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Simple Vape Co E-Liquids

Simple Vape Co have a strong focus on creating nostalgia through taste and smell so their flavours are designed to carry a hint of "days gone by". They believe their range offers customers an experience not found elsewhere.

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Simple Vape Co E-Liquids

Simple Vape Co was born from a desire to remove clutter and confusion from an over branded marketplace and replace it with style and substance, complimented by a quality product and a lifestyle choice.

Simple Vape Co are a UK e-liquid manufacturer. They have gone for a sleek and minimalist style for their range which looks highly professional. In many ways one look at the products suggest this is the kind of product that would cater to high powered businessmen and women but let’s be honest despite the stylish branding this juice is something anyone can purchase and enjoy.

With a design studio in East London, Simple Vape Co’s creative team are charged with providing the vaping world with a lifestyle brand. Sleek packaging and contemporary graphics help us to create a product the style-conscious customer both wants and enjoys.

Simple Vape Co have a strong focus on creating nostalgia through taste and smell so their flavours are designed to carry a hint of “days gone by”. They believe their range offers customers an experience not found elsewhere.

Simple Vape Co's product line was developed over many months with the help of expert tobacconists and taste professionals.

Through the use of a high tech pharma grade UK lab, Simple Vape Co consider themselves to be ahead of the competition in terms of both product development and quality control. It might sound a bold claim but to be fair all of their protective packaging is sourced from recycled materials and their ingredients are all pharmaceutical grade. In addition they believe in good customer service offering the best possible value possible.

Simple Vape Co is also concerned just like the rest of us about the future of vaping and are contributors to the All Party Parliamentary Group on E-cigarettes.

Simple Vape Co is part of a select group of businesses, academics and industry regulators who are in regular discussion with politicians about the future of this new industry. The ultimate aim is to ensure political leaders understand the health benefits vaping can offer and don’t legislate them away.

Simple Vape Co believes strongly in giving back and makes regular donations to Cancer Research UK.

At present they offer a high VG range and another standard range divided into two called Drop One and Drop Two featuring four liquids in each. I received a sample pack of both Drop One and Drop Two which was sent for review. They come packaged in short cardboard tubes with press fit lids each containing four glass 10ml bottles (two clear and two black coloured) and several dropper pipettes.

I have to say that I do have one gripe with the sample packs and that is the fact that even though the bottles have child proof caps they don’t actually have nozzles so if you unscrew them you could potentially have an accident, so take care. A better solution in my opinion would be for all the bottles to have dropper tops not just the 30ml ones that they sell. Nevertheless the overall packaging and styling is excellent and really does suggest quality!

The juice is available in a variety of nicotine strengths: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. All juices in the standard range are mixed to 50/50 PG/VG. The juice can be purchased individually in 10ml bottles, 30ml bottles and is also offered in 4x 10ml or 4x 30ml sample packs of preselected flavours.

I tested all juice in my Achilles II RDA which was built with a 1.2ohm coil and wicked with Cotton Bacon. My device of choice was the iPV4s. I also did test a couple of flavours in my Rose V2-S using it on my GP Paps V4.

Drop One

Elderflower and Pear

Combining classic English fruit and flora to evoke a refreshing taste of summer. Hand crafted using elderflower extract and premium grade flavouring to deliver a delicately sweet, yet long-lasting taste.

Upon opening the bottle you are greeted with a lovely smell of pear and vaping this juice was a real treat for me! The main flavour is a deliciously sweet pear but what makes this vape especially magical is the subtle hints of elderflower which gives the juice a very distinct and interesting taste. It makes for a very light and pleasurable vape which I found to be most refreshing. The ingredients are excellent and very natural in taste. This juice has just the right amount of sweetness so makes for a great all day vape!

Vapour production was good but typical for a 50/50 mix and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 6mg strength.

Pink Apple

A crisp and lively apple flavour with abundant sweetness and hydrating undertones. Developed over time in our lab to recreate the satisfying crunch of an apple while pulling through into a deep, fruity finish.

In my experience of vaping various E-Liquids there has only been one apple flavour to date that I have ever loved because the majority taste too artificial to me. Thankfully this juice has proved to me that there is another. The apple taste is truly excellent and while not overly sweet it is a very natural flavour. To be quite honest this is really superb and highly pleasurable. It makes for a very refreshing vape that you could happily vape all day long. What I do like is the way the taste lingers in your mouth which makes this juice really delicious! If you love apple then do try this. Vapour production was good but quite normal for this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be somewhere between mild to medium.

