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Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid Cocktail Shortfill Range

Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid don't sell cotton or cable, but they do make some rather tasty E-liquid. We get all sophisticated as we check out their Cocktails shortfill range

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A few weeks ago I received a lovely package from the guys over at Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid which was brimming with e-liquid to review. First up will be the Cocktails range of shortfills but keep your eyes peels as we will be reviewing more of their ranges over the coming weeks.

I was very excited when I found out they were sending the Cocktail range over. I can’t drink real cocktails thanks to being a migraine sufferer and alcohol is one of my triggers, it took may years of fun followed by pain to work that one out, I was a bit slow to put two and two together and certainly suffered for my stupidity. So now I have to rely on alcohol free drinks (boring!) and e-liquids to get the taste. Surprisingly there aren’t that many juice makers who make more adventurous cocktail recipes so this range was definitely very intriguing.

First off, I have to mention the packaging. Each range came in its own box and the presentation was fantastic. I am not sure if there are review only bundles as I can’t see them on the site, but these really made the experience special from the outset. Everything about the package oozed class and my hopes were set very high due to the initial attention to detail. The branding and labels is very stylish with a strong art deco inspired design which really works well. If e-liquid was a thing back in the roaring 20s, it would have looked like this, it is classic design which really captures the decadent feel of a bygone era and I love it.

Each bottle contains 50ml of 0% juice with space to add your nic shot. They are all 70VG/30PG and all worked well in every tank/pod I tried. The bottles are dark so you cannot see your remaining liquid but they have a good squeeze so no complaints here. They also have the standard lids so grab your lid removing tool if you value your fingernails. The ingredients and warnings are all well laid out and clear to read so everything is in order here too.

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid unboxing

Jam Bramble

“A spin on the modern classic with dollops of sweet blackberry, blueberry and raspberry jam combined with fresh lemon with a dash of lime giving a deliciously sweet but tangy flavour.”

Not being a cocktail connoisseur, I have never heard of a Jam Bramble cocktail so I was going in blind here. These are definitely jammy and the berries all work well as a team. You can taste the different fruits but they blend together very nicely. I was surprised how cleanly the lemon cut through though, I thought it would be more of a complimentary flavour but I found it quite strong and the contrast between the sweet jamminess and the tart was really good. We were off to a strong start!

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid Jam Bramble

Japanese Slipper

“This retro cocktail from the 80’s combines the sweet, velvety flavour of Midori melon Liqueur deeply blended with tangy orange and zesty lemon. Creating a smooth and delicious sensation.”

Now this was more familiar, I have seen this one mixed before so I had more of an idea what to expect. I also love melon flavours, especially in the summer, so I was very much looking forward to cracking this open. The melon is sweet and delicate and is a very fresh authentic flavour, just how I like my melons to taste. Again, the lemon was quite strong and cut through well but somehow didn’t overshadow the milder melon. I didn’t get much orange but there was a general citrus vibe going on. This is a perfect, light and refreshing summer vape and I can see this will be one I regularly go back to. The only thing missing is a pair of large shiny shoulder pads for the full Joan Collins Dynasty vibes!

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid Japanese Slipper

Lemon Smack

“An intense and luscious Cocktail made from a medley of rich lemon curd, sweet candied lemon, fresh and zesty lemon juice with a shot of Limoncello. Creating a lip smacking flavour that is impossible to forget and hard to put down.”

I’m not sure, but I think there is some lemon in this recipe! After the luscious lemon in the Bramble Jam, I was definitely well up for this one and it didn’t disappoint. It is one of those fun juices which turns up different flavours in each inhale, sometimes you get the sharp biting lemon, the next will be a sweet almost sherbet lemon, then you might get a candied peel version, it is lemon heaven. Of course if you don’t like lemon, you won’t be in your happy place here, but I do and I was! This is a great blend and shows off what Cotton and Cable can do with the right inspiration.

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid Lemon Smack

Mint Chocochata Martini

“A deliciously moorish Cocktail, Belgian chocolate mixed with Creme de Menthe and RumChata. Not tried a chocolate vape that works before? Wait till you try this.”

After the very strong start, this is where I had a bit of a dip. I love the idea of chocolate vapes but they all just burn too easily and sadly this one is no different. Flavour wise, it is a really nice chocolate, rich and creamy and without the vile artificial taste that many other juices seem to have. The crème de menthe adds a sweet, minty lift to the mix and it all tastes great until the coils submit to the burn. In its defence, it is no worse than other chocolate juices in that department and it certainly tastes a lot nicer than most of the ones I’ve tried, it’s just the coil issue that lets things down.

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid Mint Chocochata Martini

Pornstar Martini

“A blissful recreation of the enticing and intensely flavoured passionfruit cocktail, blended with vanilla syrup, a splash of fresh lime and a shot of fizz.”

Back on track again here and we finish with a bang. Pornstar Martini is bold and strong with a heavy passionfruit hit blended with a sweet, creamy vanilla. The lime refreshes things and helps to balance out the richness and makes it so it is a very easy juice to keep coming back to. I think the lime is the real hero here as it could actually be too thick tasting but the lift it gives is perfect and comes in just when it is most needed. This is top draw stuff if you like tropical flavours.

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid Pornstar Martini

Final Thoughts

The Cocktails range is a great introduction to a brand that was new to me. I was really impressed by their attention to detail, everything showed thought from the mixing down to the packing tape around the cardboard box, and this is a great selection of interesting flavours blended well. Apart from the Mint Chocochata Martini, I could easily vape any of these all day. The only thing I will say is that I didn’t get much of a hint of alcohol. I’ve had quite a few other boozy flavours before and they all have a certain taste which gives you the sensation of vaping shots, and none of these flavours had that. I think they have gone for the flavour of the cocktail rather than trying to make them taste shaken, not stirred. This is not a negative, just not what I was expecting. This is not a negative, just an observation really.

If you fancy giving these a try, you can order them direct from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid. They are £14.99 each but don’t forget the discount code POTV25 for a tidy saving. Many thanks to Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid for sending these over, and keep an eye out as we will be checking out their other ranges soon.

Cocktail Shortfill Range from Cotton and Cable Craft Liquid full range

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