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MARYLIQ Nic Salts by Lost Mary

Lost Mary are branching out into nic salts and have brought out the super tasty MARYLIQ range, a great alternative to disposable vapes

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Lost Mary are probably best known for their pretty iconic disposable vapes, they have been one of the big players right off the bat. It wasn’t just that they were visually distinctive although they really did nail that whole brand identity thing, the flavour has always been a very big part of the deal. Strong, delicious recipes were really what revolutionised the market combined with total ease of use. Anyone could just pop into their local shop to pick up a Lost Mary disposable and they would be guaranteed a consistent, no hassle vape that would hit with the same great taste time and time again. But markets are changing, not everyone wants to use disposable vapes and there is that nagging chatter in the background hinting on changes to the law which will really put the squeeze on the whole disposable market, so the top brands are having to change and evolve, and we are finally seeing more options which should make the exceptional flavour you associate with disposables more accessible to everyone.

We have already looked at the new Lost Mary Tappo kit which took the basic design of a Lost Mary disposable and added prefilled pods which meant you don’t have to chuck out a whole device every time the juice or battery runs out, and that felt like a huge step in the right direction. But TECC also sent us the new MARYLIQ salts range which consists of all the great flavours you know and love from Lost Mary disposables but with the added bonus that you can use them in your own pod kit. A year or so ago, this would have been a terrible idea as pod hardware just wasn’t up to the job, the e-liquid used in disposables is heavily sweetened and coil technology simply wouldn’t have been able to handle it without almost instantly turning into a burnt chunk of nastiness. Things have changed a lot though, and the latest generations of pod kits from brands like Vaporesso, OXVA, Innokin, VOOPOO, UWELL and Aspire are more than up to the job, easily able to not only compete with disposable, but in many cases beat them at their own game.


MARYLIQ is not just paying lip service with a basic range either, we get a massive 25 flavours to choose from so there should be something for most tastes. Obviously fruit flavours are predominant, but there are sours, menthols, iced, tobaccos, cocktails and even a few curveballs just to mix things up. I am genuinely impressed by the sheer size and selection on offer.

MARYLIQ is currently only available in 20mg strength which is really the only limitation that may stop some people from using them. Personally, I normally vape 6mg so this was a big jump up for me and I would have been very happy to see a 10mg option too, but maybe this will come further down the line if these standalone salts do well. As with all salts, they are also only available in 10ml bottles, you can thank legal restrictions for that…got to love TPD rules!

MARYLIQ unboxing

The Flavours

Normally I will go in to great detail when it comes to e-liquid reviews covering all the subtle flavour notes and delicate tones, but with 25 flavours to get through, this would just be a bit daft and I don’t want anyone falling asleep by the time we’ve gone through everything, so as difficult as it may be for me to keep things brief, I’m going to try to cover everything without my usual levels of waffle. Plus these flavours aren’t about the nuances, they are big, bold, and in your face so a lot of the time, what you see is what you get, so for this review, I’m going to keep it simple and to the point.

Beach Day – OK we are starting with one of those curveballs, the name gives nothing away. There is a strong citrus flavour, sweeter than lime but sharper than lemon, but there was something else there, something sweet and rich, blackcurrant! Not a combination I would have put together, but in a strange way, it works.

Pink Lemonade – A classic disposable flavour which has transferred over very well. The lemonade really pops but the sweetness of the berries is a welcome twist which balances out the zesty lemon.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – The blueberry/raspberry blend is spot on, sweet, smooth, and pleasantly floral, and the sour tone really cuts through making this fresh and fruity. It isn’t cheek pulling sour though, just enough to give it a unique taste.

Lemon Lime – After trying both the regular Lost Mary disposable and the Tappo version, this was the one I was most interested in as it will act as a real baseline test, and the results are that it tastes like Lost Mary Lemon Lime. Basically if you like the disposables flavour, this proves that the salts are a like for like version.

Peach Ice – Fuzzy peach gummy candy, not fresh fruit, mixed with a blast of chill which kind of creeps up and builds. I might have taken a few puffs too fast as this gave me brain freeze, so if you like your iced flavours properly chilled, you will love the effect here. It is still a smooth vape though.

Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade – As has become quickly apparent, MARYLIQ do lemonade very well. This one brings the watermelon front and central though with the blueberry adding smoothness and the lemonade giving things a tang. Great combination which is easy to vape.

MARYLIQ round 1

Strawberry Ice – This is a surprisingly detailed strawberry; it is sweet but with an authentic earthiness that gives is a sort of jammy realism. The ice isn’t quite as full on as the Peach Ice but is well balanced with the strawberry, so it shows the careful crafting that goes in to designing the flavours.

Watermelon Ice – Watermelon is another staple disposable flavour, and this is delivers in buckets. If anything, it is almost too strong which is something I never thought would be possible for a melon flavour which is normally quite delicate. This is the very definition of big flavour.

Cherry Lemon Mint – Lemon and mint make this super fresh, the mint being a strong spearmint which pairs nicely with the lemon. Cherry is set back a bit to bring in a subtle sweet note.

