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Japananta Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

Si gets overcome by the vapors as he checks out the excellent new Japananta shortfills range from Dispergo Vaping

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£14.99 or 2 for £25

Another brand new range stocked by Dispergo, this time we get a Japan themed fizzy drinks selection that are based on popular favourites. Fugu is a UK brand with a theme focused on Japanese culture and art.

FUGU Japanta range

  • 70VG/30PG
  • Suitable for sub-ohm devices
  • Direct Lung vaping (DL)
  • Made in the UK
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Recyclable bottle

FUGU Japanta branding

There are four fruit flavours in the currant (typo pun intended) range which included:

  • Peach Ice Tea
  • Twisted Fruits
  • Pineapple Melon
  • Dr Cherry

They come in 120ml filled with 100ml of 70VG/30PG allowing for up to 20ml of nicotine making 120ml total e-liquid, and if you opt for the 2 for £25 it works out at just over a quid per 10ml which is a bargain for quality juice.

FUGU Japanta with nic shots

With so many new e-liquids to review recently, I’ve been having fun selecting which vape to use to review them with. This time around I’ve gone for the Dovpo Odin 100 and the Zeus X Mesh RTA which I can trust to give me an accurate, full bodied DL vape.

FUGU Japanta with Odin mod

I vaped at least 20ml of each e-liquid to work out if they made suitable ADVs (All Day Vape) or just a treat or in extremes ‘sink fodder’, but the latter would be a shock as Dispergo generally don’t do sink fodder as they are very picky which e-liquids they stock and even offer a guarantee, here’s a copy-n-paste from their website:

"Dispergo is different. We want you to be able to vape only juice you love, that’s why we have created the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee. This means if you don’t like your Dispergo juice you can send it back for something else totally free! This E-liquid is included in the Dispergo guarantee."

How good is that?!

Right, let’s get into some consumption; I tend to go in ‘as listed’ or alphabetical order so I don’t leap for what sounds the best first, this method has worked well so far as I don’t have any expectations.

Dr Cherry

"A fizzy drink flavour with the delicious taste of candied cherry, cola and almond to create that well-loved sweet flavour."

This can only be based on ‘Dr Pepper’ which is one of those drinks I can take or leave as I’m not too fussed on the flavour, but as a vape it’s a different experience, and I mean experience as I’ve never quite vaped anything like it before and I mean it in a good way as it instantly hits your taste buds with a cherry laced cola. The almond appears to make it smoother somehow but the aftertaste is cherry cola for sure. Unlike a lot of cherry based flavours which can be overwhelming, this is a great balance and one I would buy again, not quite an ADV for me though.

FUGU Japanta Dr Cherry

Peach Ice Tea

"A delicious e-liquid made to taste just like the popular drink. With candied peach, a light tea flavour and a splash of ice. A tasty fresh flavour."

I’ve never tried any iced tea drinks before so I can’t compare this flavour directly, but I’ve eaten a peach and had a cuppa tea if that helps? It turned out that this one is just my cup of tea as I love peach based flavours as long as they aren’t too strong or sweet. The peach is clearly dominant throughout the vape, but the ‘tea’ side note carries the overall flavour nicely. This really works and is possibly the best peach based e-liquid I’ve experienced, it’s just so smooth and flavourful, and the aftertaste is as good as the vape, definitely an ADV.

FUGU Japanta Peach Ice Tea

Pineapple and Melon

"A tasty flavour of blended sweet pineapple and juicy melon."

This one is the one I would have chosen first going by the description, two of my favourite fruits in one. I just hoped that they toned down the pineapple enough as it’s one of those flavours that can be overpowering. Well… I simply frikkin LOVED this one. Rather than the melon being a side note, it appeared to be a 50/50 split which produced such a lush flavour. The pineapple had been toned down perfectly to make this an easy ADV, the aftertaste lasted well and had a moreish affect – Pick of the bunch.

I’ve obviously lived a sheltered life as I don’t know what fizzy drink this is based upon, BUT I want it whatever it is!

FUGU Japanta Pineapple and Melon

Twisted Fruits

"A fruity medley of passionfruit, grapefruit, orange, apple and more to create a delicious fruity blend!"

Finally we have this multiple fruit blend, and Dispergo’s description above sums it up perfectly as it’s one of those ‘does what it says on the tin’ type of flavours. There wasn’t one dominant flavour and I could detect each one in the aftertaste if I really tried, but that didn’t matter as it was the blend and balance that mattered. As much as I loved some of the previous flavours, I would say this one would make the better ADV without getting bored of it, the only fruit I can comment on was the grapefruit which worked to reduce the sweetness in the aftertaste which is one of the main reasons that made it such a good ADV.

FUGU Japanta Twisted Fruits

Dispergo have done it yet again with this little lot, the only guarantee I will be using is the guarantee I will be buying at least two of these again. I’m saying only two due to some of the previous Dispergo e-liquids which are already in my shopping list. I can see why our resident e-liquid reviewer raves about them so much, as it stands they are now my go to e-liquid supplier and just my ‘cup of tea’.

FUGU Japanta refreshingly good

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