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As the name may suggest, Johnnys Shake Vapes are an ever expanding range of juices based around classic American Milkshake flavours, but based out of Manchester, England. Now we aren't talking about Nesquik style milkshakes here, but proper American style milkshakes served with ice cream and tons upon tons of flavour. Johnnys Shake Vapes only use ethically sourced and traceable ingredients that are shipped from suppliers in the USA, and they aim to provide authentic tasting milkshake vapes, and stray away from synthetic or candy tasting flavours, with a rich dairy milkshake base to them. 

Johnnys Shake Vapes is mixed to a 70 VG 30 PG ratio, with nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg available. Bottle sizes are available in 30ml and 100ml, and all of their juices come pre steeped so they are ready to vape upon arrival. I'm a big fan of milkshakes, so I was very excited to see what the Johnnys Shake Vapes range had on offer!

Classic Vanilla Milkshake

'The original', a classic American style vanilla milkshake E-liquid. With a rich and creamy texture, you can really pick out the authentic dairy ice cream and vanilla bean flavour. The perfect all day vape.

Classic Vanilla Milkshake is just that- a straight up, take on an American classic milkshake. And it does it better than any other vanilla milkshake vape I have tried, it's just so amazingly smooth and yet packed with flavour, from authentic vanilla bean right through to the signature Johnnys Shake Vapes milkshake base. The inhale is almost like premium vanilla ice cream, but without the chill, and the exhale is like scooping an entire tub of thick double cream into your mouth. This has got to be one of the smoothest vapes I've ever tried! And it's truly delicious to boot.

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Louisiana Banana Split

The jazz, soul and funk filled streets of Louisiana are also famous for a specific dessert 'the banana foster' and this is our take on this well known classic. With a sweet banana flavour, layers of caramel and rich dough undertone this juice is packed on top of our signature milkshake base.

I love just how well the banana and caramel blend together in this juice, the banana coming in first, almost tasting like Banana Nesquik, then giving way to the rich caramel flavour that coats your tastebuds. You get a doughy undertone to the juice, which almost lends a doughnut style tone to it, then on the exhale you get that delicious thick vanilla ice cream milkshake base. This juice is layered perfectly, and you can tell a lot of time and care has gone into mixing this tasty concoction up. A sweet, rich, thick and overall beautiful juice!

Delaware Strawberry Cheesecake

Our latest edition from the strawberry state of Delaware. This smooth and sweet juice is a must for any strawberry lovers!

The Delaware native fruit goes perfectly with a rich, creamy cheesecake and as always our 'classic' vanilla milkshake base is in there to ensure you get that authentic dairy ice-cream exhale. Enjoy!

Like all of the other juices from the Johnnys Shake Vapes range, once I opened this bottle I vaped it continuously from start to finish. I was really taken with the sweet strawberry inhale, that made me think of strawberry syrup, that also seems to go on and on lingering around your tastebuds, there's rich cheesecake in the background and that oh so delicious milkshake base really comes to prominence on the exhale.


I actually bought Delaware Strawberry Cheesecake with me to Vape Jam, where it was met by universal acclaim from all who tried it, all commenting on and enjoying this wonderful strawberry cheesecake and milkshake blend. Strawberry dessert lovers, like myself, won't be able to get enough!


I’m really delighted with these three milkshake offerings from Johnnys Shake Vapes, they offer a delicious, full flavoured and thick representation of a real American style milkshake. Any one of these three could easily be an all day vape for me, and whilst trying these out for review I found that I wasn't vaping any other juice, I'd just crack the bottle open and vape it continuously to the very end! Could I pick a favourite out of all three? Not a chance, these are each equally outstanding vapes.

The thick milkshake base they have created for these juices really adds an air of authenticity and gives a mouth feeling similar to what you would get when drinking a glass of the real thing. All three of these juices are very smooth, with great vapour production, which really goes well with the flavour profiles. These are three of the very best milkshake vapes I have ever tried, and their pricing is excellent too, with free 1st class UK shipping on your order!

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