Peach Strawberry Watermelon Ice – There is a lot going on here! But you can taste every component flavour distinctly. For me, it is a bit too much, but I have super sensitive tastebuds. My other half has quite muted taste and I think this would suit him down to a tee.

Double Apple – This is a mix of sweet and juicy, with a sharper more biting apple. It was more interesting than I expected ,and not as sweet as I thought it would be. It is an unexpectedly satisfying take on an apple flavour.

Triple Melon – After the Watermelon Ice, I was expecting massive flavour but this one is a bit more laid back and is much nicer for it. It is refreshing but with a more delicate edge. Personally I preferred this one.

MARYLIQ round 2

Citrus Sunrise – This is really juicy, a wonderful mix with what tastes like a selection of smaller citrus fruits, satsuma, tangerine, and clementine hints all come together to make a really sweet but refreshingly juicy vape.

Sour Red – Another ambiguous name which turns out to be a sour apple, I like my apples to be a bit sweeter, but this makes an interesting change if you like apple but want to mix things up a bit.

Triple Berry Ice – I get a lively take on Palma violets here but with an extra richness, it is fragrant and almost perfumed but in a pleasant way. The ice is kept in check which allows the sweetness to shine. It is well balanced and an easy going vape.

USA Mix – This is a really good tobacco which caught me off guard a bit as you don’t really associate disposables with tobaccos. It has a fresh leaf feel with hints of caramel sweetness. It was also a welcome break from all the fruits, and I’d definitely recommend it if you fancy something a bit different.

Blackcurrant Apple – Classic combination, what could really go wrong. The apple is quite sharp but that is counterbalanced with the ripe blackcurrant which cuts through and gives it a fresh edge.

Triple Mango – This was possibly the one I was most looking forward to as I love mango e-liquids and it didn’t disappoint. Smooth, sweet, and so juicy; it combines everything I love about mango without the mess. I can see myself coming back to this one often, it is spot on.

MARYLIQ round 3

Lime Rum – I love the lime, it is bold and tangy, but then you get a hint of booze which pairs pretty well. It wouldn’t be something I’d vape all the time, but it works as a total change of pace.

Tropical Island - This is a really good mix with some sweet mango, fuzzy peach, and a background of mixed tropical goodness. This is the perfect antidote to the cold weather outside and really does bring a ray of sunshine with every puff.

Red Cherry – I love cherry, but I am quite picky when it comes to finding good ones, thankfully this one goes on the list of ones to try. It is sweet and rich with a syrupy finish. Whilst it doesn’t taste like fresh fruit, it also avoids the pitfalls of that nasty artificial flavour that plagues so many other versions.

Menthol – I was braced for this one, but it was surprisingly tasty. I’m not sure I’d call it menthol though, it is more sweet mint, very refreshing without taking your breath away. If you want sure fresh, go for one of the iced flavours, but if you want a tasty sweet mint, this hits the spot.

Pineapple Ice – This one will take your breath away; it is quite heavily iced. It is saved by the pineapple which tastes like top quality fresh pineapple juice. It is one that lingers, and as the flavour fades, the sweetness comes out. I liked the aftertaste more than the initial hit.

Cherry Ice – Similar to the pineapple ice, the initial flavour is a little overpowering but as it fades, the cherry seems to get stronger. I prefer straight cherry, but this does work so it will be down to personal preference as to which one you prefer.

Pineapple Mango – As soon as I cracked the seal, I knew this one would be for me. The pineapple and mango come through pretty evenly resulting in a sweet, tropical treat. It is definitely one of my favourites from the whole selection.

MARYLIQ round 4

Final Thoughts

I love the flavour you get from disposables, but morally I find it hard to reconcile. I try to be as green as I can be, I recycle religiously, I try to reuse things wherever possible and fix things that can be mended instead of just replacing stuff, I avoid buying products that are over packaged if there is a more sustainable alternative, I like to think I do my bit so disposable vapes don’t fit that picture, but they just taste so good so I 100% welcome MARYLIQ as I can finally vape the delicious e-liquid without feeling guilty.

There are some fantastic pod kits around these days, and I have pretty much changed from my old mod and tank set ups to using small, pocket friendly kits as they are just more convenient and normally beat my home made coils when it comes to flavour. I used a selection of pod kits with the MARYLIQ, and they all delivered a top quality vape which I would struggle to replicate myself.

As well as being super tasty, there is also a major cost incentive to using MARYLIQ salts and a pod kit. A 10ml bottle will cost just £3.99 and is the equivalent to five disposables. You can pick up a really great pod kit for £15-20 so your initial investment is still going to be cheaper than buying five disposables and then you only need to buy fresh pods and more e-liquid. To sweeten the deal even more, TECC also offer discounts for multi-buys so you can get 4 bottles for £9.99 so if you include the cost of a kit and some spare pods, £40 will get you the equivalent twenty disposables which would cost you nearer £100! In these tough financial times, I think this makes MARYLIQ salts a bit of a no-brainer.

Many thanks to TECC for sending in the MARYLIQ range for review.


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