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Crazy Chicken E-Liquid by Elite Lab

Crazy Chicken E-Liquid is manufactured by Poland based Elite Lab, and features a range of chicken based E-Liquids. We jest, this is a superb range of sweet, fruity and dessert-based e-liquids!

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Crazy Chicken E-Liquid by Elite Lab

Crazy Chicken is a range of five Chicken flavoured E-Liquids sure to get you cluckin! I joke, although Chicken is present in the name, there's no chicken present in the E-Liquids- they are all sweet, fruity or dessert-based!

Elite Labs is a company borne out of passion for vaping, and an appreciation of the industry itself. The groundwork for Elite Labs was laid in 2008, then Elite Labs officially launched in 2016. 350 E-Liquid combinations are now offered by Elite Lab, and they are in the process of opening a second production site in the Czech Republic.

Developed and produced in Poland by Elite Lab, the Crazy Chicken range is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients, mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. These liquids are available in zero nicotine shortfill bottles, compatible with nicotine shots, with bottle sizes of 20ml, 50ml and 100ml available.

Crazy Bob

Delicious and smooth cafe mocha that will surprise all coffee lovers...

I remember a time, a couple of years ago now, when virtually all coffee based E-Liquids on the market were quite honestly, terrible. For fans of the black stuff, like myself, we were sorely disappointed with the options available when it came to coffee E-Liquid.

Thankfully, in 2018, there are a lot of top quality coffee flavoured E-Liquids on the market, and Crazy Bob is another one to add to the list. It's a very smooth coffee bean flavour, with a light undertone of chocolate, and a lovely, creamy finish. One I can definitely enjoy first thing in the morning!

Crazy Chuck

A delicious blackcurrant flavour...

As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I have been a huge blackcurrant fan since I was a child, when Ribena used to be my drink of choice! As a result, I'm very partial to blackcurrant flavoured E-Liquids, and always look forward to trying new ones out.

Crazy Chuck captures the taste of blackcurrant perfectly, being neither too over-flavoured or too weak, it has a really nice, sweet finish to it. It has quite a thick mouth feel to it too, and this definitely had me coming back for more!

Crazy Fred

A delicious bubblegum flavour...

Crazy Fred is a pretty straightforward bubblegum flavoured E-Liquid, featuring a thick mouth feel and plenty of authentic bubblegum flavour. Definitely one for fans of sweet, candied E-Liquids!  Bubblegum flavours don't always do it for me, they can often become overpowering and can be a bit too sweet at times but I happily vaped this one all day and would happily buy it again. 

Crazy Jim

A delicious Lime flavour...

I enjoy a strong and tangy E-Liquid, and Crazy Jim fits the bill perfectly. It's a very sharp and zingy Lime E-Liquid, with an aftertaste that lingers around on the tongue beautifully!  This isn't just a straight-up lime though, it is nicely blended with a cream to give an overall flavour much like a key lime pie but without the biscuity notes, maybe more like a lime ice cream or a key lime pie topping.  Either way this is a deliciously vape, sharp and sweet at the same time and a real pleasure in a tank or dripper.

Crazy Steve

Delicious icy grape for those warm summer days...

With Crazy Steve I get a really great grape taste on the inhale, a superb sweet grape that really made my mouth water. This is followed up with a suoerb menthol blast on the exhale - its power likely increased due to my mouth watering!  I really do love this combination and it really reminds me of Grape Drank on Ice - which was my favourite summer vape a couple of years ago.  It's great for clearing away vapers tongue, and makes for a nice all day vape for those that enjoy menthol based E-Liquids.  Highly recommended!


The Crazy Chicken range offers five distinct flavours, with plenty of quality to be found within. I found all five of the range to be very enjoyable, boasting plenty of flavour and thick cloud production for the cloud chasers out there!

Many thanks to Elite Lab for sending the Crazy Chicken range in for review! We also have nine sets of the full range to give away, click here to be in with a chance of winning!

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