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Jazzy Boba

Jazzy Boba - you might have heard of the name, it’s a juice that has become exceedingly popular recently with it’s unique Boba Milk Tea blend, based on a popular Asian tea based drink also known as Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea contains a tea base often mixed with fruit or milk, and chewy tapioca balls or different fruit jellies. Shaking the tea creates foam, and this is where ‘Bubble Tea’ gets its name from! Inspired by this, the base for the juices on offer from Jazzy Boba contains a mango tea and creamy milk base, with other flavour extracts added in to create their flavours. It’s uniquely handcrafted and blended by a top level gastronomical and mixologist savant to produce extraordinary flavour profiles. 

What some don’t realise is that Jazzy Boba is not the only juice on offer from these guys, they also have produced Thai Boba and Manggo Boba (yes, mango with two G’s!), which offer a take on two regional variations of Boba Tea, optimized for maximum flavour delivery when vaping. The mix ratio is 70 VG and 30 PG in order to accentuate the milky flavour base and deliver a really smooth and tasty vape.

The three juices offered by Jazzy Boba may well be three of the most unique juices around, so let's see what these juices offer!

Jazzy Boba

Jazzy Boba Milk Tea, the popular smooth milky tea that makes your taste buds want more. With a small touch of jasmine to give it a spark on the exhale, this eliquid is not heavy to vape. Creamy and a sweet whole new experience from the Jazzy Boba Ejuice range.


I thought I’d start off my Jazzy Boba journey by trying Jazzy Boba itself, the juice that started this all off and the one currently taking the market by storm. My first couple of puffs of Jazzy Boba involved me trying to get my head around what the flavour profile actually was, as it was something quite unlike anything I had experienced before. After running it through a couple of RTA’s and RDA’s, the predominant flavour I get from this is jasmine, but a light and fragrant jasmine, it’s actually very pleasing to my taste buds and a really enjoyable vape. The milky tea undertone makes it quite creamy and very smooth, with a small hint of sweetness. Despite me initially being a bit perplexed by Jazzy Boba I have come to really enjoy this juice, and it’s a hell of a complex one to discover!

Thai Boba

Thai Boba E Liquid is a combination of Thai tea leaf extracts added into a tapioca pearl, honey, sugar, and milk base to create a very sweet and creamy vape experience. 

Thai Boba I found to be the most complex of the Jazzy Boba juices, as it seems to offer something different each time I vape it, and each time I change my build or power setting on my mod, with different creams and varying levels of honey coming through, plus different flavours tend to dominate depending on how much power I am using. 

What I ultimately get from this juice is a pretty creamy, sweet and intense vape, with a background hint of tea, and mouthwatering sweetness on the exhale. Texture wise it feels quite thick and heavy, and it's a vape I've come to enjoy as an after dinner and evening vape.

Manggo Boba

From the makers of the popular Jazzy Boba comes Manggo Boba, a truly sweet and milky flavour with a real Mango hint throughout. It tastes just as good as it vapes…

We Vape

With Manggo Boba the same milky tea undertone is present in this juice, but this undertone seems a little weaker that with Thai Boba and Jazzy Boba, and to me it is only really noticeable on the inhale. For me, Manggo Boba is predominantly a sweet Mango juice, with an authentic Mango flavour topped off with a tongue tingling and mouthwatering sweetness. Manggo Boba is packed full of mango flavour, and it’s a really tasty and exotic vape! 

I found that although they are delicious, Jazzy Boba and Thai Boba are a little on the heavy side for me to enjoy as an all day vape, Manggo Boba is a juice that I can enjoy all day long, the sweet Mango is a particular element of this juice that really gets me coming back to it time and time again. 


These juices are based on a very distinct and clever concept, and they definitely deliver on the flavour front with a taste experience that is really unlike anything else available, I’ve certainly not come across anything that gets close to the flavour profiles offered by these three juices from Jazzy Boba, and they definitely stand alone in the market place at present. 

All three of them are very cleverly blended, and very unique too, I was taken aback at just how well the flavours blend together with the milky tea base and the smoothness provided by the 70VG 40PG mix ratio. I’ve never quite experienced anything like these liquids before but I really enjoyed all three of them, and Manggo Boba was a particular highlight for me!

If you like the sound of them you can check them out on No.1 Ejuice's site here - they are currently on sale at £14.95 each or you can get the three flavours together for £29.98!

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