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Ferocious Candy & Sweets Shortfills by Vapoholic

Satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories thanks to the Ferocious Sweet & Candy Shortfills Bundle from Vapoholic!

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I have a sweet tooth, stick a bowl of crisps and a bowl of candy in front of me and I’m picking the sugar coated little tastes of heaven every time. Terrible for my waistline and even worse for my gnashers, but I just can’t resist that oh so tasty sugar rush. So, when Vapoholic said they would like to send over a bundle of Candy & Sweet flavoured shortfills, well who am I to say no! Then when they said which flavours to expect and saw it included one of my all time favourite god tier sweet flavours, I think I might have inadvertently dribbled a little bit.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets range

Let me reel back my excitement a bit first wo we can cover the basics. The Ferocious Candy & Sweets shortfills come in a variety of strengths, from nicotine free to 6mg, with each strength being tweaked and tailored so you get maximum flavour regardless of how many nic shots you need to add. I like to vape 6mg, so my bottles came with four nicshots which, when added, make up 120ml of finished juice. Now four nicshots can be a pain to add, flipping the lids off and repeatedly squeezing those little bottles, well it takes time, hurts your thumb and can be messy, but with Vapoholic’s unique shortfill bottles, all that is a thing of the past, just unscrew the lids, plonk your nic shot on to the nozzle of the shortfill and squeeze it directly in to the bottle. It couldn’t be any easier.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets nic shots

These are all 50VG/50PG so will be great for pods and more simple kits. I tried them it both my Vaporesso XROS Pro and in my Atmizoo Tripod2, and both tasted great, but I think the pods brought out an extra level of sweetness. Now for a very quick science recap, VG (or to give it its full name Vegetable Glycerine) is an odourless and slightly sweet, clear liquid which is used in e-liquid to produce those lovely clouds, and it is often produced from palm oil, cheap to produce but not exactly the most ethical stuff. So, I was delighted to find out that Vapoholic source VG that is made from rapeseed oil which, whilst being more expensive, is a much more sustainable product so I can vape with a cleaner conscience. Considering Vapoholic produce some of the best value juice on the market, it was really good to know that they put their principles ahead of their profits. They are also vegan friendly if that is a concern.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets adding nic

Strawberry Milkshake

“Strawberry Milkshake is a blend of fresh, cold milk, a huge scoop of creamy ice cream, and juicy, ripe strawberries”

The first thing that struck me was just how milky this was, it is really heavy on the dairy which makes this stand out from most of the other “milkshake” e-liquids which tend to be custards in disguise. Building on the milky base, you get a smooth layer of vanilla, again not a custard but actual vanilla flavour. Finally, there is the strawberry which is sweet, slightly thick so almost like a syrup rather than an actual fruit, and it is a great combination. It just tastes like a really good fresh American style shake in vape form.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets Strawberry Milkshake

Caramel Popcorn

“Caramel Popcorn is a distinctive flavours of popcorn, layered with a sticky caramel topping”

I wasn’t too sure what to expect here as I’ve had popcorn flavoured e-liquids before and quite honestly they haven’t been that great. I’m pretty sure none of them have tasted even a tiny bit like what they were meant to, so I was really surprised to find this really does taste like sweet popcorn. It has a really interesting balance of being sweet thanks to the caramel, but it also has an underlying savoury element, not quite salty but heading that way. It isn’t that artificial cold premade popcorn either, it is more like proper cinema quality stuff. This is some really clever mixing and I definitely tip my hat to the Vapoholic flavour design team.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets Caramel Popcorn

Pear Drops

“Pear Drop – just like sucking on the classic pear flavoured sweets!”

These next two flavours might not be for everyone, depending on whether you like the original sweets. Luckily for me, I love them both so with that out of the way, lets get in there. Pear drops are a bit of a strange sweet, sort of fruity, kind of medicinal, altogether yummy if you are into that sort of thing, and once again this juice gets it right on the money. It tastes just like the proper old school boiled sweet, so if you are into your tradition confectionary, you are going to be in for a treat.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets Pear Drops

Black Jack

“Black Jack’s nostalgic classic candy aftertaste is produced by a delicious blend of sweet aniseed and liquorice to become your new all-day vape juice”

This was the one I was most excited about, I love black jacks so much, although they don’t turn your tongue as dark as they used to! Now I know there are some strange people who don’t like aniseed, if you are one of them then you should probably just skip to the conclusion as you ain’t going to like this e-liquid. But for everyone else, you will be getting a special juice if you pick this one up. What I really love about black jacks is the balance of clean aniseed and a particular delicate sweet layer which dances on your tongue, and this shortfill captures it perfectly. I could happily vape this all day, it is heaven in a bottle.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets Black Jack

Final Thoughts

What can I say, my sweet tooth has been well and truly satisfied with this superb selection of surprisingly authentic candy and sweet flavours. You can taste the love that has gone in to crafting these e-liquids, and I would hazard a guess that whoever came up with the recipes loves proper sweets every bit as much as I do. These are spectacularly good and if you like these flavours on paper, I don’t think any of them will let you down.

You can buy all of these direct from Vapoholic, and they individually cost between £9.99 and £10.99 depending on the strength. But even better, you can just buy the Ferocious Sweet & Candy bundle which comes in at a staggeringly good £28.99 for all four flavours. That will give you 480ml of really fantastic e-liquid, and I’m not sure you will find a better bargain anywhere else in vape land!

Many thanks to Vapoholic for sending in the Ferocious Candy & Sweet Shortfills bundle for review.

Ferocious Candy & Sweets Flavour


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