English Toffee and Banana

Combining two time-honoured flavours to produce a distinctive, nostalgic flavour. The taste experience begins with caramel and toffee flavour and develops into a fruity banana finish, with subtle undertones of peanut throughout. Developed over time and carefully crafted to give an authentic and warm flavour.

This is the only juice in the range that put me off. As you might know I don’t especially like banana vapes and I am not a huge fan of peanut either so I had a real sense of trepidation about vaping this one. Upon opening the bottle I noticed quite a strong smell of peanut with an ever so slight hint of banana.

When it came to vaping this juice it was quite different to how I expected. The flavours in this mix are quite subtle and they combine together to give quite a very unique taste. As you inhale you mainly get caramel and toffee flavour notes with a hint of peanut and banana woven into the mix. All of the flavours work really well together and you can only pick out individual ingredients if you really concentrate. The banana as much as I can notice is very natural in taste as are the other ingredients. I actually saved this juice till last because I honestly didn’t fancy it at all. Funnily enough despite my reluctance I ended up enjoying it! I think it is fair to say that you shouldn’t rely too much on the description of this juice if you are tempted because while the ingredients are all present it is altogether different to how you might expect but in a good way! This is definitely a juice to try if you are looking for something quite different to break up your vape routine.

Cloud production was good but once again typical of this mix ratio. The throat hit with this one was medium to strong.

French Tobacco

A warm and rich flavour full of texture with nutty undertones and hints of chocolate, caramel and mild spice. Developed with the help of expert tobacconists to deliver a strong sense of flavour and a satisfying draw. Steeped for longer to instil extra body and a long-lasting taste.

As you might know I love tobacco vapes and this one is certainly one of the best I have tried. Quite a while ago I did actually try a French tobacco E-Liquid and while it was merely acceptable it positively made the house reek after vaping it. This juice while still having a slight odour is light years ahead of it. What you get when you inhale is an excellent distinct and full bodied tobacco exceptionally well blended with nutty flavour notes counterbalanced with vanilla, caramel and a hint of spice and chocolate. The flavours work wonderfully with no individual ingredient dominating the prominent tobacco taste but instead being noticeable as subtle variations in the background as you vape.

It is an amazing combination and I greedily vaped the entire 10ml bottle in one day! In a dripper it was excellent but in the Rose V2-S it was out of this world with all the flavour notes being highly noticeable and truly delicious. The only downside is the slight nutty tobacco smell which isn’t unpleasant but it does tend to linger so be aware of that if you live with other people who don’t vape. If you love tobacco vapes then do try this one! Vapour production was good but typical of this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be medium but if taking longer inhales it might border on strong for some people.

Drop Two

Strawberries and Cream

There’s little can top those long summer afternoons spent in the garden grazing on Strawberries and Devonshire cream, washing them down with a glass of bubbles. Recreating this teatime treat was a must. Producing a raft of flavour, which bursts into life as soon as it leaves your tank, this juice gives you an experience akin to sinking your teeth into a fresh, sweet Strawberry before the cream kicks in producing a rich desert aftertaste, which will leave you wanting more.

This juice is absolutely delicious! What you get is a tasty and very naturally sweet strawberry exquisitely blended with a superb Devonshire cream. The strawberry isn’t overly strong (meaning well balanced) and not in your face but it is still very distinct. The cream is amazing complimenting the mix beautifully and it makes for a very smooth vape. If you really enjoy eating strawberries and cream you will love this! I enjoyed this juice so much that I decided to also try it in my Rose V2-S and it tasted fabulous. Vapour production was good but quite typical of a 50/50 mix. I found the throat hit to be mild in 6mg strength.

London Gin

Nothing hits the spot after a long day quite like a refreshing G&T. A bitter sweet taste with a palate cleansing effect and a dry aftertaste this drink has become an English institution. To recreate the best London Gin, and in addition to the traditional juniper infusion, we added English Rose, sliced cucumber, squeezed lemon and a dash of mint to add further flavour. This eclectic mix of tastes perfectly replicates the sensation of the first G&T of the day, an early sweet bitters taste softens into a fuller and hydrating lemon before a cooling mint draws in at the finish.

I have never been a fan of Gin also known as Mother’s Ruin in Victorian times. Weirdly enough I have tried it as a vape before and actually got on with it which proves the point that we can often enjoy juices that are based on food or drink that we dislike so it is important to never rule anything out. Upon opening the bottle I was expecting a strong smell of Gin but instead I found I mainly got an aroma of cucumber and mint.

Taking my first vape of this juice I expected that really strong bitter/sweet taste you associate with Gin but instead I got a very smooth and subtle flavour. The Gin is definitely there but the balance of the mix itself is so good that is doesn’t actually dominate. Instead I found lemon, cucumber and a hint of rose to come through more on the inhale with the Gin being pushed more to the background. As you exhale there is definitely more of a Gin taste but that is combined with a deliciously cooling mint that I found quite exquisite!

