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Element E-Liquid Traditional Range

Element is an American company that has is based in Florida. They have expanded quickly and now have a UK distributor. Their products can also now be found at many independent stockists such as Smokshop.

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Element E-Liquid Traditional Range

We have recently seen quite a few American E-liquid manufacturers that seem to be very reluctant concerning what exactly is in their juice. I am pleased to say you will find none of that nonsense with Element because they strive to provide a great deal of transparency regarding the ingredients and quality of their juices.

Element E-Liquids strives to maintain the integrity and purity of American-made E-Liquid. With a broad range of unique blends and tasty basics as well as our Dripper series, Element has something for every vaper. We stand behind our brand and are constantly perfecting our formula to ensure that our customers are continually coming back for more.

  • American E-juice made to high quality standards.
  • Organically extracted nicotine from natural American tobacco leaves, not artificially created in a lab.
  • Diacetyl-free. Element guarantee you won’t find anything unpleasant in their juices.
  • 100% steeped so you can vape these juices immediately once you receive them.
  • Pharma USP Grade Ingredients. Sourced from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Juice is available in 10ml PEP bottles and 20ml glass dropper bottles.
  • All bottles have child safety caps and clear warning labels. Nicotine strength and warnings are clearly marked.
  • Juice in the E-Liquid Traditional Range is mixed to 50VG/50PG.

We stand by our quality manufacturing and hold our products to the highest American standards.

The liquids were all purchased by myself from Smokshop. All juice was 6mg strength and come from the Traditonal Range. There are fifteen different flavours available in this range. All juice was vaped in a Rose V2-S and a Squape RS. My devices of choice were the iPV4S and the Sigelei 150W TC. I also vaped the two tobacco juices in a Mini Nautilus attached to the Smok Guardian II E-Pipe.

555 Tobacco

A masterful tapestry of tobacco.

Sit back as 555’s nutty flavours weave over your taste buds to create a masterful tapestry of tobacco. A rich base promotes 555’s rich tobacco base promotes warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts lightly bathed in caramel and vanilla.

I was tempted to try a new tobacco E-liquid so after reading the description of this I knew I had to order some. 555 Tobacco is very much like an RY4 type juice but in every way it surpasses all the other ones I have tried. What you get with this is a fantastic caramel skilfully balanced with vanilla, hazelnut, almond and American tobacco. I honestly was quite surprised by how good this one was because every ingredient works so well to create this outstanding flavour.

This juice is the sort of thing you ideally should leave for special occasions when you have a glass of brandy in hand but personally I am happy to vape this juice all day long. A truly fantastic tobacco based vape that has such a lovely rich quality to it that you won’t be able to put it down.

The throat hit for this one is mainly mild but does border somewhat on a medium hit at times. Vapour production is good but quite typical of this mix ratio.


The ultimate happy hour vape!

Travel to the Caribbean with tangy lime and Cachaça, a tropical spirit distilled from sugar cane, topped with a hint of mint!

I have never tried a Mojito but after vaping this juice I definitely want to. This e-liquid is a lovely smooth vape and I find it has quickly become one of my favourites. The lime is balanced just right and has a good amount of bite to it. With the Cachaça blended in you get a very distinct taste which is brilliantly complimented with the slight hint of mint as your exhale.

This juice works so well in all my atomizers whether they are drippers or tanks. It is just the sort of vape you want when you don’t know what you are really in the mood for. This could be a great all day vape or just something to break up your typical vape routine.

Mojito is very refreshing and I have found this juice to the perfect accompaniment for when I go out in the countryside for a walk on a warm day.

Having said that I can happily vape Mojito all day long because it really is that good. The first 10ml bottle lasted me only a few hours because once I tried it I was hooked and I promptly ordered myself 30ml in the hope that I could make it last longer.

I found the throat hit to be somewhere between mild to medium and vapour production was good but typical of this mix ratio.


Rich, pure tobacco flavour with golden throat hit.

Our take on a classic—a bountiful harvest of smooth tobacco flavour makes an ideal alternative to traditional tobacco use.

My first vape of this particular juice was in the Mini Nautilus and I used it with the Smok Guardian II E-Pipe. I was looking to recreate a more traditional experience and I am pleased to say that with this juice I found it.

In so many ways this e-liquid reminds me of old hand rolling tobacco that I used to smoke such as Samson and Drum. Despite being smooth on the inhale it does have a dry quality to it that is very reminiscent of tobacco. There is also a subtle hint of fruitiness and the juice has a very good throat hit.  I was left feeling very impressed by this and it is absolutely ideal for use with my E-Pipes.

Bear in mind it does have a medium to strong throat hit and it might be too much for some people since it does make for quite a dry vape. I found it excellent but then I often like a more potent vape.

Vapour production was good but very typical of the mix ratio.


Tantalizing taste of naturally zingy tangerine.

Savour the invigorating blend of clementine’s, ripe oranges, and juicy tangerines destined to become your daily favourite.

Outstanding is the one word I would use to sum up this particular juice. In many ways I find it similar to House of Liquids Frozen Orange which is a delicious juice. Tangerine has the taste of real fresh orange juice and it has a very potent and crisp flavour. It is extremely refreshing to vape and quite simply I can’t get enough of it. I tend to run this juice in the Squape RS because that particular tank always seems to do well with fruit flavours.

Interestingly enough it does really smell of fresh orange juice and it is quite a strong smell. Despite it being a fantastic juice the smell does tend to linger in my tanks which means a very thorough wash is needed before changing flavours. Personally I find it a small price to pay for such an awesome juice. Throat hit is somewhere between mild to medium and the vapour production is good but quite typical of this mix.


Silky vanilla swirls with distant hazelnut tones

Savour each sweet puff of this silky smooth vanilla. Don’t let the name fool you—this decadent blend is anything but ordinary.

This is an unusual one because when I first vaped it I was expecting a custard like vape but this is very different. What you tend to get is a very flavoursome French Vanilla and the taste doesn’t always immediately hit you on the first inhale. I find it tends to get stronger the more you vape it and what seems like quite a subtle vanilla taste is far more flavoursome than you might first think. The vanilla taste tends to linger in the throat and I found it really was very noticeable once I had a glass of water. There is definitely a hint of hazelnut in there but I can’t say that I immediately identified it as such because it serves to compliment the overall flavour as a good e-liquid should rather than draw attention to individual ingredients.

I did notice that if I used this juice in the Rose V2-S I could certainly pick out the hazelnut notes but only because that particular tank tends to draw out individual flavours more than others.

Whatever you choose to vape this e-liquid in you can be sure that it is a very smooth and highly enjoyable juice.

I found the throat hit to be mild and vapour production was good but very typical of the mix ratio.


In my opinion Element make some truly fabulous juices that have quickly become all day vapes for me and while there are many other juices from different manufacturers that I like to vape I always make sure I have some Element in my juice stash.

The quality of these juices is truly excellent and if you haven’t tried them then you really need to order some.

I find out of the two ranges I tend to favour the Traditional Range more than the Dripper Range but that is due a shift in my vaping habits. As a long time dripper user I find that I tend to prefer using tanks now. Both ranges are excellent so don’t let my personal preference deter you from either.

The juice reviewed was purchased by myself out of my own money. It is just a happy coincidence that a review was also required.

Pricing for Element is typically about £4.99 for a 10ml bottle from Smokshop or £12.99 for a 20ml bottle direct from Element E-Liquid.



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