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FAR E Liquids are a range of juices from the renowned Element stable, featuring a 75% VG mix ratio formulated to provide the densest clouds from a dripper or sub ohm tank, as well as still providing a maximum flavour punch to your palate. A new flavour or two were on show at The Vaper Expo a couple of weeks ago - so let's check them out!

FAR E Liquids are ready to vape as soon as you receive them, and are made from Pharma grade USP ingredients sourced from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry for maximum purity and quality, with nicotine strengths available in zero, 3mg and 6mg, and bottle sizes in 20ml.

Element have provided us with some classic juices that have become wildly popular with the vaping community, and are highly regarded indeed. Does FAR E Liquids provide the same excellent quality Element are renowned for? Let’s have a look...

Candy Punch

Candy Punch from FAR is a sweet and juicy confectionary eliquid featuring a rainbow candy base, and is a golden ticket back to childhood sweetshop memories.

We Vape

Candy Punch is a dream vape for the sweet/candy lovers out there, the sweetness dial has been turned up to 11 and essentially Candy Punch is like having an entire mouthful of every Skittles flavour all at once. Even though there’s so much flavour packed into this juice, for a candy vape there isn’t a hint of anything sharp or artificial about it. It’s definitely a sweet rainbow of flavour for your tastebuds!

Grape Vape

Grape Vape from FAR e-Liquid is a grand unification of all kinds of grape; Red, Ruby, and Concord all blended together into a fragrant and delicious flavoured vape.

I’m not sure about tasting three different kinds of Grape within Grape Vape, or even whether I could even tell the difference between the three types anyway, but Grape Vape to me tastes like a grape soda, just without the fizz on the aftertaste. It’s blended perfectly, previously I have found a lot of grape juices to be too heavy and overpowering, but Grape Vape is just perfect and I didn’t find myself getting tired of this tasty vape!

Neon Green Slushie

Neon Green Slushie by FAR Eliquids is a cool and zesty citrus ice blend, featuring tart limes with a hint of menthol, giving it a very palatable icy freshness.


Neon Green Slushie had to be my favourite juice from the FAR range, I managed to vape my 10ml sample within a couple of hours of opening the bottle, this is one seriously tasty fruity/menthol vape! It works just so well, the sharp and mouthwatering zesty lime on the inhale followed up with a strong cooling menthol on the exhale. Both these flavours blend together to provide a very strong and full bodied vape, that is refreshing enough to be enjoyed as an all day vape. 

Pineapple Bliss

Pineapple Bliss by FAR is a succulent and juicy mango and berry, blended deliciously with the titular pineapple for a certifiably tropical taste mix.

Pineapple Bliss featured the taste of pineapple cube sweets up on the inhale, that is followed up with a hint of mango on the exhale. To get the mango taste out of Pineapple Bliss I did have to crank up the wattage, as at lower power all I got was a pineapple cube flavour, I can’t say at any point that I picked up any hints of berry however. All in all it is a very nice and smooth vape, as with the other FAR juices absolutely chock full of strong flavour, that is reminiscent of a tasty tropical juice drink ideal for a hot summers day.

Strawberry Cupcake

Strawberry Cupcake by FAR e-liquids, believe it or not, is a myriad of cakey goodness, featuring a soft and spongy vanilla cake swirls of pink icing to finish.

Strawberry Cupcake flavour juices are amongst my favourite ever juices, so I was really excited to try out Strawberry Cupcake from FAR. Unfortunately I wasn’t massively bowled over by FAR’s offering, it definitely is reminiscent of a strawberry cupcake however I found it very, very light and lacking the full on flavour punch that the other liquids in the FAR range provide. All the flavour notes just seemed like a mere hint to me, from the strawberry flavouring, to the icing, to the cake flavouring, and really seemed like they needed to be turned up a few notches. I did get a sweet aftertaste on my tongue, but unfortunately Strawberry Cupcake from FAR did leave me wanting a whole lot more from this juice!


Marshmallow Breeze

Marshmallow Breeze is characterized by the unusual blending of gooey Marshmallows along with refreshing Mint. A unique mixture featuring Element's flair for creative flavour blends...

Marshmallow Breeze I found to be a pretty strange eliquid at first, the mix of light and fluffy marshmallow blending with a cooling minty exhale, however it is one of those juices that grows on you as time goes on. The two flavours actually do blend together quite well to provide a pretty intriguing vape. It's one of the lighter flavoured ones in the range, and provides a nice change of pace to the sweet juices that dominate the Far line up.

Neon Red Slushie

Neon Red Slushie by Far is the companion flavour to Neon Green Slushie, a breezy iced taste that includes a red berry blend...

Like Neon Green Slushie, I really enjoyed Neon Red Slushie. It works in the same way, a fruity/menthol vibe going on here, but with the lime replaced with a juicy burst of red berries, and a strong full frontal blast of flavour that is followed up with a wallop of menthol on the exhale. This is an absolute treat for fans of sweet fruity eliquids, and it definitely doesn't compromise on flavour! 

Melon Ball

Melon Ball by Far is characterized by its mingling of all things melon related, sweet, juicy and refreshing all in a single bottle!


Melon Ball features a domineering flavour of honeydew melon, rather than a candied melon flavour this is an authentic taste of the fruit itself. It isn't overly sweet either, a very pleasant and easy going vape, with the perfect amount of melon flavouring present. As a big fan of melon, this really appealed to me!


If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to absolutely love FAR Eliquids. These are very sweet, and absolutely jam packed full of flavour. With the mix ratio at 75% VG, they are ideal for cloud chasing too, with plenty of thick and dense vapour produced! These five juices are outstanding additions to the already stellar Element stable, and help to strengthen Element’s position as one of the best E Liquid manufacturers out there.

One thing I really liked about these juices is that they are full of flavour regardless of whether you are vaping them at high or low power, however to get the best out of them I truly believe you need to run these through a dripper. That’s not to say they won’t work well in a sub ohm tank or an RTA, because they definitely do, but just like the Element Dripper Series an RDA really will bring out the best from these flavoursome juices!  You can check them out for wholesales enquiries on Element's website http://www.elementeliquids.com/ and they are also widely available from reputable eliquid stockists like Vape Club.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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