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Pixie Juice Vol 2 by The Alchemists Cupboard

The Alchemists Cupboard are back with a new salts range. Pixie Juice Vol 2 pushes the legacy in to the future with style

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Way back in the mists of time, well last year but that already seems like a lifetime ago, The Alchemists Cupboard got in contact to tell us that they were bring back the legendary Pixie Juice brand back. I might have got a little bit over excited at this news, Pixie Juice was such a big deal back in the day as it was one of the first homegrown juice makers, so knowing the legacy was going to live on brought me so much joy. Nearly a year has passed, and The Alchemists Cupboard are cranking things up and moving the brand forward with the fresh new Pixie Juice Vol 2 salts range.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 vape on 

When The Alchemists Cupboard contacted me to ask if I’d like to review them, I said yes without a thought as I really enjoyed the first rebooted Pixie Juice, it was a no brainer. Of course I’d love to go another round. But what I didn’t realise when I agreed was that it wasn’t a shortfill range but a salts range. I don’t normally review salts; I leave them up to Simon as I can have trouble with some ranges which can irritate my throat. So when the package arrived, I was a little crestfallen. But sometimes you have to just get on with things, so I grudgingly cracked on with the job in hand. Thankfully it turns out that Pixie Juice Vol 2 is quite throat friendly and I have had no problem vaping them, maybe just a slight tickle but that is it. So if you are like me and normally give salts a swerve, these are actually quite a safe bet. 

There are four flavours in the range at the moment, all fruity blends. They come really nicely packaged in very pretty boxes with pictures of the fruits under the branding. They are also colour coded so you can easily grab one in a rush and be confident that you have got the bottle you wanted. The box is packed full of information, warnings, and a helpful conversion showing how much nicotine you are inhaling per puff. I’ve not seen that before on an e-liquid package, so I thought it was pretty cool. Inside are the bottles which have the same design as the outer box, and a leaflet covering even more information in greater detail. I don’t normally bother reading that stuff, I’ve been around long enough to know what I’m doing, but I actually read these ones and found them clear and informative without being too complicated. The Alchemists Cupboard have done a great job with the presentation.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 boxed 

The Flavours 

The four flavours so far are: 

  • Blackcurrant and Pear
  • Fuji Apple and Strawberry
  • Lemon and Peach
  • Raspberry and Plum 

If you like fruit e-liquids, you will be happy with this selection. I still wasn’t too sure what to expect as we are at a bit of a crossroads with traditional juices on one side and the new wave of disposable types on the other which offer sweeter, stronger flavours. I would say Pixie Juice Vol 2 is leaning quite heavily towards the disposable style as they are sweet and strong but offer some much more interesting combinations. Don’t get me wrong, I like iced watermelon as much as the next vaper, but I much prefer a greater choice. Playing it safe gets very boring very quickly!

Pixie Juice Vol 2 range 

Blackcurrant & Pear 

Blackcurrant & Pear Nicotine Salts E-Liquid is a delightful combination of two distinct fruit flavours that come together to create a unique and refreshing vaping experience” 

The moment of truth, I cracked open the first bottle , filled up my tank and took my first puff. Mmmm that’s good stuff! I was instantly impressed by the amount of flavour, especially as I took quite a careful puff as I wasn’t sure if I’d end up ripping my throat out (damn you, nic salts sensitivity!). After realising that my throat was safe, I took a bigger puff and man, that blackcurrant is so good. To me, blackcurrant should be rich with a careful balance of sweetness and tartness, and this absolutely ticks those boxes. It is deep and lush, almost thick with juiciness. The pear gives it a smoothness but also adds a sort of texture to stop the berries from becoming too much. It is a great combination, you just don’t see pear being used much which is a shame as it may be quite subtle but used correctly, it really brings a twist to things.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 Blackcurrant & Pear 

Fiji Apple & Strawberry 

Fuji Apple & Strawberry is a delectable blend that combines the crisp and refreshing taste of Fuji apples with the sweet and juicy essence of ripe strawberries” 

I’ve never eaten a Fuji apple in real life, I hadn’t even heard of them until I started vaping as they are a cultivar from Japan. That should tell you all you need to know, everything Japanese tends to be pretty awesome. It is on my bucket list to visit and when I finally do, I’m going to try their apples because the Fuji Apple in this e-liquid is an awesome flavour. It is sweet and juicy, and unmistakably apple. It is probably the most ideal apple flavour which makes me disappointed with the fruits we get over here! Add in the extra juice from the sweet, fresh strawberry, and you have a winner. It is packed with flavour but still manages to taste like real fruit should.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 Fuji Apple & Strawberry 

Lemon & Peach 

Lemon & Peach Nicotine Salts E-Liquid is a delightful combination of zesty citrus and sweet, juicy peaches, resulting in a refreshing and vibrant flavour profile” 

I’m not a huge fan of peach e-liquids, they can be too sweet and quite artificial. But the twist in the tale here is that the lemon is the dominant flavour, sharp and zingy and right up in your face, The peach creeps in underneath to lend it a sweetness which is the perfect counterbalance to the sharp citrus. This has quite a wow factor and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Once again, the authenticity of the fruit flavours really comes through to make this another great recipe.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 Lemon & Peach 

Raspberry & Plum 

Raspberry & Plum Nicotine Salts E-Liquid creates a harmonious blend that balances the bright and tangy characteristics of raspberries with the mellow sweetness of plums”

I’ve managed to get this far without harking back to the original Pixie Juice Cherrylicious which was the juice that really turned me on to how good decent e-liquid could be, but I feel the time is right as Raspberry & Plum is the natural successor to one of my all time favourite flavours. The raspberry is the perfect mix of sweet with a bite, once again very natural and a far cry from the strangely perfumed versions we often get in e-liquids, and the plum is rich and almost syrupy. The mix of the two is luscious, so full of rich juiciness. They work so well together, and this could easily become a firm favourite for me.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 Raspberry & Plum  

Final Thoughts 

From the initial disappointment of discovering Pixie Juice Vol 2 was a salts range, my eyes have been opened to how good salts can be. This range is a triumph in every way, from the detailed presentation to the near perfect fruit blends. These could give any disposable vape a serious run for their money. Load up a tank of any of these in a pod kit with a decent mesh coil and I’d challenge anyone to find a better vape from a single use vaping device. Hat’s off to The Alchemists Cupboard, they’ve really done something special here. 

There is one other reason that you should considering trying the Pixie Juice Vol 2 range, and that is by purchasing these, you will be supporting our wonderful homegrown vape industry. Vaping has only become the huge deal that is it because of innovative e-liquid makers and genius mod makers, but recently the disposable market and political restrictions have ripped things apart and have killed off so many fantastic domestic UK companies. We need to support these independant vape businesses whilst we still can, because once they are gone, the vaping world will be a much more boring place.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 faire magic 

You can buy the Pixie Juice Vol 2 range from The Alchemists Cupboard. They offer two strengths, 10mg and 20mg, both in 10ml bottles. The regular retail price is £3.99 a pop, seriously great value for e-liquid of this quality, but wait, there’s more! They also offer a deal so you can get 3 for £10. I’m not sure I’d be able to choose which one to leave out thought! 

Many thanks to The Alchemists Cupboard for sending these in for review.

Pixie Juice Vol 2 fresh fruit 


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