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Deliciu Nic Salts by Vaporesso

Vaporesso have designed Deliciu, an nic salts range to perfectly compliment their XROS hardware

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Usually as vapers, we tend to pick our vape kit to suit our style based on how we like to vape and how the mod looks and feels, and then we buy our e-liquid without really thinking about how well suited it is to our gear. Obviously if you are a cloud chaser, you are going to go for 70VG/30Pg juices, and mouth to lung vapers are more likely to go for 50VG/50PG or salts, but that is as far as it really goes. But Vaporesso have gone one step further as the team behind the brilliant XROS series have designed their own signature e-liquid range to perfectly pair with their hardware. As a massive fan of the XROS pro kit, I was very excited to see how the new Deliciu range performs.

Deliciu by Vaporesso with XROS Pro

The Deliciu range is a salts based selection designed to take on the disposable market with strong flavours and a smooth hit. Whilst of course they will work perfectly well in other non Vaporesso kits (I did try just to see), they have been formulated to be at their best within the Xros temperature range. As we found out when we reviewed the XROS Pro, it is a kit that already nails the optimum temperature selection, so it totally makes sense to fine tune the juice to compliment the hardware.

The packaging and presentation are also quite interesting and really does help to reinforce the mission to be a better alternative to disposable vapes. For a start, they come in a long box, not dissimilar to a single use package, and when you open the box, you will find a very familiar tear to open packet inside which you will finally find the bottle of e-liquid. It may be a bit overkill, but it really does match the unboxing experience that will feel recognisable if you are moving from disposables. As both vaping and smoking rely heavily on ritual, details like the packaging can take on a more important meaning and can really help to set the mood, especially when trying out a new type of product.

Deliciu by Vaporesso unboxing

Once you finally get through the packaging, you can now get to the actual bottle and here things are a lot more traditional. I would like to highlight how good the childproof lid is though; it is very secure and you will need to push it down every time you need to refill. These are some very good quality bottles, and every detail has been as well thought out as you would expect from Vaporesso.

On to the actual e-liquid, the range comes in both 20mg and 10mg which I am always pleased to see as most people will start at a higher strength but many of us try to drop down once we are used to vaping. They are nicotine salts which will provide a more instant hit and will also make the transition from disposables easier as most of them are also salts based. Fans of disposables also tend to be fans of super sweet flavours, but this in itself can cause problems as heat and sugar can be a bit of a mismatch leaving you with pods which burn out quickly and taste bad. But the Deliciu range have been cleverly formulated to use less sweeteners whilst still providing that sweet signature taste. Now I do have to say, I am super sensitive to the taste of sweeteners and although I am not sure which sweetener they use here, I did find the underlying flavour to be quite strong, this won’t be an issue for most people, but if you do pick up on that unmistakeable taste, you have been warned!

Deliciu by Vaporesso boxed

Vaporesso sent over ten flavours from the Deliciu range for us to try, but there are twenty in the full range. They cover all the classic disposable flavours such as Watermelon Ice and Kiwi, Passionfruit and Guava, but they also have a few wildcard flavours too. I am intrigued by Wild Apple and Hawthorn, I consider I’ve tried most flavours during my time as a reviewer, but that is definitely a new one on me. Sadly I didn’t get to try it this time round so if you’ve tried it, hop over to the forum and let us know what it’s like!

They all have a level of ice or chill, but it is always done sympathetically. Don’t expect brain freeze levels of cool, but if you don’t like chilled vapes, these may not be for you.

Deliciu by Vaporesso flavours

Blackberry Lime

This is an interesting blend of fragrant blackberry which is surprisingly authentic, with a sharp tang delivered by the lime. It leaves a smooth aftertaste and is a pleasant vape which offers something a bit different.

Apple & Pear

I got more apple than pear here, it is crisp and has a certain bite. I found the sweetener was quite overpowering here though which I felt distracted from the fruity taste.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

It feels like there is more going on here than just two flavours, it is sweet, sour, rich, fresh, smooth, and juicy all at once. Most sour e-liquids end up being quite tame, but the sweetener is naturally a bit tart anyway, and in this case, it really accentuates the flavour.

Deliciu by Vaporesso round 1

Pineapple Ice

Sweet, smooth, and full of tropical juice, this is a realistic pineapple flavour with a decent hit of ice for added refreshment. This was one of my favourites thanks to the more natural sweetness found in the fruit.

Lemon Lime

Reassuringly zingy, this is a strong citrus blend which works well with the sweetener which gives it an added dimension to the natural sourness of the lemon and lime mix.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

This made me wish there were more strawberry mixes in the selection I was sent as this is a good one. The strawberry and raspberry work in tandem to deliver a sweet and tasty fruit vape which has an extra smoothness thanks to the cherry.

Pineapple Peach Mango

I could definitely taste all three fruits, with the pineapple coming through first and the mango following things up. The peach holds it all together and makes it a sweet, juicy vape.

Deliciu by Vaporesso round 2


I really enjoyed this menthol recipe. It is sweet but fresh and leaves your mouth with a lovely clean feeling. It is more of a minty menthol but definitely has a good level of cool blast which works perfectly with the XROS pods.

Fizzy Cherry

I am picky with my cherry vapes, and I’m not sure I would choose this again. It is very artificial and has a bit of a chemical taste. I also didn’t get much fizz from it either. I’d say it is more of a perfumed flavour rather than a realistic cherry.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

This is normally a flavour which makes me cringe when I see it in disposables, but Vaporesso have focused more on the tropical side of the flavour, so the kiwi doesn’t mess things up.

Deliciu by Vaporesso round 3

Final Thoughts

The Deliciu range from Vaporesso sets out to do things a bit differently from most pod salt brands, and mostly it manages to succeed. I wasn’t so keen on the artificial sweetener but that is more down to my own sensitivity to all sweeteners, I still curse the horrible sugar tax which means I can’t find many fizzy drinks that I find bearable unless they are premium brands or imports! But that sweetener really does mean that your coil life will be drastically improved. I set aside one pod to see how long I could go before the nasty taste started to sneak in, and after couple of weeks, there has been no noticeable drop in flavour which I reckon is very impressive. If you are vaping on a budget, this represents a large saving over time, and if you are making the switch from the dark side of disposables, you will be saving a ton of money in no time.

Whilst not all the flavours worked for me (usual disclaimer of taste being subjective), it is great to see Vaporesso are trying to do something a bit different. They have already made waves in the hardware market with their innovative, high quality hardware, they are now turning their hand to the e-liquid side, and I will be very interested to see what they come up with next.

Many thanks to Vaporesso for sending in the Deliciu range.

Deliciu by Vaporesso handcheck

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