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Kraken Eliquid - Cloud Chaser Range

Kraken Original Recipe Eliquid has been around since Vapefest 2013, where 50 lucky souls were the first to try Squid Ink, and ever since then Kraken Original Recipe E Liquid has grown into one of the largest and most loved UK vendors, specialising in liquids mainly based on British confectionary and biscuit flavours, with some gorgeous absinthe blends thrown in and genius menthol juice such as Crystal Menth.

Mixed by Jim ‘MrKraken’ Maitland, an active member on the POTV community and a very active member in the vaping community as a whole, Kraken Original Recipe E Liquid also are highly committed to providing safe and nasty free e-liquid, only using safe flavourings supplied with full MSDS information sheets, British pharmaceutical grade nicotine, PG and VG, as well as submitting his juices for testing.

In the first part of my review on the Kraken range, I reviewed half of the range in 50/50 VG/PG, today I will be looking at Kraken’s new Cloudchaser range, the whole Kraken range is now available to purchase at this mix ratio, which is offered in high VG at 70VG and above.

Dodging Strawberry

Dodging Strawberry is a fantastic mix of sweet strawberries and warm, sugary biscuit. Somewhat akin to that lovely jammy biscuit, though that one had raspberries.


Don’t dodge Dodging Strawberry by any means, I wouldn’t compare it to the original Jammy Dodger biscuit as that had raspberry jam in the centre, as a strawberry biscuit juice the high VG blend complements the flavour blend and the biscuit tastes even smoother and sweeter, with the strawberry jam even more realistic tasting. You get the sumptuous strawberry jam taste on the inhale with the delightful sweet biscuit taste on the inhale, Dodging Strawberry is a delightful juice mixed to perfection by Jim.

Crystal Menth

Pining at the loss of breaking bad? Well, don't worry, now you too can share in the wonderful rush from Mr White! Well...sort of... Kraken Ecigs gives you Crystal Menth. A pure breeze that'll clear those sinuses!

Crystal Menth is one for those who like their juices strong, and by that I mean really strong!! It’s a refreshing blast of minty coolness and tasty menthol, amazingly clean and crisp tasting. Be warned, it’s not one for the faint hearted, its a full on menthol assault that will obliterate the dreaded vapers tongue...

Crystal Menth was and still is my all time favourite menthol juice, I haven’t tried another that gives the same hit of ultra strong menthol and peppermint that leaves my palate refreshed and wanting more. Anyone looking for a menthol vape and/or a vapers tongue killer should look no further than Crystal Menth, it’s an extremely enjoyable vapers tongue cure!


During the 2013 Advent Calendar promotion the Kraken sent out samplers of this custard in the hope that a new King would sit the Custard Throne. Much was loved about the Krakens take on a classic custard with a warm caramel twist.


I’m just going to say it now- Kingslayer is one of my all time favourite custard vapes ever since I tried it for the first time last year. With it in high VG, I never would have thought it, but it is even better! Its a delicious sweet caramel that meets your tastebuds on the inhale, mixed with a beautiful creamy custard in the background that takes centre stage on the exhale. In high VG it was so good, my 10ml bottle barely lasted me two hours.

Kingslayer is one of the very best custards around, it always has been for me yet I feel it is improved with a high VG mix, and custard junkies will be absolutely enamoured with this juice. It’s definitely Kingslayer by name as well as taste!

Lucha Lemon

For the citrus loving, wrestling fan vapers! Sweet shop lemon and sharp, juicy lime combined to make your tastebuds want to moonsault off the top rope!

On first experience, Lucha Libre hits your tastebuds first off with an enjoyable candied lemon, and follows up with a juicy realistic lime on the exhale, this is one that I really enjoyed vaping sat out in the garden in the sunshine, a real summery vape.

To sum it up Lucha Lemon will moonsault off the top rope and pin your tastebuds down for a three count, I found it to just give you more and more as you crank up the power on your mod. It tastes a little like Sprite to me, with the fizz turned off and the Lemon and Lime turned up to 11, but it definitely doesn't overpower you like some of its wrestling namesakes surely would. In high VG it never becomes too sharp and unpleasant for your tastebuds, but rather does a victory dance on them after dropkicking a world champion taste experience into your mouth!

Pure Eliquids

The Seven

You might not be able to taste the rainbow, but let the seven bless you for trying! This flavour is Krakens take on a very familiar flavour that is usually played in public house games rooms

I can definitely taste the rainbow with the Seven! The Seven is Jim’s take on Skittles, and another one for me that works better in high VG than 50/50. Reason being, the sharpness found in 50/50 Skittles style juices is toned down, and allows for a sweeter candied vape to shine through and the individual flavours found within to take prominence as you go up and down the wattage settings with your setup. You’ll experience a broad range of flavours, from strawberry to blackcurrant to citrus lemon and lime, and I found ramping up the wattage on my mod allowed these to blend together to provide a sweet vape par excellence.

Djeli Bean - now known as Natural Bean Killer

Originally an ode to one of my favourite authors, this eliquid had to be renamed as the estate of said author took offence! So I give you NBK, the eliquid that tastes like a mouth full of jelly beans! All of the Krakens favourite beans rolled into one, with berries, watermelon and surreptitious other flavours to give it that oomph!

Shortly after this review was written up, Djeli Bean was renamed to Natural Bean Killer due to the estate of a certain author taking offence to the name, but rest assured the same delightful flavour can be found in Natural Bean Killer!

What you get in Natural Bean Killer is an ultra realistic mouthful of jelly beans, it really is like tearing open a packet of jelly beans and stuffing every flavour in your mouth all at once. It’s truly mouthwatering stuff. You can identify each and every flavour you would normally find in the real thing, and it's a very smooth candied vape!

We Vape

Nana State

The vape formerly known as Minion Farts. Owing to the skewed position of muppets everwhere believing that us adults should only like the Antiques Roadshow and the smell of TCP, the Kraken has decided to rename this sweet banana and custard e-liquid. Same recipe, Nanny State name ;)

Another juice that has had to be renamed unfortunately due to a popular childrens movie that has recently been released, Nana State is the juice formerly known as Minion Farts. Now in the past, a long time ago, I had ordered Minion Farts a couple of times but couldn’t shake the taste of banana foam sweet, which I didn’t like. Trying Nana State in high VG as part of the Cloudchaser range gives this juice a totally different character. The banana takes on a more realistic banana taste with a creamy custardy smoothness on the exhale, it tastes to me like bananas smothered in creamy custard, and it’s gorgeous! Nana State is a juice I have now grown to love!


It’s excellent to see that even with a high VG mix ratio Kraken’s E-Liquid loses none of its fantastic and unique flavour when vaping them. Old favourites such as Kingslayer and Nana State take on an even smoother and delicious quality, and for me I actually now prefer vaping Kingslayer and Nana State at a higher VG ratio! The great news is that the whole Kraken range is now available in high VG, so you can enjoy those same great flavours whilst blowing some mighty big clouds.

These are the juices I will be using when cloud chasing, you get huge clouds out of these juices and as a bonus, brilliant flavour too when chasing those clouds, for those cloud chasers out there you cannot do much better than Kraken’s Cloudchaser option.

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 Dave Junglist
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