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Drip Drop Vapour Shortfills

Drip Drop Vapour are run by Samantha and Craig, a husband and wife team, who jointly own the business. Drip Drop Vapour was founded in April 2015 to offer top quality E-Liquid at very competitive prices.

Drip Drop Vapour first began to sell their E-Liquids on eBay, and shortly afterwards they set up their own website. Growing in popularity, they used their own money to put 40 flavours through TPD testing, and their TPD compliant liquids are available on their website in strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg at the bargain price for £2 for 10ml!

They also have a comprehensive range of zero nicotine 100ml shortfill bottles, full of flavour and priced at £10 per bottle, with all of their E-Liquids designed, developed and manufactured in their own Lancashire based warehouse. They even run 2 high street stores too!

In today's review I will be looking at a selection of five of Drip Drop Vapour's Shortfills range, which are sold with 100ml of zero nicotine E-Liquid mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and come in 120ml bottles that you can add two 10ml 18mg nicotine shots to in order to get 3mg nicotine strength.

Caramel & Vanilla Latte

Just the aroma from this E-Liquid is enough to make you think you are sat outside a popular coffee shop sipping a latte whilst watching the world go by. Blended from roasted beans with a syrupy caramel poured and steamed to microcosm perfection...

Drip Drop Vapour have done a great job with this one, they have captured the frothy taste of a caramel latte nicely indeed! There's a punchy roasted coffee bean flavour, complimented with a caramel note, and the vanilla adds a milky texture to the experience. Good quality coffee vapes are few and far between but this is definitely one that I would recommend if you are looking for a new coffee based E-Liquid!

Lemon and Lime Ice

A squeeze of fresh, zingy lemons left to sit on a bed of limes, then added to a cold glass to steep before being bottled on a warm summer's day...

Lemon and Lime Ice is a nice, refreshing E-Liquid that has plenty of lemon and lime citrus flavour, and a chilled finish to it as well. It's easy going enough to vape all day long, and a decent summery vape!


Do you remember your gran turning freshly picked fruit into jam as a child? The warm and delicious smells coming out of the kitchen will be remembered here with this sweet strawberry jam. It really is like being stood in your Gran's kitchen!

JAM by Drip Drop Vapour does a very good job of capturing the taste and texture of a strawberry jam, with a thick texture and mouth feel to it, and I find it really works best with a sub ohm build at 50+ watts. Under that, it tastes a little weak but when you put some power through it, the taste of strawberry jam really shines through!

Do You Sell Pies?

A delicate, infused, Apple and Caramel pastry baked at 180C and allowed to cool before being surrounded with chubby gorilla dark bottles. Named in homage to our Cleverleys store due to it being a bakery before we took it over. And yes, we still get customers coming in asking 'do you sell pies?'

I found this to be quite heavy on the apple, there was a really strong baked apple flavour coming through, with a slight note of caramel and flaky pasty in the background. If you like your apple pie vapes strong on the apple, then this is worth a look!


Moist, fluffy lemon infused cake batter which has been baked to perfection before adding lashings of citrus and icing...

Last but not least, Drizzle was definitely my favourite from the Drip Drop Vapour shortfills that I tried! I'm very partial to a good Lemon Drizzle cake E-Liquid, and this one hits the spot for sure! There's a tangy lemon with a thick cake undertone, which is just how I like them to be!


Drip Drop Vapour have been developing quite the reputation on the POTV forum recently, with POTV members very pleased with the good quality liquids on offer at very cheap prices, backed up with good customer service too. 

After trying a selection of the enormous Drip Drop Vapour range, I've been very impressed with what I've had, and Drip Drop Vapour show that great quality E-Liquid can be sold at very reasonable prices. There's a whole wealth of different liquids on their website, definitely worth checking them out!

Many thanks to Sam at Drip Drop Vapour for sending a selection of their shortfill liquids in for review, these can be purchased from the Drip Drop website here. Discount code POTV2015 will get you a generous 15% off of your order- not to be used on products containing nicotine!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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