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Christmas Special Shortfills by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquids

It may or may not be a white Christmas this year, but Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid have made sure it will be a tasty one with these limited edition festive shortfills!

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Well the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful, so I definitely think we could all do with a bit of Christmas cheer to brighten up a rather dreary December day. Thankfully Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid have plenty to warm even the most miserable of Scrouges with their simply wonderful Christmastime limited edition e-liquids.

I love this time of year. Of course I love the presents, but the real highlight is the food. I have to be really strict though, no festive treats until December starts otherwise by the time the big day finally comes round, I’m sick to death of the sight of mince pies. But as soon as the clock strikes 12.01 on 1st December, I am all about the taste of Christmas. I’m already piling on the pounds, and we aren’t even a week in yet. But to save my waistline from spiralling out of control, I can now keep my tastebuds happy with these two shortfills from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid. Before even cracking them open, they feel like little presents with their wrapping paper labels and little holly motifs.

There are two flavours in this limited edition selection, Christmas Cake and Spiced Orange. They are both 70VG/30PG 50ml shortfills so should be suitable for most set ups.

Christmas shortfills by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid festive

Spiced Orange

“A sweet and juicy whole orange delicately infused with sugar, cinnamon and ginger and gently baked to create a festive flavour which is deliciously moorish.”

I love citrus fruit at Christmas but why is it so hard to find good old satsumas these days? That has nothing to do with this review, just a short personal rant. Spiced Orange is a surprisingly delicate juice, I was a little worried that it would be strong and overpowering but it is just right, light, sweet and juicy. The spices are subtle but balanced and give the orange a nice twist without being harsh or unpleasant. They capture the flavour of Christmas really well, and it is also a clean juice which is always a bonus with sweet e-liquids so you don’t need to worry too much about your coils when you are up to your knees in turkey trimmings!

Christmas Shortfills by Cotton & Cable tinsel town

Christmas Cake

“A rich complex blend of seasonally spiced cake laced with glazed fruits, orange zest, nuts and brown sugar all covered in a sweet marzipan icing creating a truly special, festive and unique cake vape”

I have tried a few Christmas Cake flavours over the years, with various degrees of success, so I was very interested to see how the Cotton & Cable version stacked up. This is a real Christmas cracker; it manages to squeeze in all the elements of a top quality Christmas Cake, each clearly defined but perfectly mixed. From the rich cake to the candied peel, it’s all there. Once the initial fruit cake dies down, the marzipan pops up, and finally the icing rounds it off. You can even tell what kind of icing it is, I’d go with the frosted type rather than royal icing as you get a lovely dusting of flavour. This year I have decided not to make my own cake, quite honestly I don’t need to after vaping this juice.

Christmas Shortfills by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Christmas tree

Final Thoughts

If you are stuck trying to find a present for the special vaper in your life, you could do a lot worse than picking up a couple of bottles of these as I know I’d be pretty chuffed to find someone had left these under the tree for me. Of course you could just pick them up for yourself to help you get in the spirit, they will certainly make wrapping the kids’ presents less of a chore. Finally, if you are one of those strange people that hates Christmas (Bah humbug!), but you still enjoy good quality juice, I don’t think you will be disappointed by these two delicious flavours. But don’t hang around for too long as they aren’t going to be around for long!

You can buy Christmas Cake and Spiced Orange from Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid for £14.99 a bottle and you even get a free nicshot, I’m not sure even Santa is that generous!

Christmas Shortfills by Cotton & Cable Craft Liquid Handcheck

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