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PlumeBlu, the brains behind the outstanding Colonel Boom's Bang Bang line of juice, are never ones to stay quiet, always looking to innovate with their juices and push the boundaries of mixology, with stunning results. Leigh and the team are perfectionists, never happy to release a juice until they are absolutely 100% satisfied with it, and the end result for the consumer is a range of the most flavourful vapes you are ever likely to try. They have been tinkering away busily again recently, with the release of three new juices to the Colonel Booms range- 1837, Victory and Homefront. They haven't stopped there either, as they also have come up with five new flavours for the groundbreaking Fallstreak High VG range, and I'll cover these new additions in a separate review.

Produced in their state of the art clean room facility based out of Sheffield, PlumeBlu meticulously research and test out different flavour blends and combinations, with the end goal being juices you will want to come back to time and time again, and an unprecedented level of realism in the flavours. Their juices are blended in a 60VG 40PG mix ratio from only the finest and cleanest ingredients around, with an extremely strict quality control process. Nicotine strengths are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

Colonel Booms is one of the most complex juice ranges I have ever experienced, bowled over by the realism and perfection in the respective flavour blends, we reviewed the original range of Plume Blu eliquids here. Let's see if these three new releases offer the same level of complexity and flavour the PlumeBlu house is renowned for...


Our longest held back flavour and one we weren't intending to release generally because of the saturation of custards on the market already. Due to customer pressure though, here it is - 1837! Odd name, we know.


Back in 1837 the British Royal Navy were involved in The Patriot War and Rebellions of 1837, a series of confrontations across lower and upper Canada. Back on home shores a little known pharmacist set about creating a food that is still using his name today, that man was Alfred Bird and his invention was the world's first egg free custard (and the stuff we get in powdered form to make our own as required).

Our custard isn't dissimilar in flavour with a rich vanilla and cream based, not too sweet but balanced perfectly with the custard. We have used a few different vanilla flavours, a blend of different creams and a lot of tweaking to make sure the flavour is very prominent but not overpowering but most importantly - delicious!

I know what you are thinking- yet another custard...Yet custard lovers, this is the ultimate custard vape for you for one special reason in particular- this is REAL custard. No artificial or eggy custard, true to form Birds custard, that many of us enjoyed for dessert and still do enjoy to this day. Despite being a huge custard junkie, I myself had grown a little tiresome of custard vapes as of late with the over saturation of custard juices. 1837 has changed all of this and made me fall back in love with good old custard all over again. Lashings of thick and rich creamy custard just delight your tastebuds and leave you feeling like you have just gulped down spoonfuls of the real thing.

1837 is the KING of custard, and out of the hundreds of custards I have tried in my time, and with this presenting the most realistic representation of real custard to date, 1837 reigns over them all! 

Home Front

We went back to the old school with an old fashioned dessert that is not as en-vogue lately, Marrying plums with a little sweet apple and cherry filling to a ginger cobbler and a hint of custard to round it all off. The plum we use as a base is blended to be slightly floral with a ripe plum taste and a little damson to make it interesting, we kept the ginger levels relatively low to keep throat hit and overall flavour balance in check but overall you get the inhale of the sweet fruit filling, then the ginger cobbler topping and finally the bit of creaminess toward to end to level it all off.

Home Front was the first of these three new juices I tried, and oh my did this carry me off on an incredible flavour journey, the likes of which I have never experienced before. I've never (knowingly) tried a juice containing plum flavouring before, and the plum flavouring contained within Home Front will be quite unlike any you have experienced either. It's more of a floral plum, that takes the edge of the sharp taste of the plum and prevents it from dominating the other flavours, and it's married up with crisp apple flavouring, cherry and ginger cobbler on the aftertaste to provide an outrageously complex, yet exceptional dessert vape.

If you want to push the boundaries of what your tastebuds can handle then I would highly recommend giving Home Front a try. It's and incredibly complex ride that your tastebuds will definitely thank you for, it's absolutely a complex juice that gives you something different should you open your mind to exploring it.


Victory is as simple as we get for a flavour yet has taken a long time to get right and balance. Traditionally cherry flavours have been a overpowering with artificial and chemical notes or far too almond-y to use. We have blended our own cherry flavour and coupled with another blend of creams we have the balance of a sunburst cherry covered in lashings of cream.

The sunburst cherry is one of the darker red varieties without being a black cherry but still has the depth of the darker fruit along with a touch of sweetness. Complimenting this is a creamy base to round off the edges, offering a smooth and rich fruit vape you are sure to enjoy.

PlumeBlu's official description above really sums up my own thoughts on Cherry juices, traditionally I have avoided vaping these due to the harsh artificial and chemical notes I have experienced in the past with these. However PlumeBlu have absolutely nailed a Cherry juice I could and now do vape consistently. So much so, the 10ml bottle I was sent to review was gone in a single evening's vaping, with two tankfuls quickly dispatched through my Nextiny and the remaining 3ml vaped in no time in the Snapdragon RDA! 


As is a hallmark of Colonel Boom's flavours, this is an amazingly realistic representation of true Cherry flavour dipped in beautifully rich cream. With a mesh wick, this is out of this world, the cherry taking on a new level of realism and the cream aftertaste just sumptuous. The balance of Cherry to cream is absolute perfection, with just the right amount of sweetness, and makes for an incredibly moreish vape many will enjoy as an all day vape. I know for sure I can vape this all day without it becoming tiresome! Another superb Victory for the Colonel Booms team.


One thing is completely and abundantly clear, Leigh and the PlumeBlu team are at the absolute forefront of what can be achieved with mixology. They understand flavours and blends quite unlike anyone else out there, and just provide timeless and outstanding juices mixed to complete perfection - the likes of which very few others struggle to even get close to. Their incredible understanding of what works, and what doesn't, when mixing flavours has resulted in juice blends that are incredibly unique, and immensely flavourful. There are few worthy of being labelled as a genius, the PlumeBlu team can wear that description with pride.

1837, Home Front and Victory are well worthy of being added to the outstanding Colonel Booms Bang Bang Juice line, if you are looking for complex and realistic flavours then you can't look any further at this line of juice. These three new additions represent pure magic in a bottle, and the culmination of many months of hard work, dedication and perfection. Incredible stuff as expected from a team that raise the bar when it comes to mixing a juice!

1837, Home Front and Victory, as well as the rest of the outstanding Colonel Booms Bang Bang Juice line, are available from, use POTV12 for 12% off your order!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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