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Drippin' Junkies Original Shortfills

Tim takes a lip smacking look at the Original Range of shortfills from Drippin' Junkies

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Drippin’ Junkies – Original Range

Drippin’ Junkies – Original Range

Drippin’ Junkies are a UK brand who have been around since 2016. They focus on helping people to quit tobacco by creating quality e-liquids using the best quality ingredients. All ingredients are produced and mixed in ISO grade laboratories and conform to the TPD/MRHA guidelines as safe for inhalation.

Today I’ll be looking at their Original range which were supplied to me for review by Drippin’ Junkies themselves. What follows are all my own thoughts and I have no affiliation to Drippin’ Junkies.

All the liquids are 70VG/30PG and I was sent the 50ml shortfills to which I added the provided 18mg nicotine shot to make it 3mg. They also have the same liquids in 0mg, 6mg, 3mg Ice, 6mg Ice, 3.5mg salt and 7mg salt. The bottles have all the relevant warnings and I like the designs on the bottles. The bottles themselves aren’t soft but they are easy enough to squeeze when filling, but the top cap you have to prise off to add your nic shot, I would have preferred the flip top bottles.

Wat Da Fluff

Wat Da Fluff is a delectable, mouth-watering, fluffy marshmallow mixed with extra ripe strawberries. Soft, sticky and sweet. Wat Da Fluff is a heavenly e-liquid helping countless customers, friends and the Drippin’ Junkies founders to give up smoking.
Inspired from trips to our local sweet shop, this complex but also simple juice has depth, maximum flavour, is very addictive and can often be a vape juice that you can return to exclusively

The one that started it all as their first creation. I love a good strawberry liquid and am always looking for a twist on the classic flavour. On the inhale, there’s a lovely smooth hint of strawberry and sweetness, it tastes just like a good strawberry milkshake. On the exhale the sweetness and the marshmallow really comes through, and it’s exactly like there are pink fluffy marshmallows in your mouth. You’re left with this feeling that you have drunk a milkshake full of marshmallows but it somehow doesn’t feel like it’s too sickly sweet. This a superb liquid and tastes exactly as they describe. I couldn’t vape this all day (due to me not having a sweet tooth), but making myself a nice hot chocolate and sitting vaping this on a cold evening is absolutely heavenly, an outstanding liquid.

Drippin’ Junkies – Original Range Wat Da Fluff

Totally Nutz

Totally Nutz - Don’t be fooled by the name, this is one absolutely delicious tasting e-liquid. We have blended several cream flavours, sticky butterscotch drizzle and a dash of hazelnut to create a coffee inspired amazing vape!

On the inhale, there’s a nice smooth butterscotch mixed with hazelnut and a hint of coffee which all complement each other superbly. On the exhale, the butterscotch makes way a little for the hazelnut, and the cream sits there underneath tying it all together and blending it all perfectly. You are left with a lovely hazelnut aftertaste with a hint of the butterscotch and cream with a lovely thick, creamy mouth feel. This has become a liquid I return to throughout the day as it just works, it’s well balanced, superbly crafted and tastes great, a definite winner.

Drippin’ Junkies – Original Range Totally Nutz

Eskimo Tears

One of our founders personal favourites! Eskimo Tears packs a big menthol kick and a well-balanced pairing of flavoursome blackcurrant and ripe strawberries.
If you like blackcurrant menthols, you can’t go wrong picking up a bottle of this tasty flavour

I like a good blackcurrant menthol with a nice kick, so I was looking forward to this one. On the inhale, the blackcurrant is the prominent flavour with a hint of strawberry. The menthol kick is nice and smooth, but isn’t quite a pronounced as I was expecting, it’s cool but not a big menthol hit. On the exhale, the strawberry becomes more pronounced, and there’s a nice juicy blackcurrant taste left in the mouth. The strawberry tastes ever so slightly artificial and although it’s still a nice liquid, it feels like a little more oomph would take it to another level.

Drippin'Junkies - Original Range Eskimo Tears

Grape Escape

One of our most successful e-liquids. Grape Escape is loved by thousands of fruit lovers worldwide. This recipe is multi-layered white and purple grapes combined with succulent ripe strawberries and a small dash of candied watermelon.
It may sound a bit of an unusual fruit medley, but it works extremely well and has a very loyal following of users

This was the one I was least looking forward to as I’m not a fan of watermelon. On the inhale, there’s a mix of the grapes with a slight hint of sweetness from the strawberry, which tastes of candy strawberries but never artificial. On the exhale, the strawberry comes through a touch more but is never overpowering, and then you get the lovely candied watermelon sitting superbly with the strawberry. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and leaves a lovely candied taste in the mouth mixed with all the fruits, it's delightful. It’s another very well crafted and balanced liquid, and one I keep returning to again and again.

Drippin’ Junkies – Original Range Grape Escape


Overall I’ve been very impressed with the quality of flavours from Drippin Junkies. They are all very well crafted and mixed liquids with superb balance of flavours, and it’s clear that they really know what they are doing. I’d definitely recommend you give them a try. They are all available for £7.99 per shortfill from www.drippinjunkies.co.uk

FM Out.

Drippin'Junkies Original Range Christmas treat

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