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Fogwerks are an American e liquid brand that was launched in March 2015 with the release of Pumpkin Patch and Strolo, quickly becoming popular with American cloud chasers due to the high VG mix ratio they use resulting in thick cloud production, and the consistency of the flavour itself. Fogwerks themselves say that they have experimented with the highest quality flavours to produce undeniably amazing flavour palettes, and looking at the flavour profiles of Pumpkin Patch and Strolo they definitely offer something different!

Fogwerks only have two liquids in their range at present, though I’m sure as they grow that will expand to more, let's have a look at Pumpkin Patch and Strolo. Both juices have a mix ratio of 65/35 VG PG, and were supplied in 3mg. 0mg and 6mg is also available in both of these juices-

Pumpkin Patch

There is no trick to this treat! A fresh baked cinnamon scone topped with a velvety pumpkin cream drizzle. Our new flavor, pumpkin patch will make your taste buds wish it was Halloween all year!

You’d be forgiven for thinking Pumpkin and Eliquid would go together about as well as chalk and cheese. You’d be wrong however! Yes there is Pumpkin flavouring here, and of the American Pumpkin pie variety. Mixed with a buttery scone crust, drizzled with brown sugar and nutmeg and topped off with a generous aftertaste of cinnamon this is one Halloween vape that will delight rather than fright! I went into trying Pumpkin Patch really thinking to myself that the flavour wouldn’t suit me, in particular the Pumpkin flavour, but I came out the other side really enjoying the excellent flavour blend and smoothness I savoured from this juice.

We Vape

Pumpkin Patch is not just a vape that should be savoured at Halloween, it’s one that can be enjoyed all year round. Pumpkin pie is a popular dessert enjoyed all year round in America and Pumpkin Patch is a dessert juice that can be enjoyed by any vaper, at any time of the year, anywhere in the world….


YOLO! Take your taste buds on a stroll down a delicious flavorful lane. Strolo is a decadent strawberry cheesecake with a crumbly fruit loop crust. It’ll make you wish you lived twice…

Strolo is a really magical vape, with a superb twist on two of the most popular e liquid subgenres at present- cereal and cheesecake. Rather than just making yet another generic cereal vape, or another generic cheesecake, Fogwerks must have thought ‘let's just combine the two and give it a little twist’ and the resulting product is a mad, yet delicious vape. You definitely get a heavy pureed strawberry combined with a biscuitty, crumbly cheesecake base on the inhale, but the fruit loop flavouring used for the cereal portion of this vape just turns everything on its head, as one moment the strawberry switches to citrus, then to berries, then onto cherries, and it just keeps giving you something different every time. It’s a genius vape and a lot of thought has gone into getting these flavours to combine, keep your tastebuds guessing and leave you wanting more and more.

Strolo is the craziest breakfast/dessert you are gonna have tried so well, and mashing a cheesecake and cereal vape together just works in ways you wouldn’t believe without actually trying it!


At present, there is only two juices that they have available in their current line up, but those are two real high quality juices that make me look forward to seeing more from these guys. The 65 VG 35 PG blend means that there is a great balance of smoothness and flavour, whilst being able to kick out some dense clouds at the same time. Both juices would be ones I would definitely recommend to cloud chasers and flavour junkies alike.

Pure Eliquids

The flavour profiles are a little adventurous compared to a lot of the juices around today, and I’m always excited for juices that offer something different and keep my tastebuds guessing. Both juices from the Fogwerks definitely kept my tastebuds on their toes, and what a tasty treat they were! If you are looking for something that goes a little against the grain, or in the case of Pumpkin Patch a spooky Halloween treat, Fogwerks are well worth a look.

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