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Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping

Will our search for the perfect cherry e-liquid finally be over? We check out the Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping

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Back in 2011, I bought my first starter kit, a purple titan battery and carto set, along with a bottle of menthol e-liquid and a bottle of cherry. From the moment I filled up my first carto and took those first few puffs, I knew vaping was for me and I have been smoke free ever since. Whilst the menthol was nice, it was the cherry that really did it for me and I could see the massive potential vaping had in the fight for healthier lifestyle, but that started its own rabbit hole as I have been searching ever since for the perfect cherry flavour e-liquid. I have tried a lot over the years, and most have been hugely disappointing, ranging from tepid to nail varnish remover. The only other one that came close was Cherrylicious from Pixiejuice but sadly that is long gone, and most people probably don’t even remember it. Now if there was one juice company who could finally fill the void, it would be Dispergo Vaping, and I have been hoping they might bring out something purely cherry for a long time, and now finally my wish has come true. But not to do things by halves, they haven’t just one cherry flavour in their arsenal, they have brought out a whole cherry range called Irresistible Cherry.

The full range consists of six flavours, one straight cherry and five which are cherry and another complimentary fruit. They are 100ml shortfills with space for a couple of nic shots and are all 70VG/30PG which makes them suitable for direct to lung/subohm vaping.

As well as being fantastic flavour artists, Dispergo Vaping are also really good at their branding, and Irresistible Cherry is no exception. The labels are black with the cherry bursting out front and centre with the additional fruit exploding out around the edges. This really does well to capture the vape quality, it is all about juice bursting with flavour. All the relevant info required is printed clearly too, although the ratios are only found on the website. It is always handy to have a shortfill bottle opening tool, it just makes life easier when mixing in your nicotine.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping range

Cherry & Blue Razz

Cherry & Blue Razz by Irresistible Cherry is a delicious blend of two of the most popular flavours in the vaping industry – juicy cherry and tangy blue raspberry”

I have to say, I don’t really get why blue raspberry is such a popular flavour, I prefer a more realistic raspberry but that is just a personal opinion. It does play nicely with other flavours though, and here the mix of tartness and the rich cherry works well. It may not have the wow factor, but it is very easy to vape and is full of flavour. If you like blue raspberry, you are in for a treat but for my tastes, it is a bit weaker than other flavours in the range.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping Cherry & Blue Razz

Cherry & Grape

Cherry & Grape by Irresistible Cherry is a juicy medley of authentic grape and sweet smooth cherry”

Grape is another fan favourite flavour, and this is a really good combination. It is a rich, dark grape and has an almost comforting feel to it, super smooth, this is probably one of the more decadent flavours in the range. The rich grape compliments the syrupy cherry very well making an almost perfect autumn vape.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping Cherry & Grape

Cherry & Lemon

Cherry & Lemon by Irresistible Cherry is a blended flavour of juicy cherry and citrusy tangy lemon. A delicious medley bursting with flavour!”

I wasn’t sure how well this combination would work as cherry and lemon are at very different ends of the spectrum. Thankfully it isn’t a super sharp lemon, more a clean candy citrus. The lemon is the stronger flavour here with the cherry sweetening things and smoothing things off. It is an interesting combination which works better than I expected it too, mostly down to the carefully chosen lemon.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping Cherry & Lemon

Cherry & Mixed Berry

Cherry & Mixed Berries by Irresistible Cherry is a delicious blend of juicy mixed berries, and juicy black and candied cherry. A berry delight!”

We are back to familiar combinations here; cherry is often already mixed in with other berry flavours. This is very much a classic mixed berry, bold and strong. It is another great autumnal vape with strong notes of blackcurrant and other dark fruit. I would have expected the cherry to be hidden in the blend, but you can still very much taste it, bringing an extra level of depth to an already well layered e-liquid.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping Cherry & Mixed Berry

Cherry & Pineapple

Cherry & Pineapple by Irresistible Cherry is a tangy blend of juicy candied cherries and sweet pineapple. A perfect blend of tasty fruits”

Showing my age here, this makes me think of kids’ parties when I was little, and you’d get cocktail sticks with cheese and pineapple or cheese and glace cherries loading into a silver foil covered dome to make it look like a weird fruity hedgehog. I’d always go for the cherry ones. Now I’m all grown up (at least on paper!), I still love the combination. This is my second favourite in the range, the juicy pineapple mixed with the rich cherry is just delicious and I am sure it will be a flavour I go back to time and time again.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping Cherry & Pineapple


Cherry by Irresistible Cherry is a perfect flavour for all of you cherry lovers! A brilliant blend of juicy black cherries and candied cherries for a perfect smooth cherry vape!”

So here it is, the final flavour in the range, and I have saved the best till last. It was the one I was really nervous about, I desperately wanted it to the The One. Opening the bottle, I was initially disappointed as the smell was very subtle and mild, and I was worried that it was going to be another bland cherry to chuck on the list of disappointment. I should have had more faith in Dispergo Vaping though as they have nailed it. It is everything I have been searching for, rich, sweet, delicate yet strong, and not a hint of anything chemical. It is safe to say that I have a new favourite e-liquid and my search for the best cherry e-liquid is finally over.

Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping Cherry

Final Thoughts

Well, this is it; I’m going to have to find myself a new vaping obsession now that Dispergo Vaping have finally done the impossible and have made the best cherry flavours I’ve had to date. I’d happily vape any of these e-liquids, but the OG Cherry and the Cherry & Pineapple are, for me, simply outstanding.

If you fancy giving them a try, you can pick them up from Dispergo Vaping for £14.99 a bottle or 2 for £25. They are also covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee, so if for any reason you are not happy, you can return them for something else free of charge. But I really can’t see many people needing to take them up on it.

Many thanks to Dispergo Vaping for sending the Irresistible Cherry range in for review, and for finally making my vape dreams come true.

Simply Irresistible Cherry by Dispergo Vaping

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