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Buttered Bush by Manabush x Van Dyke Vapes

Manabush have teamed up with Van Dyke Vapes, dragging them kicking and screaming out of retirement for a legendary collaboration. We take a deep dive into Buttered Bush!

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As we are celebrating 10 years of Potv, it seems like a great to reminisce over the good times that have been had over the years. For me, one of the highlights of the vaping calendar was Vapefest, the original and the best UK vaping show/get together/party. What started out as a small gathering of hardcore pioneers of modern vaping grew and evolved into the most British of events which featured gatherings of the various vaping groups and communities, stalls from some of the best vape shops, visits from legendary mod makers, and many tents and haybales to hang out in. There was a passion and feel about it that you just don’t get with the modern corporate shows, it was a true reflection of the homegrown vaping scene and had the most amazing community vibe. I’m a bit of a hermit in real life but even I felt completely at home at Vapefest. It was also the start of many legendary shenanigans which I won’t go in to here (but if you want a taste, do a search on the forum as the full sordid tales of late night devilment and debauchery are well documented there including photographic evidence!).

One of the most legendary areas of Vapefest was the Big Top which was where you could find the pinnacle of UK e-liquid makers, it was the best of the best. There was something for everyone there, whatever your tastes or preferences, and you could find some really interesting juices. You would find such legends as El Diablo, Colonel Boom, Manabush, Van Dyke Vapes, and more. Sadly, only some of these great e-liquid innovators are still around to carry the torch but it seems you can’t keep a good juice maker down and somehow Manabush have managed to convince Van Dyke Vapes out of retirement for one last hurrah, and they have combined their talents to come up with the wonderfully named Buttered Bush!

Buttered Bush in the wild

At the moment you can either get Buttered Bush in either 50ml or 100ml shortfills suitable for DTL fans, or 30ml super boosted shortfills more tailored for 6mg MTL vapers which is what I have been using. All options are super easy to mix up, you just need to add your nic shots and you are ready to go. Obviously, your choice of PG or VG nic shots will change the shape of the vape but that is the beauty of shortfills, it is really versatile when it comes to customising your vape.

Buttered Bush by Manabush in a tree

So, what is Buttered Bush? Well, I wouldn’t suggest you google it as I’m pretty sure that will throw up a lot of NSFW stuff, so instead I will rely on Manabush’s description

“Butterscotch, Salty Caramel, Vanilla Cream and Mint shortfill E-liquid Come together in this delightfully dessert styled yet refreshing vape juice.”

That pretty much sums things up nicely. The layering of the butterscotch, salty caramel and vanilla cream makes for a rich and decadent base, but somehow it manages to avoid being too heavy. The real star is the mint though, it is fresh and sweet and blends really well with the creamy base flavours. It is also a true mint rather a menthol, so it is delightfully smooth with no harsh edge. I found that different notes came out in different tanks too, as well as running it at different power settings. It is definitely worth having a play with your build and settings and see what works best for you, it is a surprisingly versatile juice.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can pick it up directly from Manabush. 100ml Shortfill is £17.99, 50ml is £9.99, and 30ml is £4.99, although at the time of writing the 100ml option is sold out so I wouldn’t sleep on the other versions if you want to sample the delights of some Buttered Bush.

Buttered Bush on a bench

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When her usual forum closed, Michelle found herself in a brave new world full of excitement that something fresh and new was happening. A few days later she somehow found herself on the moderating team and is still not really sure how that happened. Even stranger, she slowly worked her way up to admin and now helps behind the scenes, liasing with vendors and coordinating social media but she can still be found making smutty comments on the forum. If all that wasn't enough, she also is a proud member of the Potv review team specialising in E-liquid reviews for the discerning vaper.

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