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Salty Sam's Nic Salts by Digbys Juices

Digby's Juices are fighting the good fight against disposable vapes and notching up the flavour whilst they are at it with their new Salty Sam's Nic Salts range

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Disposables are out, sustainability is in, and with the fantastic selection of brilliant pod kits around, there has never been a better time to join the responsible vape revolution. The one big thing disposables always had over “regular” vaping was the flavour, they are known for their big, full on, in yer face flavour but vaping is evolving and there is a better way. Some of the big companies have brought over their flavours into the nic salts market so you can now get that big flavour to use in your refillable pod kits, and that is great news. But the problem is they all kind of taste the same, you can flip from one generic brand to another and you can’t really tell the difference. It has all got a bit bland and, dare I say, predictable. What we need is for our amazing homegrown, boutique e-liquid makers to get onboard and show the big guys how it’s done, and that it exactly what Digby’s Juices have done with their latest range, Salty Sam’s Nic Salts.

Digby’s Juices have been about for years now and have built up an impressive portfolio of unique e-liquid flavours over this time. As their legion of fans will attest to, when you buy a bottle of Digby’s, you are guaranteed to get flavours that you won’t find anywhere else, unique recipes like Dr Jekyll, Moriya’s Mix, and the legendary The King among others, and trust me, you own it to yourself to try them at least once.

Salty Sam’s Nic Salts by Digby’s Juices full flavours

Now Digby’s Juices have turned their impressive talent for flavour design to producing a range of Nic Salts that are even more intense and can easily take on the current trend for disposables. On the surface, they all sound simple, but once you take a vape, you quickly realise that these are as perfectly crafted as any of their other juices.

There are five flavours in the Salty Sam’s Nic Salts range, each available in 10ml bottles. They are available in 10mg strength and have been designed to work perfectly with the latest mesh coil pod kits. The biggest problem so far with sweet e-liquids is that historically they were not kind to your coils, sugar and heat do not make good partners. But Salty Sam’s Nic Salts are different in this area too, and you can easily vape many refills before you taste anything off. These are some of the cleanest nic salts I’ve tried to date, impressive when they pack this much flavour in!

Salty Sam’s Nic Salts by Digby’s Juices pod kit

Grape Crush

Rich, smooth, and fragrant, this is your classic purple grape with just the right amount of ice to keep things fresh and interesting without taking anything away from the fruity flavour or taking your breath away. It is sweet, but it is a natural sweetness rather than the nasty artificial sweetener so often used in the big brand bar salts.

Cherry Crush

Always a good test of a quality e-liquid, cherry can make or break a juice range for me as it is one of my favourite flavours, but so many get it badly wrong. This one doesn’t. It is a bright and vibrant red summer cherry which is light but still rich. It has just the right amount of flavour too, any more and the delicate would be ruined. Once again, there is a gentle iced layer, but it is reserved enough to act as an enhancement.

Tropical Twist

This is probably the most enigmatic of the Salty Sam’s range. It isn’t the usual lairy tropical flavour, and I couldn’t totally pinpoint any particular fruits and yet it still has strong lounging on a beach with a cocktail on one hand kind of vibes. It is refreshing to try a completely new take on a mixed tropical flavour.

Salty Sam’s Nic Salts by Digby’s Juices flavours

Frozen Strawberry

I must admit, this one didn’t immediately grab me, but the more I vaped, the more I liked it. It is possibly the most subtle of the five but give it time and its beauty will be revealed. I’d say it is more of an alpine strawberry but with an extra layer of light jam which ends up making it surprisingly delicate. The ice feels a bit stronger here too, but I think that is more due to the more subtle flavour base.


From the most delicate, to the biggest flavour punch, this is a big burst of blackcurrant and is also the freshest of the lot. If you want your airways cleared in a hurry, this is a very tasty way to sort it out. I’d say this is probably the best jumping on point if you previously used disposables but want to try vaping better as it is strong and is probably the most immediate recognisable as a bar salts type flavour. I mean, personally I’d grab all five flavours so you can mix things up a bit, but if you don’t want to commit, this is a good way to dip your toes in so you can get used to what real quality tastes like.

Salty Sam’s Nic Salts by Digby’s Juices more flavours

Final Thoughts

This has been such a refreshing change, getting to vape top quality flavours designed specifically to work in pod kits. The difference between regular generic disposable type flavours and Salty Sam’s is pretty big, you can taste the passion here, the desire to bring gourmet level vaping to the next generation of vape kit is as strong as the flavours themselves. Digby’s always delivers, but this time they’ve knocked it out of the park.

If this has tempted your tastebuds, you can order the Salty Sam's Nic Salts direct from Digby’s Juices. The retail price is £2.99 er bottle which makes them superb value for money, it is the equivalent to five disposables. If you need a kit to go with the e-liquid, Digby’s also sell the fantastic OXVA XLIM Pro kit and pods too so you can get everything you need in one place. Tasty, convenient, ethically better on every level….what’s not to love!

Salty Sam’s Nic Salts by Digby’s Juices handcheck

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