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Fugly But Sweet Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

Michelle gets her sweet tooth tickled with the new Fugly But Sweet range of shortfills by Dispergo Vaping

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Carrying on with their massive juice drop, next in for review from the consistently classy Dispergo Vaping is the Fugly But Sweet range, a sister brand to the Fugly But Fruity shortfills which we reviewed back in May. Like the original line up, there are four flavours in the new range, but this time they are focused on some favourite sweet treats.

Dispergo Vaping have proved themselves many times over when it comes to mixing delicious recipes and they are particularly adept when it comes to looking after us vapers with a sweet tooth, so I was very much looking forward to this new range. I also really enjoyed the Fugly But Fruity range, so I was definitely hoping these new flavours would be worthy of the name.

As it is a spin off range, the look of the branding is very similar to the originals with the same kind of graphical style but instead of cartoon fruits, there are representations of the sweet treats in store. As is standard with shortfills, these are all 100ml 70VG/30PG with space for your nic shots (included in the price) to bring things up to 120ml.

As the name would suggest, these are sweet e-liquids which is great for the flavour, but be aware that you may find your coils or cotton need to be changed a little more frequently. I found I could squeeze a couple of tank loads through before I needed to have a switch around, any more than that and things started to taste a bit bleurgh. I am particularly sensitive to these things though so your millage may vary.

Fugly But Sweet Shortfills range by Dispergo Vaping

Blue Raspberry Cream Pie

“Fugly but Sweet presents Blue Raspberry Cream Pie 100ml. This flavour is a unique yet fantastic flavour everyone should try. Fugly but Sweet has combined the ever popular blue raspberry flavour with sweet pastry and a hint of strawberry. A delicious, unique dessert flavour”

They are not wrong when they say this is a unique flavour, I can honestly say I’ve not had a pudding like this before. I’ve always been impressed with Dispergo’s pie crust and am happy to see it return as it is one of the best with an almost flaky, buttery taste. The filling is equally good, the raspberry flavour has a pleasingly sharp bite which is sweetened by the smidge of strawberry. This is all brought together by the cream which is smooth but subtle, it is there to do a job and it does it well. This is an interesting flavour that sounds weird on paper but works surprisingly well.

Fugly But Sweet Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Blue Raspberry Cream Pie

Caramel Blondie

“Fugly but Sweet presents Caramel Blondie 100ml. This flavour is a gooey caramel fudge flavour mixed with creamy white chocolate to create a mouthwatering caramel blondie flavour”

I love a nice brownie but only recently discovered the blondie. If you are yet to try one, they are similar in texture to brownies but instead of cocoa, they are made with vanilla and usually have white chocolate instead of a richer milk or dark chocolate. This e-liquid captures all that very well but with a hefty dollop of caramel on top. It is rich, creamy, and darkly sweet which is reminiscent of a brown sugar flavour, it has that depth that a nice dark muscovado brings to baking. If you are drawn towards custards, this is worth a try if you want to mix things up a bit.

Fugly But Sweet Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Caramel Blondie

Dark Fruits Eat ‘N’ Mess

“Fugly but Sweet presents Dark Fruits Eat ‘n’ Mess 100ml. This is a delicious blend of mixed dark fruits, raspberry jam, cream, meringue and a touch of white chocolate. Blended to perfection to create a delightful eton mess flavour”

I think this will become a bit of a fan favourite. Personally, I have always found eton mess e-liquids to be a little underwhelming, too much cream and not enough flavour, but Dispergo Vaping have changed that. One thing that always impresses me is the art of layering, and this is a bit of a masterclass. You get the fresh cream and sweet meringue with a hint of white chocolate which adds a further layer of sweetness to the base, this makes a solid foundation. But on top of that, and this is where so many eton mess flavours fail, you get the ripe, sweet berries and jam. All the elements are there in abundance and this is a full bodied juice that packs a tasty punch.

Fugly But Sweet Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Dark Fruits Eat'n'mess

Yum Yum

“Fugly but Sweet presents Yum Yum 100ml. This flavour is a delicious doughnut flavour with hints of vanilla and sweet icing. A perfect flavour for cake lovers!”

Doughnuts were where it all started for Dispergo Vaping, so you can expect nothing but the finest quality when it comes to this flavour. Unusually, they have kept this one plain with no extra twists, it is just what it is and I think that was a great decision as it really lets the flavour shine. It is simply a fantastic deep fried doughnut flavour with a healthy dusting of sugar, nothing more and nothing less. Whilst this may sound deceptively simple, it takes a lot to get it right and this absolutely nails it.

Fugly But Sweet Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping Yum Yum

Final Thoughts

This new range definitely satisfies my sweet tooth, it is almost enough to give me a sugar rush. If you don’t like overly sweet e-liquids, you might want to give these a swerve, but for the everyone else, there is a lot here to enjoy considering there are only four flavours to choose from. Once again, Dispergo Vaping have brought the goods.

If you want to give the Fugly But Sweet range a try, you can pick them up directly from Dispergo Vaping for £14.99 a bottle, or you can make the most of the 2 for £25 offer, and as always, if you are not completely happy, you can always return them and swap for something else thanks to the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee.

Many Thanks to Dispergo Vaping for sending the Fugly But Sweet range in for review.

Fugly But Sweet Shortfills by Dispergo Vaping in the park

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