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Eco-Vape Poison Drip Juice

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Eco-Vape Poison Drip Juice

Eco-Vape Poison Drip Juice

The packaging of this juice is superb and the bottles come in attractive and eye catching boxes. Any Goths out there will love this range of juice since the bottles are skull shaped and they will definitely fit in nicely with the black candles and Heavy Metal albums (totally kidding).

The bottles have child proof dropper top caps but please note the warning label is actually on the base. The boxes do feature all relevant information and appropriate warnings. Please note at present this range is only available in 30ml bottles.

All juice in this range is mixed to 80VG/20PG and is available in three different strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I tried out all of these juices in my Achilles II RDA which currently has a 1.2ohm Kanthal build wicked with Japanese cotton.

Black Poison Drip Juice Clubs Flavour

Flavour Profile: Liquorice and Aniseed Sweet Mix.

I don’t personally like liquorice and if I try to eat it I just end up feeling sick however I found out some time ago that I can happily enjoy it as a vape which you have to admit is rather odd.

What you get with this juice is a liquorice and sweet aniseed flavour that makes for a very smooth vape. The ingredients are very natural in taste and extremely well balanced. If you happen to enjoy liquorice and aniseed E-Liquid then you will certainly love this!

Vapour production was excellent but understandable given the juices mix ratio. I found the throat hit of this juice to be medium.

Black Poison Drip Juice Spades Flavour

Flavour Profile: Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Fruit Mix with a Sweet Anise & Menthol Kick.

Upon opening the box I was greeted by a very strong smell of anise so I expected this juice to be rather potent. In actual fact it was much milder than I expected. The anise is the main flavour and very distinct but it is very well balanced with the other complimenting ingredients. You do get hints of blueberry and blue raspberry which adds a nice amount of variation as you vape. As a background note you get a very small amount of menthol but rest assured it isn’t the face freezing variety. I would say it was more like Koolada which you may be familiar with if you have ever mixed your own juice and it really just serves to add a slight refreshing coldness when you exhale.

Vapour production was excellent which is to be expected from this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be medium.

White Poison Drip Juice Hearts Flavour

Flavour Profile: Dragon Fruit Blast with a Menthol Kick.

I am not what you would call a massive fan of Dragon Fruit but for some reason I actually enjoyed this. I think the main reason is that the Dragon Fruit is very well balanced with the menthol and this helps to tone it down. There is just the right amount of sweetness to this juice and the menthol makes it refreshingly cold. For those of you that are wary of strong menthol rest assured that this one is of the mild to medium variety and you get a very even balance to both ingredients.

This is definitely a good juice to try if you want something that little bit different and it would certainly make a good all day vape on hot days.

Vapour production was excellent and I found the throat hit to be mainly mild but it might approach medium for some people.

White Poison Drip Juice Diamonds Flavour

Flavour Profile: Kiwi & Lime Fruits Mix.

This is a really nice juice with the main flavour being a delicious and very natural tasting lime. Added into the mix is Kiwi which is only subtlety noticeable and it serves to round off the slightly sharp lime and compliments the juice extremely well. It is a very smooth vape that is most refreshing and I found it highly enjoyable!

Vapour production was superb as you might expect for 80VG/20PG. Throat hit in 3mg strength was medium but it may border on strong for some people.


A superbly packaged and very tasty range of E-Liquid with a nice variety of flavours on offer. Whichever juice you choose you will certainly get brilliant cloud production!

Many thanks to Eco-Vape who sent this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. Juice is priced quite reasonably at £14.99 for a 30ml bottle and they can be purchased here directly from Eco-Vape

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