If you take long hard draws when vaping the Gin is much stronger and it does offer a significantly stronger throat hit but if sticking to vaping it naturally the throat hit is more the mild to medium variety.  As someone who is not really a fan of Gin I have to say that I could definitely vape this! I think the reason it works so well is due to the combination of interesting ingredients and there is some nice variation of them as you vape. If this had been a straight up Gin flavour I probably wouldn’t have got on with it. Most impressive!

Vapour production was good but quite normal for this kind of mix ratio.

Dandelion and Burdock

The very mention of Dandelion & Burdock will transport many back to a carefree youth spent ransacking Grandma’s pantry. A distinctive and unique aroma and taste makes the flavour instantly recognisable as a very British Root Beer. Created by combining an infusion of Black Treacle, Lemon juice, Beer Yeast and the signature ingredients of Dandelion and Burdock the juice gives a fantastic cooling initial draw, with a mature and growing middle and a fruit twist finish – accompanied by a large hit of nostalgia to go with it!

Dandelion and Burdock is a funny thing for me since I don’t actually enjoy the drink itself but I really like vaping E-Liquid that tastes like it. I know that is somewhat odd but trust me I feel the same about Red Bull. When I was in my first year of vaping, Dandelion and Burdock was a flavour that kept me from returning to the cigs. I don’t tend to vape it anymore since the brand I used was rather high in PG and it got a bit harsh after a while. However I was really looking forward to trying this version from Simple Vape Co.

What we have here is absolutely spot on and a very traditional tasting Dandelion and Burdock. The flavour is superb and most refreshing and despite being a 50/50 mix I found it to be very smooth. The balance of the ingredients is just right with all of the flavour notes being very distinct and I found that I could happily vape this one all day long! The juice definitely has that fruit twist finish mentioned in the description which is very noticeable as you exhale. Vapour production was good but typical of this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 6mg strength. If you love Dandelion and Burdock this comes highly recommended!


Finding influence from the British Empire with the addition of the aromatic spice Cardamom and its southern Indian roots alongside Vanilla and English Rose to muster a unique flavouring which serves wonderfully as a distinctive vape. The Vanilla is sweet yet subtle enough so as not to overbear the delicate Rose and the Cardamom provides the perfect balance. The initial draw is sweet with a focus on the Vanilla whereas the exhale quickly becomes the distinctive spice of the Cardamom and tenderness of the Rose.

This one is really impressive since from the moment you open the bottle you can smell rose petals and the juice itself is a lovely pink colour. When I took my first vape I was very impressed! The rose taste is delicious and quite reminiscent of the taste you would get if you were eating some traditional Turkish Delight. However it is very light in nature and not all sickly. This is exceedingly well balanced with a sweet vanilla which gives a luxurious quality to the vape. In addition the Cardamom offers spicy undertones which weave in and out with the main ingredients. This juice leaves a delicious sweetness on the lips as you exhale and it makes for a very smooth vape!

The ingredients may be a little unusual for some but in my opinion it is what makes this juice interesting and considering how good the flavour is my recommendation is that you should definitely try it! Cloud production was good but normal for this mix ratio. Due to the spicy quality this one had a medium throat hit. Although I haven’t done it yet it would probably be a good idea for me to vape this Rose E-Liquid in the Rose V2-S.


It is not often I say this but every single juice in this range impressed me. I found the juices on offer to be truly excellent and they offer a lot of variety with some unusual but very interesting combinations. I feel that if you looking for some uniquely flavoured juices then you can’t go wrong with these but if you would rather something more traditional that can also be found here with the superb French Tobacco, Dandelion & Burdock and also the delicious Strawberries and Cream.

While the range is superb the price is somewhat higher than other juices you might buy but the quality is excellent so might be worth picking up for special occasions.  I do hope Simple Vape Co address the sample bottles because not having nozzles or dropper tops is in my opinion a potential accident waiting to happen. However in terms of the overall looks and quality of this range it is only a minor gripe.

A 10ml bottle of juice is priced at £6.99 with 30ml bottles costing £16.99. The Simple Taster packs are priced at £22.99 for 4 x 10ml bottles or £54.99 for 4 x 30ml bottles. Please note that the 30ml bottles do appear to have dropper tops.

If you are at all tempted the juice can be purchased here from Simple Vape Co - and the code POTV15 will get you 15% off all of their eliquids!

Many thanks to Simple Vape Co for sending this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review!

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