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Malaysian Man Eliquids

Malaysian Man E-Liquid is a range of fruity, Malaysian inspired E-Liquid that is produced by LIQ Labs and sold through UKECIGSTORE both online and in their bricks and mortar stores!

Malaysian inspired E-Liquids have had a surge in popularity over the past year, however there are many on the market that are a little hit and miss. Malaysian Man E-Liquid takes the best flavours Malaysia has to offer, engineers them in Europe, with the end result being five delicious flavours to make up the range!

Malaysian Man E-Liquid is available in 50ml and 25ml zero nicotine shortfill options, compatible with 18mg nicotine shots to give 3mg E-Liquid. The Malaysian Man range is mixed to a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

Twisted Apple

The Electronic Cigarette Company

A flavour more reminiscent of a candy apple, Twisted Apple mixes the pure, fruity flavour of a ripened apple with the sweet flavour of candy, similar to a shisha double apple...

Twisted Apple definitely offers a candied apple note, rather than a fruity apple, and it's a very full on candied apple flavour with heaps of sweetness! If you like your fruity flavours a little milder, this one won't be for you, as it's very intense for sure! I got a little hint of cooling on the exhale, which took the edge off a little. I wasn't a huge fan at first but this E-Liquid definitely grew on me over time!

Sour Pear 

Sweet yet balanced, Sour Pear is both distinguished and pure. A true pear flavour which mixes as you vape, giving you the most agile pear around, changing from sweet to slightly sour on occasion...

I was half expecting to find a pear drop flavour here, however I was pleasantly surprised as I get a true and authentic fruity pear flavour from this E-Liquid, which I haven't experienced with many pear based juices. The cooling note at the end adds a really nice touch to this juice, making it a well balanced and tasty experience!

Vape Club

Black Grape

As delicious and unique as a fine wine, Black Grape tastes just as you would expect. An accurate grape flavour, straight off the bunch...

As the description helpfully suggests, this is a straightforward black grape flavour, which isn't too overpowering or underflavoured, but has the balance just right. The cooling note at the end pairs really well with the grape, making for a tasty and easy going vape!

Black Raspberry

A delicious and pure tasting raspberry, with a flavour profile that will keep you guessing. Varying from sweet to fresh raspberry in one single vape...

Premier Ecigs

Raspberry flavoured E-Liquids are something I've been enjoying a lot recently, but I have found many of them to be too overflavoured or artificial tasting. Malaysian Man's offering has the flavour profile spot on, with the levels of sweetness increasing and decreasing as you vape. A very interesting and tasty E-Liquid!

Sweet Mango

A pure, redefined mango which will help you re-discover what mango should really be like! Paired with a slight hint of cooling, Sweet Mango is guaranteed to make your day even sweeter...

Mango based E-liquids are amongst my favourites, and I'm always looking forward to trying a new one out! Malaysian Man Sweet Mango features one of the most realistic tasting mango flavour notes that I have found, it is seriously so close to the real thing! The cooling undertone balances out the mango very well, and as a result this is one of my favourite Mango based E-Liquids at present!


I personally am a huge fan of Malaysian inspired E-Liquids, however I do find a lot of them have downsides such as being overly sweet and unkind to your coils. Thankfully, the Malaysian Man E-Liquid range doesn't seem to present these issues, and offers excellent flavours with none of the downsides. Highly recommended!


Many thanks to UKECIGSTORE for sending the Malaysian Man range in for review, they can be purchased here - POTV readers can get 15% off using the code POTVUKECS which can be used on all eliquids that are not covered by the TPD!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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