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Norse Shortfills

TECC sent over the Norse Premium E-liquid range in for review

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What does Norway taste like? This is what Norse e-liquid are on a mission to show us. From deep Fjords to mighty mountains and bustling cities, the Norse ranges are promising fantastic flavours that truly represent Norway at it’s finest. Considering everything I know about Norse mythology comes from playing God of War and watching The Almighty Johnsons (a criminally underrated TV show), I was glad that they didn’t give them undecipherable names like Fenrir, Heimdall, or Freya and just stuck to telling us what flavours they are.

The Fjord range and the Crushed Lime & Mint from the Mountain range were sent to me by The Electronic Cigarette Company, and all came in 100ml bottles with space for two nic shots to give you 120ml of 3mg liquid. They are all 70VG/30PG and come in pretty standard bottles, make sure you have a bottle cap opener as they were tough to get off by hand but the slender nozzles made it very easy for me to fill up any tank.

I really like the labelling on the Norse range, I think it’s clean, simple, and effective. Each one has a very serene looking blue tinted picture of a fjord and mountains with the flavour clearly stated, and the trim is colour-coded to the flavour. They’re very nice to look at when on the shelf and would certainly catch my eye in a shop in amongst the normal garish colours on offer. So, they look great, they smell great, but the proof is in the Fjord so with a stock coil tank and an RDA loaded, let’s dive in..

Norse Premium E-liquid range

Crushed Lime & Mint

“Crushed Lime & mint is the perfect e-juice bottle with a fresh blend of Lime and Mint. With refreshing mint flavour will without a doubt catch your taste buds with it’s cool and zesty taste that never fades. It’s Mojito time!”

I have a confession to make, I’ve never had a mojito. It’s just not my kind of drink but I do like mint and limes, so I was hoping for a nice refreshing taste here and I was not disappointed. The lime is slightly tart but never overly so and is actually really smooth and refreshing. The mint is a proper mint, imagine chewing on a mint leaf and you’ll get the idea, it’s not a peppermint or like a mint sweet but is really authentic and fresh. There’s a slight cooling to it but it’s only a touch, this just aids with this being a delightful blend which is perfectly balanced between the flavours. As you vape, the taste flicks between the lime and the mint and both compliment each other really well giving a really tasty vape. It’s simple but highly effective and is exactly what it says on the bottle, I really like it and maybe it’s time for me to try that mojito after all. This would also work well with iced nic shots if you wanted an extra blast of cooling.

Norse Premium E-liquid Crushed Lime and Mint

Cloudberry, Raspberry & Redcurrant

“Looking for an e-liquid with a fruity twist, and a little sweet kick? This new e-liquid is a fruit mixture that tastes like sweet berries and a refreshing redcurrant. This flavour will leave your tongue tingling with every hit you take, a perfect option on a warm or cosy day”

I have no idea what a cloudberry is but I do know this, after trying this liquid I definitely want to try one! The redcurrant slightly noses it as the predominant flavour with a lovely raspberry twist all tied together by the cloudberry. The flavours compliment each other really well and it’s blended to perfection. It’s light, it’s refreshing, and is absolutely bursting with juiciness and flavour. Forget a warm or cosy day, I would vape this any day. For anyone who likes fruity vapes, this is an absolute winner and my personal favourite from the range.

Norse Premium E-liquid Cloudberry, Raspberry and Redcurrant

Cherry & Plum

“Vibrant, with a burst of fruit aromas, NORSE Cherry & Plum is a great bottle of refreshing flavour. Introduced with a fruity and sweet mix of cherry and plum, all the flavours taste like you are eating the fruits themselves.”

I love cherries, I love cherry flavours, I love anything cherry, but it’s a tricky beast and can be very difficult to get right. The main flavour here is the plum with the cherry taking a back seat. I find it a little difficult to tell the type of cherry and really to get much from the cherry at all. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a nice liquid, especially if you like plums, but personally I’d have liked more from the cherry.

Norse Premium E-liquid Cherry and Plum

Peach, Apricot & Raspberry

“Norse Peach, Apricot & Raspberry totally changes the way you think about fruit juice. It tastes like the most delicious and cheerful juicy fruit ever! Absolutely amazing! This e-liquid is simply a perfect mixture of fresh Peach, Apricot & Raspberry. It makes the mouth water in anticipation for what’s to come. This is one of those e-liquids you’ll come back to time and time again”

Quite a bold claim in that description, eh! I do like it when e-liquid manufacturers make a claim like that, what I like the most is when it tastes nothing like their description and I see it as a challenge which the liquids invariably fail to live up to. With that in mind, I’m pleased to tell you that this time they got it absolutely spot on. This one actually surprised me with how good it is! The peach and apricot are the main flavours with the raspberry just sitting in the background tying it all together in a fruity, juicy bow. It all works incredibly well with the flavours complimenting each other delightfully. It’s juicy, it’s moreish, and it's a damn fine vape, lovely stuff indeed. Have I gone back to it time and again? Absolutely.

Norse Premium E-liquid Peach, Apricot, and Raspberry

Prickly Pear & Lemon

I can’t say I’ve tried a prickly pear and lemon liquid. The prickly pear comes first and from the first vape it’s lovely and juicy with plenty of flavour. The lemon takes a slight back seat but provides a hint of sharpness which balances this out nicely. That little bit of tang is there and it’s just enough without ever veering into sourness. It’s crafted well, it’s not prickly, it’s just smooth, fresh and tasty.

Norse Premium E-liquid Prickly Pear and Lemon


I’d never heard of Norse e-liquid until they were sent to me, but they are now firmly in my mind and I have to say I’ve been pleasantly impressed. I love a good fruity vape and sometimes struggle to find a good range I would go back to again and again, but these I will. Norse haven’t done anything revolutionary but what they have done is provide an excellent range of high quality e-liquid. The flavours are great combinations and each and every one provides a really juicy, fruity vape. They clearly know what they are doing and are expert blenders of e-liquid with balance and flavour bursting out of every vape. There are some absolute standouts for me which I will be happily vaping for a long time to come. If you like fruity vapes then just pick one that sounds to your taste, think of sitting by a Fjord or climbing a mountain and inhale, you’ll be transported there on vapour of flavour and that’s what it’s all about.

You can pick the Norse Range up from The Electronic Cigarette Company for £14.99 for 100ml or mix and match with the 2 for £25 deal they offer, there’s Nor-way you should miss out.

Norse Premium E-liquid selection


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