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Limited Edition Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

Dispergo Vaping have sent us a fantastic collaborative range which brings together some of the best current e-liquid makers. We take a closer look at the Limited Editions range of shortfills

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Limited Edition Shortfills

One of the things I love about the vaping community is the general spirit of cooperation and togetherness that has always been a strong presence in the scene. It has led to some truly epic mash ups over the years, and our good friends at Dispergo Vaping have sent us over the latest e-liquid line that follows that great tradition. Limited Edition may not be that well known as yet, but they have teamed up with some big names to come up with a range of collaborations which pack some serious punch when it comes to massive flavour. We were sent the full range to try out.

The Limited Edition range is just a little bit special and you get the red carpet treatment right from the get go. Each bottle comes in a very stylish black box with gold lettering and marbled side panels. They just ooze class and wouldn’t look out of place on the shelves of a high end perfume counter. Opening the box, you are presented with an equally stylish black bottle with more gold lettering and embossed features. Every detail has been carefully thought out with a high level of detail, it really sets the vibe and gets you in the mood for something special. It is a good job the contents are as good as presentation as it would have been a massive let down after all this white glove treatment!

Each bottle contains 100ml of 70VG/30PG nicotine free e-liquid ready for you to add your shortfills to. If you order from Dispergo Vaping, you will also get your free nic shots so you will be ready to roll as soon as the postman drops them off.

There are five flavours on the range, all quite distinct so there should be something for most people here.

Limited Edition Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping boxes

Blue Lagoon by Limited Edition and Supergood

Limited Edition & Supergood presents Blue Lagoon e-liquid. Blue Lagoon flavour is tangy blue raspberry, blended with sweet glacier cherries finished with a lime twist.

We are starting with probably the biggest name here, Supergood already have a loyal following and are known for their quality flavours. So I went in with high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. This is a very unique flavour, and I must admit that I wouldn’t have picked out any of the individual elements which usually would have been a black mark in my books, but as a complete blend, it just works so well. It is an e-liquid that challenges different aspects from sweet and almost perfumed notes to the more fresh and tangy highlights. It is an interesting flavour and one that will please fans of the Supergood brand.

Cherry Bakewell by Limited Edition and Jack Rabbit

Limited Edition & Jack Rabbit presents Cherry Bakewell e-liquid. Cherry Bakewell is a classic flavour of delicious almond filling, followed by a layer of tangy raspberry jam, topped with sweet icing and a glacier cherry, balanced by the buttery pastry.”

This has all the hallmarks of Jack Rabbit, rich, sweet, and very easy to vape. I expected a bit more cherry flavouring but would not have been true to the sweet treat it is emulating, and this is all about the authenticity. Forget those exceedingly disappointing mass produced cakes which carry the same name, this is much more like the original you would expect in a tearoom up north. Every element is there and is clearly defined whilst also blending seamlessly to create the finished product, a very traditional Bakewell tart.

Limited Edition Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Supergood

Fuji, Blueberry, and Mango by Limited Edition and Juice ‘n’ Power

Limited Edition & Juice N Power presents Fuji, Blueberry & Mango e-liquid. Fuji, Blueberry & Mango is fruit medley of crisp, juicy fuji, sweet blueberries and mouth-watering mango”

If you are looking for a hit of pure fruity goodness, you could do a lot worse than giving this one a try. Fuji apple is definitely my favourite crisp apple flavour for vaping so I know I am pretty much guaranteed a decent vape when I see it on a label, and this is no exception. It also pairs really well with the sweet, juicy mango. The blueberry is more subtle, but it works well to pull everything together, it boosts everything that is good about its fellow fruits. This is an easy all day vape which never gets dull.

Green Energy by Limited Edition and Dr Frost

Limited Edition & Dr Frost presents Green Energy e-liquid. Green Energy flavour replicates the most common energy drink flavour, with zesty notes and a touch of ice”

Dr Frost specialist in…you guessed it…chilled flavours, so it will come as no surprise that this has a very pleasant fresh feel mixed with a straight up energy drink flavour. It is not for the timid either, this is a strong e-liquid. It is spot on though and manages to replicate the sweet, almost syrupy sugar hit you get from a frosty can of Monster or Relentless. I am not a huge fan of the actual drinks, but it is a flavour which lends itself very well to vaping and I normally have some variant of it in my juice box. This is up there with the best and will hit the spot nicely if you are looking for that taste without the palpitations!

Pineapple Grapefruit by Limited Edition and Froot

Limited Edition & Froot present Pineapple Grapefruit e-liquid. Pineapple Grapefruit is citrus blend of sweet, candied pineapple and tangy grapefruit.”

Prepare to have your mind blown when I tell you about this flavour…brace yourselves…it tastes exactly like pineapple and grapefruit! I love pineapple any way, I always have, but grapefruit has been a fairly recent revelation as I’m not that keen on the actual fruit but somehow in e-liquids, it just works so well. It’s not like it doesn’t taste like the real thing either, this is a sharp, tart, juicy flavour which tastes just like it should. It just makes such a refreshing change from the super sweet flavours I normally gravitate to. It also works exceptionally well here as it is the polar opposite of the sweet, tropical pineapple. It may sound like the most basic combination here, but I think it might just be my favourite too.

Limited Edition Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Jack Rabbit

Final Thoughts

It is not often I get to review a range where every flavour is consistently fantastic, I can usually find one or two that aren’t quite up to my standards and taste. But I can safely say that every single flavour in the Limited Edition range is top notch, and it will be very much down to your personal preferences as to which ones hit the spot for you. For me, I really enjoyed each one in different ways and I will happily keep stocked up on them when I run out (which will happen far too soon as I haven’t been able to put them down).

If you fancy giving the Limited Edition range a go, you can pick them up from Dispergo Vaping for £16.99 a bottle or 2 for £25 which makes these really good value. To sweeten the deal even more, these are covered by the Dispergo Taste Guarantee so if somehow you find they are not for you, you can exchange them for another product absolutely free of charge. Many thanks, as always, to Dispergo Vaping for sending these in for review.

Limited Edition Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping range

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