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Elux Legend Nic Salts

Elux work their magic in their latest disposable flavour e-liquids and Si got to try them out

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Supplied by TECC for review
£3.99 each or 3 for £10

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml flavours

TECC aren’t only one of the best UK vape hardware suppliers, they are also experts in e-liquids as they are very picky in what they stock. The latest to hit their e-liquid line-up is the ELUX Legend Nic Salt range, they were keen for me to try them and equally I was keen to try 'em out as they sound just my cup of tea.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml on boxed

They come in a rather large box which is twice the height of the bottle! There is a reason for this and something I’ve not seen before in 10ml e-liquids; they are sealed in a tear-open bag to retain the freshness and hygiene.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml hygiene sealed

The Legend range is another ‘disposables’ type sweet e-liquid in twelve flavours and two strengths.

  • 10ml TPD-compliant bottles
  • Available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength
  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Childproof cap with tamper-evident seal
  • Individual wrapped in tear open freshness bags
  • Designed for use with low-powered MTL devices
  • Not for sub-ohm use

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml line up

The twelve flavours are quite a mixed bag, some will be familiar to disposable users and a few sound a bit different, and I’m all for something different.


I must admit I’ve never tasted Tiger blood, I’ve tasted a Tiger’s piss as one sprayed at me at Chester Zoo and that wasn’t very nice, but I certainly wouldn’t vape it!

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml bottles

The bottles is pretty standard, no fancy graphics, but it lists all you need to know on the label front. If you want to know all the legal pap then there’s a leaflet inside the bag. The tip is nice and narrow which will fit every pod/tank you can think of, the tip is firm which is good for those push valve type pods.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml review ready

Ideally this range will suit recent pods that are suitable for sweetened e-liquids like these, you should aim for around 0.8ohm pods/coils with large wicking ports, TECC stock a wide range of suitable kits but if you want a super cheap refillable/rechargeable pod kit that will work with these then slam a VooPoo Doriq Q into your cart at the same time:
It’s only £6.99 which is crazy as it’s one of the best pods out there for flavour. It comes with a 1.0ohm pod which does handle these e-liquids but ideally you should reorder the 0.7ohm pods as they will last much longer and will give you a stronger hit.

I was in a bit of a rare pod famine so I had to test most of them with an RTA (Berserker and Limitless MTL RTA), I had one coil for the VooPoo Vinci 3 and a DRAG Nano 2 pod so I could test a few out with mesh coils as they were intended.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml first run

Blueberry Raspberry

"A classic flavour combination that offers a delicious blend of sweet and tart notes. A simple yet bold flavour, and it is perfect for anyone who enjoys the taste of fresh, juicy fruits."

This one is really punchy. The balance of the blueberry and raspberry is even and you can pick out the individual flavour tones throughout the vape. The aftertaste is especially pleasant and moreish, an ADV (All Day Vape) for sure.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

"A delightful blend of three vibrant and juicy fruits. Offering a sweet and slightly tart taste that is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and fruity sensation."

An interesting combination, and the flavour description is accurate. I REALLY liked how these fruits mixed together, the cherry seems to be the bond that makes this one a very unique and strong flavour. The aftertaste is the best part as it kind of reminded me of Opal Fruits, possibly and ADV but a treat for sure.


"A crisp and invigorating taste of menthol. A fresh and minty vape, it packs a punch on the menthol hit for an icy blast that will perk up your taste buds."

I tend to avoid menthol but I enjoyed this one as it tasted like one of those ‘Ice Chewing Gum’ sticks, minty freshness that leaves a super fresh aftertaste. It’s better than chewing gum though, the taste lasts longer. It's not an ADV for me but menthol fans might think differently, either way it’s a good un.

Fizzy Cherry

"Combines the sweetness of cherries with a fizzy, refreshing sensation. Fizzy Cherry is perfect for anyone who enjoys a sweet and slightly tart taste with a touch of effervescence."

Strewth! This one is strong! it’s clearly cherry and gives you quite a throat hit of flavour, it made me cough at first but I soon got used to it. I think the fizzy/ice element works well in giving a long lasting aftertaste, for me that was the best part. It is not one I would pick as an ADV though.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml part 2

Gummy Bear

"A sweet and fruity flavour that is reminiscent of the popular candy. Combining a variety of fruit flavours to create a unique and delightful taste experience."

