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Freesmoke Premium E-Liquids

Freesmoke are a UK E-Liquid manufacturer based in Coventry. We received the Premium range for review which consists of five different flavours.

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Freesmoke Premium E-Liquids

After many plans, calculations and dreams here we are! A company formed by young people, all eager to bring new and interesting flavours in the electronic smoking industry. Our vision is to bring on e-liquids market products that are of high quality but also new and innovative products that are tested to make sure that you, our customer, get the best from us.

Freesmoke are a UK E-Liquid manufacturer based in Coventry. We received the Premium range for review which consists of five different flavours. The juice comes in 30ml glass bottles that feature child proof dropper caps. The labels are bright and colourful with a prominent cartoon style theme. All of the warnings are clearly marked on the bottles.

All of the Premium Range flavours are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you will get very good vapour production. The juice is available in three different strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

Teddy Milk

Mind-blowing! Milk, cocoa, peanuts butter biscuits will probably make you remember your childhood but the little drop of espresso will wake you up to reality, just in time for realizing what a great combination this is for an e liquid.

If you were to form an opinion of this E-Liquid based on its listed ingredients then it might sound a little off putting. I must admit that I certainly wasn’t that tempted to vape a flavour that contained peanut butter biscuits and cocoa because in my mind it sounded completely revolting. However when I came to try this juice that badly formed first impression quickly went away because in my opinion Teddy Milk is a seriously awesome vape!

The best way to describe this flavour is a milky and creamy base combined with an extremely convincing espresso flavour that really does taste like real coffee and not that awful vending machine rubbish falsely labelled as coffee that some E-Liquid manufacturers have a bad habit of using in their mixes. This combination is rounded off nicely with a hint of sweetness (no doubt due to the peanut butter biscuits which at no point really tastes like peanut butter) and a sprinkling of cocoa which also adds something of a cappuccino vibe to this particular recipe.

Thankfully for people like myself that love strong coffee this juice really does deliver the goods and there is a good amount of throat hit. I could happily vape this juice all day long and trust me when I say that the 30ml bottle did not last very long!

Vapour production was good but typical of the mix ratio used. The throat hit in 3mg strength was medium but some people might find it borders on strong.

Dr Smart

This mixture of baked apricot, cream and cake flavour will get you on your feet in a hard day or it will just make your day better by enjoying at once your two favourite things: vaping and cakes!

I must admit it’s kind of funny how your tastes change due to vaping because for most of my life I have really hated apricot but when I vaped it for the first time I was hooked and now I actually like the real thing too.

What you get with this juice is a deliciously sweet and very natural tasting apricot combined with a lovely cream and very realistic cake flavour. If you like apricot or you just like cake style vapes then you will really love this. I couldn’t put it down and found myself constantly refilling my tank!

The blend is just right and beautifully balanced and as such it makes for a superb vape that can be enjoyed all day long! Vapour production was very good and I found the throat hit to be medium in strength.

Alchemist Dream

Strawberry or raspberry flavour? If it’s hard to make a decision than why don’t you try it together. A cream of strawberry and raspberry it’s just what you’re looking for.

Alchemist Dream is a flavoursome combination of sweet strawberry and raspberry balanced with cream. Initially I found the cream didn’t taste quite right so I left the juice to steep for a couple of days and it was absolutely spot on when I came to retrying it.

Providing you enjoy strawberry, raspberry and cream there is nothing to dislike here. Vapour production was generous but once more quite typical of the mix ratio used. Throat hit in 3mg strength was mild to medium.

Funky Beast

Apple pie and cinnamon combined with cream makes you taste a delightful flavour that you will enjoy for sure.

This particular flavour was a real pleasure to vape and is an excellent combination of sweet natural tasting apple combined with cream and just a hint of cinnamon. The ingredients are balanced very well and anyone who enjoys apple flavoured E-Liquids will certainly enjoy it. For me this was another juice that I could happily vape all day long!

Vapour production was good and I found the throat hit to be mainly mild but it might border on medium for some people.

Bloody Thorns

It’s simple and tasty: strawberry jam with a freshness flavour. No need for more comments, just try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Bloody Thorns is a very straightforward vape because all you get is a very natural and sweet strawberry jam flavour. Of course this is no bad thing if you are the kind of person who likes to grab a spoon and eat jam from the jar but personally I think this would be a much better flavour if the manufacturer had gone for a jam tart style juice. To be completely fair the jam does taste like a proper homemade variety but I still feel it needs something another ingredient to help compliment it.

After having trying the other mixes on offer and despite the very natural taste this one felt somewhat lacklustre and I expected more from it. Of course my opinion doesn’t matter if you happen to want a strawberry jam flavoured vape. Vapour production was very good and I found the throat hit to be mild.


This is a truly excellent range of E-Liquid with some superb flavours on offer! The juice is priced at £9.99 for a 30ml bottle and can be purchased directly from Freesmoke.

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