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IVG Beyond Salts

IVG Beyond Salts

Supplied by IVG for review
£3.99 or 3 for £10

IVG’s new BEYOND Nic Salt range has some really interesting fruit flavour blends and are very different from the rest of their collection. We go above and Beyond to test them out.

IVG Beyond Salts full range

I really liked the artwork on the boxes and bottles as they truly reflect what flavour you’re getting. There are a total of six flavours in the range and all are fruit based, they also come in 100ml shortfills which I always appreciate.


To test this range I opted to use the new Lost Vape Quest Ursa Nano due to its flavour quality (and I had enough new pods to swap and change).

IVG Beyond Salts with Lost Vape Ursa Nano

If you’re new to salts, the easiest way I can put it is that they are not as harsh on the throat and give a near instant nicotine delivery. It takes around ten seconds to get into your system which make them perfect for that morning vape or ‘smoke breaks’ to instantly satisfy cravings. Nic salts have been the only liquids that have given me that nicotine high in the mornings.

The down-side is that there is next to no ‘throat hit’ associated with smoking as the nicotine is flavourless. Personally I prefer that as it favours taste over a harsh throat hit, but it’s less forgiving on low quality flavours so the mixes have to be damn good to pass. Spoiler alert, IVG have concocted some rather special blends in the Beyond range.

They are all fruit based and are quite sweet, some have a slight ‘ice’ touch to them but not too much to make it menthol-like. I’m a fussy sod when it comes to my nic salts but I enjoyed all 6 of these Beyond flavours.


Cherry Apple Crush

"This flavour delivers a crushing blow of both red and green apples, finished off with a sweet blackcurrant vest and a cherry kick that will have you coming back for more!"

Now I would never have thought of putting cherry and apple together, but the balance works well as the apple tames the cherry nicely, and the result is lush. I usually find cherry overpowering, but the apple really tones it down and is very pleasant. This one is more of a treat vape for me, but I would buy it again.

IVG Beyond Salts Cherry Apple Crush

Dragonberry Blend

"Experience the breath of a dragon with this powerful blend of sweet dragon berries, succulent strawberries blended together with a finish of fresh blackcurrants. a flavour of legend!"

Now I haven’t a clue what dragon berries tastes like, but I can tell you that it adds an interesting punch to the strawberry and blackcurrant. The blend just works as a nice, sweet, fruity mix. This is a flavour like no other to me so I can’t accurately describe it, but I know I really like this one. Any fruit fans will find this a safe bet and it is very suitable as an ADV.


IVG Beyond Salts Dragonberry Blend

Mangoberry Magic

"For this magic trick we have blended mango with sweet strawberries, then cooled the mixture off with refreshing honeydew melon leaving you asking how did they do it!"

I love mango in vape juices. On its own, it can be a bit too much though. The sweet strawberry is subtle and IVG’s description pretty much nails it. The ‘cooled off’ with honeydew melon makes all the difference, making it not only tasty but smooth and suitable for an ADV.

IVG Beyond Salts Mangoberry Magic

Berry Melonade Blitz

"Venture into the great beyond with this fusion of sweet blackcurrants and mouth-watering watermelons, delivered with a tang of freshly squeezed lemons. its taking off!"

88 Vape

This one is probably the ‘safest’ blend for fruit lovers, the blackcurrant is clearly obvious but is toned down nicely with the watermelon and lemon zest. The result is such a pleasant overall taste. I’m not much of a blackcurrant fan, but this balance is spot on and is a surprising ADV.

IVG Beyond Salts Berry Melonade Blitz

Sour Melon Surge

"A combination of honeydew and ripe watermelon with a surge of sour lime to kick this flavour into the beyond!"

I have to admit I was dreading this one, I just don’t like anything sour and I would avoid anything with ‘sour’ in the title, but I had to try it. I’m glad I did but I wouldn’t describe it as sour in any way? The melon is the main flavour and the lime gives it a slight zest to turn what could be a bland flavour into a refreshing one. It is not quite as sweet as the others and this makes it more suitable as an ADV.

IVG Beyond Salts Sour Melon Surge

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Kiwi Passion Kick

"Get your summer sun kick with this kiwi and passion fruit combination, merged together with berries so fresh it’s as if you picked them yourself!"

This one is very easy to describe as the title says it all, Kiwi flavour is very clear but it’s the added passionfruit and unknown berries that make it a bit different and smoother. I did find it a bit sweeter than the rest though and is borderline as an ADV, but it will be a definite repeat buy.

IVG Beyond Salts Kiwi Passion Kick



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