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El Bacco by Dispergo Vaping

Love clouds but fancy tobacco flavours too? Well Dispergo Vaping have combined them both in the new El Bacco range of shortfill e-liquids

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Even by their usual standards, Dispergo Vaping have been crazy busy recently releasing a bumper load of e-liquid in time for Vape Expo. Both Simon and I have been wading through everything and today it is my turn to look at the new El Bacco range of shortfills.

When I think of Dispergo Vaping, I think of fruits, desserts, and sweet delights, so it was quite a surprise to see that they are branching out by bringing out a range of tobacco flavours. It makes sense as they need to appeal to the widest range of vapers possible, but it still wasn’t something I expected to see.

What really sets the El Bacco range apart from other tobacco ranges is that they are only 70VG/30PG. Sure there are some cheap generic tobaccos with this ratio, but it isn’t something you usually see with high quality, gourmet juice, apart from a very few exceptions. High end tobacco flavours are normally the domain of the mtl crowd, not the cloudchasers. This makes the El Bacco range quite unique and I was really intrigued to see how this would actually work.

This is a great looking range with its Mexican styling. I’m a sucker for a sugar skull so these instantly appealed, and they will look great on my vape shelf. To make them up to 3mg, you will need to add a couple of nic shots, and I would suggest using a lid removing tool to save your nails.

Now I do have to come clean, I’m not the biggest fan of tobacco flavours, but that won’t colour my review. What I look for with tobacco e-liquids, aside from the obvious taste, is the feel. Texture is a big part of the experience in my opinion, the whole throat feel and hit are important to get right. So will the masters of sweet e-liquids manage to nail it? Let’s find out!

El Bacco by Dispergo Vaping trio

Caramelo Cafe

Caramelo Cafe 100ml Shortfill e-liquid by El Bacco is a heart warming latte style vape, with sweet creme caramel”

We start at the mellower end of things to ease things in. Now I have tried many coffee flavours and I know how hard it is to get things right. It doesn’t help that I am a self-confessed coffee freak which makes me extra picky (like I’m not fussy enough at the best of times!). This one is as good as it gets, the latte is creamy and sweet with just the right amount of caramel. I’d be happy to pull a shot that tasted like this. Underneath this is an extra layer though, it’s not a full bodied tobacco flavour, more a hint of a light smokiness. The texture really adds to the latte flavour, and I found this quite hard to put down.

El Bacco by Dispergo Vaping Caramelo Cafe

Cigarro Crema

Cigarro Crema 100m Shortfill e-liquid by El Bacco is a silky smooth tobacco flavour with a dash of creamy coconut creme flavour”

As soon as I cracked the seal on this one, I could tell this was going to be a much heavier vape. The tobacco flavour is much more pronounced, it is quite a fresh leafy taste with a great dry throat feel which is incredibly satisfying. It is strong on the texture but still manages to leave your mouth feeling clean. The coconut is quite subtle, it just adds a smoothness which balances out the throatiness of the tobacco. It is a surprisingly nice vape with enough feel to work without being too harsh when pumping out the clouds.

El Bacco by Dispergo Vaping Cigar Crema

Ron De Tobaco

Ron De Tobaco 100ml e-liquid by El Bacco is a rich cream tobacco flavour with a shot of rum flavour”

Now we reach the big guns, this one is definitely for the hardcore tobacco fans. It is much darker again; each one has stepped things up a notch. The rum is strong and very boozy. It’s the kind of flavour that makes me wish I could drink although I am sure the real stuff wouldn’t be a nice (that is very subjective though, I never liked the taste of alcohol so take that as you will). Whilst the tobacco is dark and seductive and the rum gives a strong punch of flavour, there is a slight creaminess which pulls things all together well. It has a great ashy feel to it too, not exactly dirty but smoky enough to hit the spot.

El Bacco by Dispergo Vaping Ron De Tobaco

Final Thoughts

Well I was sceptical when I first saw that Dispergo Vaping were dabbling with tobaccos, they do the sweet stuff so well and I kind of thought that they can’t possibly be good at everything, but I was wrong. Whilst they might not be quite dark enough for the NET tobacco fans, for the more casual tobacco vaper, this are a great range to throw in a bit of variety. The balance of throat feel is just right for subohm vaping too which was my biggest concern early on, you get enough of the feeling without the harshness that could have easily been the downfall of the El Bacco range. All in all, I think this is a very successful addition to the Dispergo Vaping stable.

Each 100ml bottle is £14.99 including nic shots direct from Dispergo Vaping, and they are in the multibuy offer so you can get 2 for £25. Of course, they are also covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if you fancy trying them and they turn out to be not for you, you can send them back and swap them for something else free of charge. But if you love Dispergo Vaping juices but fancy giving something a bit different a try, it is definitely worth taking a punt on the El Bacco range.

El Bacco by Dispergo Vaping conclusion

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