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Fantasi Bar Salts

Vapoholic raise the bar with their FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts range

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Supplied by Vapoholic for review
£3.49 each or £26.99 for 10

Vapoholic were very keen for us to review this new range of nic salts, and after getting stuck into them, I can see why as I thoroughly enjoyed almost every one of this tasty range.

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts flavours

The Bar Juice range is intended to win over disposable users to use refillable/rechargeable pod kits but they also satisfy my experienced needs as they also work really well in MTL RTAs etc.

They are all nic salts which means they are smoother than traditional freebase nicotine and also act faster, a similar experience to smoking as it only takes seconds rather than minutes in freebase, Vapoholic go into it further here:

They state “Double the flavour concentration to replicate the taste of disposable vapes” which is the key to why disposables used to taste better than regular vapes, but not these days with the trend of these types of e-liquids, compared to the older nic salts, they really do have a double flavour effect, but that can be a bad thing in some of the older pods with 1.2ohm coils as they shorten the lifespan of the coils. If in doubt, go for a 0.8ohm pod as it handles sweetened juices perfectly (see our latest reviews for a shed-load of suitable devices).

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts forceful

You can find the same range in 100ml 70VG/30PG bottles for RDL users (Cloud-lobbing) which is quite cool as if, like me, you do both, it is very handy to have the same flavour going in two devices.

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts  staggeringly good

But I deviate, let’s get back onto the ‘Bar Juice’. Here’s the full range available:

  • Spearmint Ice – Classic spearmint flavour served over a super-cool bed of ice.
  • Lemon Peach & Passion Fruit – Sweet peaches, tarty lemon and incredibly juicy passion fruit.
  • Strawberry Raspberry & Cherry Ice – Tantalising trio of juicy, succulent fruits super-cooled.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream – Silky, smooth ice cream blended with rich, juicy strawberries.
  • Tropical Punch Ice – An exotic fruit medley with notes of citrus and a cool ice finish.
  • Blueberry Bubblegum Ice – Ripe, juicy blueberries with sweet notes of nostalgic bubblegum.
  • Red Grape Ice – Packed full of authentic notes of succulent red grapes with a cool ice finish.
  • NRG Ice – Distinctive, refreshing taste of energy drink.
  • Mad Blue – A delicious blend of mixed berries with a touch of cool ice.
  • Gummy Bear – Fruit jelly candy flavours with a cool ice finish.

I broke them down into three random lots and I tested them all out in the Vaporesso XROS 3 pod for consistency, but I also tried them out in some of my favourite devices too.

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts tanked up

As mentioned above, I used the Vaporesso XROS 3 with 0.8ohm pods to test all the flavours, but I also tested this batch with an RTA, the Kizoku Techmod 80W Mod Kit with Limit MTL RTA. I haven’t used this kit for ages but these e-liquids gave it a new lease of life! The only thing I needed to do was with the wicking, due to it being a tad thicker and sweeter, I wicked it slightly looser to compensate.

Strawberry Raspberry & Cherry Ice

"Tantalising trio of juicy, succulent fruits super-cooled"

I was intrigued with this mix so it was the first one I tried, straight off the bat I was impressed! The cherry is what made this flavour a bit special as it gave such a nice vape throughout, especially in the aftertaste where it came out a bit more

Blueberry Bubblegum Ice

"Ripe, juicy blueberries with sweet notes of nostalgic bubblegum"

This flavour boomed through! I don’t recall a nicer blueberry flavour as that bubblegum ice element really made it stand out, it also made the aftertaste long lasting and very moreish. I never used to be a blueberry fan but I am now, a good start so far.

Red Grape Ice

"Packed full of authentic notes of succulent red grapes with a cool ice finish"

This one is the No1 flavour I would have ordered even without trying first, grape is just one of those flavours that works so well in pods. I wasn’t disappointed with this version, it was bang on to my expectations and had a good balance of ice which made the aftertaste pretty lush, a definite ADV (All Day Vape) for me.

Gummy Bear

"Fruit jelly candy flavours with a cool ice finish"

Gummy Bear is not my favourite flavour as it can be too sweet on its own, but add ‘Ice’ and it toned it down just right. I did enjoy this one but not as much as the others so far, the aftertaste was the best part as you could taste the fruits more. One for sweet fans I would say.

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts Obliq

I brought out my beloved ObliQ pod for the next batch, I used a 0.8ohm mesh coil and it was spot on and equal to the XROS 3, I just wish the mouthpiece was smaller.


"Distinctive, refreshing taste of energy drink"

A winner for energy drink fans, very close to Red Bull flavour with the Ice kick giving a perfect aftertaste. I don’t think I’ve ever had a duff ‘NRG’ style e-liquid, but this one stood out as one of the better ones, the ice balance made it into an ideal ADV.

Mad Blue

"A delicious blend of mixed berries with a touch of cool ice"

I was expecting more from a ‘Mad’ titled flavour, but the description pretty much sums it up, mixed berry ice. It was still good and was on par with the others, but it was a bit ‘vanilla’ for my tastes, I guess it makes a good ADV though.

Lemon Peach & Passion Fruit

"Sweet peaches, tarty lemon and incredibly juicy passion fruit"

Now we’re talking! What a great blend of fruits and it is perfectly balanced to give you a really punchy fruit blast in your gob, I slightly exaggerate but it really stood out as my instant favourite so far. The inhale/exhale/aftertaste were all equally as nice, sadly I demolished the 10ml a bit too soon and I missed it immediately, a good punchy ADV and most definitely a treat.

Strawberry Ice Cream

"Silky, smooth ice cream blended with rich, juicy strawberries"

Strawberry needs toning down in e-liquids and ‘Ice Cream’ is the perfect toner, it made the strawberry much smoother with a dairy note, it reminded me of strawberry mousse or strawberry whip. Either way I really liked this one but more of a treat than ADV.

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts IronFist

Onto the last two and I used the Uwell Ironfist which is a newer device I haven’t actually reviewed but trust me, it is ideal for this range of e-liquids with the 0.8ohm coils.

Spearmint Ice

"Classic spearmint flavour served over a super-cool bed of ice"

It’s strange how what I class as ‘menthol’ flavours translate better in disposables, and now thankfully into e-liquids, the stronger flavour makes it taste more like proper spearmint chewing gum but with a much better aftertaste. If you like menthol or chewing gum, then this is one for you.

Tropical Punch Ice

"An exotic fruit medley with notes of citrus and a cool ice finish"

I bloody loved this one, you don’t even need a description as the title says it all, ‘Tropical Fruit Punch’ does what it says on the tin, punch as in the blend rather than a smack in the mouth. It was really smooth and very flavourful, the ice gave it a really lush and moreish aftertaste. I want to say ‘Lilt’ but it was much nicer in my opinion.

FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts collection

So there we have it. I know I got a bit picky with the Mad Blue but it was still mighty fine, but overall the Fantasi Bar Juice range are all superb and will be a safe bet just from their descriptions, you really can’t go wrong and in my experience, they taste much better than in disposables.

Better still; they brought a new lease of life into my old MTL RTAs and RDAs, I’ve really enjoyed using them in my Limit RTA mostly but I will be trying out some of my other old favourite tanks too.

I would recommend the Juice Bar range to anyone looking to quit smoking or disposable users looking to stop planet destroying, I believe you will get a far nicer flavour than either option.

At £2.70 a bottle (10 x 10ml deal), they are very affordable too and a good way to test out all the flavours to see which ones you prefer, worth a punt for sure – I found my favourites including a couple of unlikely ones.


FANTASI Bar Juice Nic Salts twisted

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