a strong blast of both the natural strawberry and refreshing watermelon all rolled up in one delicious mouthful. It is also a silky smooth flavour which slips down with no effort at all.

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Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Tongue Twisters is a deliciously fruity cherry flavoured e-liquid with a well balanced Sour kick perfectly blended into the mix. We find this one extremely refreshing and rather moreish too”

Six Licks have already proved that they can do cherry, but this one has an interesting sour twist. Sour is a tricky note to really capture in an e-liquid, but this one gets it spot on, it really does have a big hit of sharpness which keeps you on your toes. The balance of this sour note and the rich, deep syrup of the cherry makes for an interesting vape.

Raspberry Apple

Raspberry Apple Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Tongue Twisters is a refreshingly sweet blend of raspberry and apple flavours, topped off perfectly with a delicious and tangy sour kick, making for an incredible vaping experience”

Now Six Licks could have used the Green Apple as a base here and just whacked in a load of raspberry, but this tastes like a different beast. The Apple is lighter and fresher which was a good decision as it balances much better with the sweet raspberry. It is altogether a more delicate flavour, not any weaker but it just has a different feel to it thanks to the choice of apple Six Licks used. It maintains a perfect line between the two flavours which just complement each other really well.

Six Licks Tongue Twisters Shortfills round 2

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Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, Six Licks have been one of my favourite brands for a while now, and the Tongue Twisters range has done nothing to change that. These are big and bold whilst still maintaining an authentic reality to the flavour blends. Normally I can pick a clear favourite and can also find there is one or two that I’m not so keen on, but each flavour here deserves its place in the range. It is a pure fruit lover’s dream.

If reading this has sparked your interest, you can pick the Six Licks Tongue Twisters range up from for £14.99 a bottle, and for that you get 120ml of pure unadulterated flavour. In my opinion, one bottle is not going to be enough so it is well worth taking advantage of the multi buy option so you can get two bottles for £25. It is also worth checking out all the e-liquid in this bundle offer as there are some truly amazing juices available to mix and match. always have an amazing selection so you will be sure to find so top shelf juice to boost your supplies.

Many thanks to for sending in the Six Licks Tongue Twisters for review.

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