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Peaked by Dispergo Vaping

Dispergo Vaping have come up with a whole new ‘range’ of e-liquid flavours, this time around they have given a cool kick to some classic fruits in the Peaked range.

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Supplied by Dispergo for review
£14.99 for 100ml or £25 for 2

Dispergo Vaping have come up with a whole new ‘range’ of e-liquid flavours, this time around they have given a cool kick to some classic fruits in the Peaked range.

Peaked Shortfill Range

Here’s what Dispergo say about the range:
"Peaked is a range created here at Dispergo vaping! Peaked is a range for all of you ice lovers out there, blended fruits mixed with a dash of koolada to create a fruity and icy vape! Flavours include cherry, blue raz, passionfruit and many many more."


This is an ingredient that gives the flavour an ice kick and makes it more menthol, but when used in moderation you tend to get a more refreshing throat hit and cool aftertaste, the more Koolada will end up more menthol. I’m not a menthol fan, but I do enjoy ‘ice’ in my nic salts so I’m hoping Dispergo have found that balance in the Peaked range.

Peaked Shortfill Range with nic shots

Shamelessly copied & pasted from Dispergo’s site but as I couldn’t put it better myself:
"100ml shortfills are generally higher vegetable glycerin (usually 70% VG) content meaning bigger clouds. The higher VG liquids are more suitable for sub-ohm devices, cloud chasing and direct to lung vaping. The idea of a shortfill e-liquid is that there is 100ml of e-liquid in a 120ml bottle, allowing for 2 x 10ml (18mg) nicotine shots to be added. Once the nicotine is added and shaken vigorously the bottle will have 3mg/ml of nicotine. Dispergo e-liquid is over concentrated with flavour to allow the extra nic shots to be added, to then give the correct vape flavour."

They come in good quality chubby ‘gorilla’ bottles which are dark but you can still see the e-liquid level through the side, everything seals down securely and I had no issues with leaking while stashing them in my bag/pocket.


  • 70VG/30PG
  • Suitable for sub-ohm devices
  • Direct to Lung vaping (DTL)
  • 100ml shortfill e-liquid
  • Made in the UK
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Recyclable bottle

Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee

Dispergo also offer a guarantee on certain ranges and the Peaked range is included in that, this is usually a sign that certain e-liquids have met their high standard, it also instils confidence that you haven’t bought sink-fodder, here’s what they say on the site:
"Dispergo is different. We want you to be able to vape only juice you love, that’s why we have created the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee. This means if you don’t like your Dispergo juice you can send it back for something else totally free! This E-liquid is included in the Dispergo guarantee."

Weapon of Mass Consumption

I don’t often vape Koolada eliquids for DL vaping so I was a little unsure what vape hardware to go for while testing these, do I go for a RDL or full on sub-ohm high wattage cloud belcher?

Peaked Shortfill Range weapons of choice

I started off small and mostly used the Vaporesso Luxe 80 with 0.3ohm GTX coils which I could use from RDL up to a decent full DL, I then progressed to my beloved Smok Mag M270 for a higher powered DL vape.

Peaked Shortfill Range with the big guns

The flavours are quite traditional and usually you can get an idea of what they are going to taste like from the label, the colours are well selected and the artwork is pretty good and recognisable. A small thing perhaps, but I much prefer it when I can quickly grab my favourite at a glance.

Peaked Shortfill Range labels

Blue Razz Ice

"A refreshing, tangy blue raspberry flavour with a blast of ice! A delicious popular flavour everyone will love."

Firstly; Phew! The Koolada element was spot on and not too menthol or overpowering, it gave a noticeable ice kick but the actual blue razz flavour came through nicely during the inhale and exhale, this gave me confidence to use a higher wattage full DL setup from here on. Back to the actual flavour; the blue raspberry was very nice indeed, it is pretty sweet but similar to the ice kick, it was moderate and well balanced, this one is an easy ADV (All Day Vape).

Peaked Shortfill Range Blue Razz Ice

Cherry Ice

"A blend of tangy cherries and rich black cherries with a blast of ice for a cool refreshing cherry vape!"

I was half dreading testing this one out, I LOVE cherries but I haven’t found a decent vapeable one so far, they are usually too overpowering or sickly sweet, but this one is just spot on! I went from dread to love within a few puffs. Obviously the cherry is the dominant flavour and the ice kicks in on the aftertaste, but it’s the overall balance that made this flavour work so well. It’s a contradiction but the cherry is distinct but subtle if that makes any sense? As in it was clearly cherry but toned down enough to make it smooth and a surprising ADV, even the Koolada ‘ice’ was subtle – A big thumbs up overall.

Peaked Shortfill Range Cherry Ice

Mixed Berry Ice

"A refreshing fruity blend of summer fruits with a blast of ice. A perfect summer all-day vape."

Had I ‘peaked’ too soon with the success of the previous two flavours? This one had to be average ‘Vimto’ right? No as it turned out, the blend is the key to this one as it reminded me of a gob-full of mixed fruitella chews but with an ice kick. The aftertaste was the best parts and to sound corny; the flavour danced on your tongue as I struggled to identify any dominant berry. I couldn’t distinguish any but the blend just worked, this is far from boring but possibly the best ADV out of the bunch so far.

Peaked Shortfill Range Mixed Berry Ice

Passionfruit, Kiwi and Guava Ice

"A tropical and fruity refreshing flavour with sweet passionfruit, tangy kiwi and aromatic guava with an ice blast."

This one sounded more like my choice, I love tropical fruits in real life and e-liquids, and with the success of the previous three I had high hopes for this one and I wasn’t disappointed. Again it was down to the blend and balance, kiwi was reasonably dominant but not overpowering, the passionfruit toned it down and the ice made the aftertaste last longer. By this point I’m already super impressed with the Peaked range, blend and balance stood out as to why these flavour worked so well make them ideal for ADVs over treat flavours.

Peaked Shortfill Range Passionfruit, Kiwi and Guava Ice

Tropical Ice

"A tropical medley of sweet pineapple, juicy mango and the delicate, floral sweetness of peaches. A tasty exotic vape with an ice blast!"

Can it be a 5/5? Luckily for me, yes though there was less in the way of surprises with this one as it was almost exactly as it was described. The pineapple was clearly the dominant fruit throughout which I’m fine with as it’s my favourite, the peach and mango were more in the exhale and aftertaste, and yet again the ‘ice’ koolada was subtle enough to help carry the flavour in the aftertaste for longer. Although suitable as an ADV, I think I might tire of this one after 120ml but I would also miss it after, if that makes sense?

Peaked Shortfill Range Tropical Ice

Peaked my Interest

5 for 5 more than impressed me, I loved the way I could have picked any of the range off the shelf, read the description, and would have been more than happy as they all taste better than they sound. Whoever concocted these flavours knew exactly what proportions were needed as the balance really shone through. The ‘ice’ element would have usually put me off as I just think ‘menthol’, but this really isn’t the case. The subtle use of the koolada ingredient makes a big difference as it leaves a much nicer aftertaste for longer.

Though you can read my thoughts, they will always be subjective, but I am confident that if you just read the description and like the sound of it, then I’m certain you will be pleased with your purchase. I doubt anyone will return these for ‘summit’ different.

Peaked Shortfill Range crystal clear

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