Yup, this one's gummy bear for sure, but there’s a hint of ice which tones down the sweetness perfectly and helps carry the flavour right through to the fresh and fruity aftertaste. I think I could use this as an ADV now and then.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

"Combines the sweetness of strawberry and watermelon with a bubblegum aftertaste. A sweet and fruity taste with a touch of nostalgia."

I had a trip down memory lane with this one but my decrepit brain can’t remember the bubble gum brand, I want to say ‘BUBBLY’? It was a chunky round individually wrapped jobbie, anyway….it tastes lush, though the Strawberry and Watermelon were quite subtle. This is more of a treat over an ADV for me.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

"A tropical and refreshing flavour that offers a unique blend of sweet and tangy notes. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a bold and fruity taste with a touch of exotic flair."

I love tropical fruit and this combination works well for me. The kiwi pops through mostly but the balance overall means you can pick out the individual fruits, especially in the refreshing aftertaste. An ADV for me.

Tiger Blood

"Infuses an energy drink base with sweet strawberry and watermelon with hints of coconut. Tiger Blood is sure to delight anyone who enjoys the taste of fresh and tropical fruits with an invigorating energy drink kick."

*No Tigers were harmed in the production of this e-liquid (though quite a few were offended)

Energy drink for sure, in fact it’s the most accurate Red Bull flavour I’ve come across, the fruits and coconut were very subtle though and I didn’t get that tropical fruit sensation, but I just loved it as an energy drink flavour. One of my favourites in those forbidden disposables, so I’m glad I have it in an e-liquid.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml round 3

Triple Mango

"An intensely sweet and juicy mango blend, with a touch of ice. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the sweet, juicy taste of mango with a touch of tropical flair."

Mango + Mango + Mango = Triple Mango, I’m not sure how that works? Shoving three mangos in your gob won’t taste three times stronger. That aside, I frikkin LOVE this one! I guess the ‘triple’ equates to the flavouring strength, (as in three drops instead of one), that usually makes for a sickly and over-strong vape but not on this one. I love mango anyway but I love this one the most as from inhale to aftertaste it is smooth yet flavourful. If you like mango then you should love this one.

Lemon And Lime

"A citrus mix that offers a bright and refreshing taste experience. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a citrusy and slightly tart flavour with a touch of sweetness."

There’s nothing complicated with this one, it’s just lemon and lime, pure and simple. As with the rest of the range, it is a good quality blend and the aftertaste leaves mostly a sweet lime taste.

Watermelon Ice

"A refreshing and cooling flavour profile that offers the sweet and juicy taste of watermelon with a refreshing twist of icy coolness."

Well there had to be one that didn’t meet my fussy needs, it’s just much too sweet, and the ice doesn’t tone down the sweetness enough either. I’m starting to wonder if it’s me? Most watermelon e-liquids I have tried have been over-sweetened and taste nothing like the real refreshing fruit.

Mr Blue

"A sublime blend of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Mr Blue features a mix of sweet and tangy notes that blend together harmoniously. Finished off with a cooling menthol."

I have a blue house with a blue window……, actually I think the reference is that ELO classic, Mr Blue Sky. Anyway, the blueberries, blackberries and raspberries seem to be blended in that order, blueberry is the dominant flavour while the other two are quite subtle and I only detected them in the aftertaste, but it works well. The ice kick makes it work better as it leaves a longer lasting aftertaste.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml raising the game

Overall I enjoyed the vast majority of this range and they do indeed replicate that disposables kind of flavour when used in a mesh coil device. In an RTA they were toned down a bit more but still stood out as punchy flavours, the sweetness meant I had to rewick sooner than usual but the flavour was worth the effort. I used the majority of them in my Berserker RTA mounted on my precious Wismec RX6 mod.

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml berserker

TECC’s decision to stock this range is yet another reason to trust them as a supplier, they have been doing their best to stock kits and e-liquids to persuade people away from disposables and the ELUX Legend range is a good example of an e-liquid that will help the transition. If you need help with the hardware then just ask them online and they will steer you in the right direction.

But if you are on a tight budget I would shove an order in for at least:

  • 3 x ELUX Legend E-liquids
  • 1 x VooPoo Doric Q
  • A pack of 2 x 0.7ohm Doric Q ITO pods

This will only cost you £23 in total and you get free delivery, for this you will get the equivalent of 15 x 2ml disposables and you get to reuse the Doric Q device so it gets cheaper next time, now that’s value for money!

Many thanks as always to TECC for sending these in for review!

ELUX Legend Nic Salts 10ml bitcoin

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