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Simple Vape Co were born from a desire to remove the clutter and confusion from an over branded marketplace and have replaced it with style and substance, complemented by a quality product and a lifestyle choice. The result is simple and straightforward branding on the bottles, with flavour descriptions and bottle branding that is straight to the point yet still extremely stylish.

The Simple Vape Co product line was painstakingly developed over many months with the input of expert tobacconists and taste professionals at the top of their respective fields. With a strong focus on creating nostalgia through both taste and smell, their flavours carry a hint of days gone by, to give consumers an experience rarely found elsewhere. Customer service is also at the forefront here, with quick and attentive customer service found from the Simple Vape Co team. They are also contributors to the All Party Parliamentary Group on E-Cigarettes, to ensure that they can help as much as they can to make political leaders understand the health benefits from vaping, and are also regularly donating to Cancer Research UK. They definitely look at the bigger picture!

The Simple Vape Co VG line is a high VG range from Simple Vape Co, at present containing four complex flavour blends in an 80VG 20PG mix and 3MG nicotine, available in bottle sizes of 15ml, 50ml and 100ml. They don't just offer high VG juice however, as some really interesting juice profiles are to be found within the 'Drop One' and 'Drop Two' lines! Let's have a look at what Simple Vape Co VG has to offer...

Honeycomb Cream

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Inspired by the best ice cream in the country – honeycomb crunch from our home county of Cumbria. A creamy texture followed by the sweet, comforting flavour of sweet honey that hits the spot every time.

There aren't many honey vapes around to shout about, Honeycomb Cream is definitely one however, and this flavour profile is absolutely made for a high VG mix. I went into this expecting a Crunchie style flavour with a hint of cream, boy was I wrong. Thick, gooey and authentic tasting sweet honey plays off with beautifully thick cream provides me with an after dinner dessert juice I just can't help coming back to. Really comforting and sumptuous stuff!

Peaches and Milk

The perfect blend of refreshing tinned peaches and soft, milky cream, it’s smooth rich and fruity with just the right balance to see you through to winter

Peaches and Milk definitely nails the tinned peach flavour perfectly, right down to the sweet juicy texture, and is rounded off with just the right amount of creamy milk to give you a trip down memory lane and take you back to that comforting dessert your mother used to provide as a child, with the creamy milk almost taking on a condensed milk vibe. I was struck by just how well the Simple Vape Co team have managed to nail this taste, and it's an excellent nostalgic trip down memory lane that makes for a vape that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Vape Club


Chocolaccino is a dessert flavoured vape with notes of creamy caramel and Caffè Latte. A perfect pick me up for your first morning vape.

Chocolaccino is a juice that I have grown quite fond of vaping first thing in the morning with my ritualistic black coffee. It's almost akin to a huge thick serving of the thick froth scooped from the top of a cappuccino, with crumbly biscuit thrown in and a nice healthy thick shot of creamy caramel on the tip of your tongue. It's a perfect morning pick me up.

Mint Choc Chip

Our refreshing mint flavour is balanced with sweet, rich chocolate undertones. A crisp combination which is hard to beat.

Premier Ecigs

You would expect mint chocolate chip ice cream, but much like Honeycomb Cream, Mint Choc Chip was a juice that confounded my tastebuds. I didn't get any ice cream, or creaminess per se, but what I did get was a lovely sharp mint nipping away at my tastebuds with the merest hint of rich chocolate on the aftertaste. It's predominantly a mint vape for me, definitely not a menthol or mint ice cream, but a real crisp mint juice with the sharp mint perfectly rounded off with the cheeky hint of chocolate.


Simple Vape Co they may be but simple their VG line certainly is not. A highly complex blend of smooth and fantastic flavours that compliment a high VG blend extraordinarily well and provide a smooth and extremely flavourful vaping experience few other juice companies manage to offer with their high VG juice lines. Smooth flavourful clouds that seem to roll on for days will have you coming back for more time and time again, this is some really magical stuff. You can tell a lot of skill, thought and attention has gone into the production of these juices, with the end result being smooth juices absolutely jam packed with flavour and with highly satisfying vapour volume to match.

There's a real boutique and artisanal feel to Simple Vape Co and the juices they provide, right down to the excellent packaging and gift boxes they provide on the site. The premium touch not only extends to the juices but far beyond this right down to the very fine details and presentation, even employing a design studio in east London to create the sleek packaging and contemporary graphics to hook on customers. The juices themselves are blended in an ISO9001 high tech pharmaceutical grade UK based lab from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available, and packaging is sourced from recycled materials. Superb juice needs superb marketing and Simple Vape Co have hit the nail on the head in all respects here! 

This could truly be the start of something special from Simple Vape Co, the four juices I've had the pleasure of enjoying from the VG line already leave me wanting to explore even more of what Simple Vape Co have to offer, and with collaborations lined up with respected design, fashion and manufacturing professionals this is one boutique juice house you'll want to keep an eye on!

You can check out the VG range on Simple Vape Co's website here you can also use the code POTV15 to get 15% off all orders.


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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.