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Baker White Tobacco 5

Baker White describe the Tobacco 5 range as “a connoisseur’s line of tobacco flavours infused with fresh fruits”.

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Baker White Tobacco 5

When you are seeking the best tasting vape, reach no further than Tobacco 5 premium e-liquid. Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for years, these are the flavours you have been hoping to find. The most flavourful, sweet, and nutty tobaccos enhanced with fresh fruits. From juicy apples and creamy bananas to the smooth, rich flavour of a robust blend, this is exactly what you’ve been craving. When the mood strikes reach for Tobacco 5.

Baker White are an American E-Liquid manufacturer. Their E-Liquids are made using high quality US sourced ingredients in a Certified ISO 6 pharmaceutical grade laboratory.

We hold ourselves accountable for the products we make and supply. As one of the best e-liquid suppliers in the industry, we care about every drop that goes into our bottles and every product that leaves our facility.

Baker White describe the Tobacco 5 range as “a connoisseur’s line of tobacco flavours infused with fresh fruits”.

The bottles are nicely presented and feature all of the typical information you might expect such as nicotine strength, warnings and batch number. The juice comes in red opaque glass bottles with child proof dropper caps. All of the liquid in this range is mixed to 50VG/50PG and is available in a variety of nicotine strengths: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

If you have any concerns about the contents of these E-Liquids then rest assured that full lab reports can be viewed on Baker White’s website.

I vaped all of the juice in this range in an Eleaf iJust2 Tank. My device of choice on this occasion was the iPV3-Li.


An updated mix of sweet banana and nutty tobacco create your favourite new flavour combo.

If you read enough of my reviews you will know I seldom get on with banana vapes but in fairness this particular mix also has nutty tobacco in it so I was really hoping the banana would not be too distinct (in other words I mean heavily disguised). Of course I did keep an open mind when vaping this since some people really do love banana E-Liquids.

I did take a preliminary sniff of the bottle to gauge just how overpowering the banana might be (I have bad memories of banana foam sweet tasting vapes). Thankfully the banana smell was not that strong so I felt that I might get on with his one.

In fact this juice was actually surprisingly nice and despite my initial apprehension I could happily vape this all day long! The tobacco taste was spot on and it is balanced with very natural tasting banana flavour notes that add just the right amount of sweetness to the mix. There is also a delicious nutty taste which is noticeable on occasion and it rounds out this juice extremely well.

Vapour production was good but quite normal for this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be medium.


Delicate peaches and smooth tobacco come to life in this juicy fusion of flavours.

While I do really happen to love peach vapes I wasn’t convinced that it would work that well when combined with tobacco however it actually does. What you get with this juice is a very flavoursome sweet peach balanced with mild tobacco flavour notes. The tobacco really works to help tone down the sweetness of the peach and is not as out of place as it initially sounds. I found this to be a very smooth and extremely pleasant vape.

If you enjoy peach vapes and you like mild tobacco then this unusual mix is well worth trying out!

Vapour production was quite normal for this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be medium.


Full flavoured and robust tobaccos blend together to create that unmistakable taste you crave.

This juice is highly reminiscent of an RY4 type tobacco but it is an extremely good one. The main flavour is a very rich caramel but it is not at all sickly or overpowering. The tobacco is skilfully blended into the mix and while being distinctly noticeable it is not very strong so it would definitely suit people who preferred lighter cigarettes back in the bad old days! I am not completely sure what the tobacco is because while it does have something of a Virginia like taste there is definitely something else at work in there. Regardless this juice is highly enjoyable and well worth trying!

Vapour production was typical of a 50/50 mix and while I found the throat hit to be mild some may find it approaches medium.


Crisp apple and light notes of citrus combined with rich tobaccos in this fresh tasting fusion.

This juice reminds me of El Toro Eden which I love but in fairness it is distinctly different. The apple taste is excellent being very natural having a lovely crisp quality that is very noticeable on the exhale. I wouldn’t say that the apple was overly sweet and it is balanced extremely well with a full bodied tobacco. I must admit I got through several tanks worth of this one because I couldn’t stop vaping it! I did not actually notice any citrus notes but I am sure they are in there.

Vapour production was good but typical of this mix ratio. I found the throat hit of this juice to be medium.


This is a flavourful combination of smooth tobacco mixed with sweet and tart cherry flavour, for those who like to vape the classics.

I have been looking for a good cherry tobacco for a while and this one is perfect! The cherry is sweet but not sickly and remarkably it does not dominate the mix. It also tends to have this sticky quality that lingers on the lips when you exhale. The tobacco is excellent and compliments the mix beautifully!

I was very impressed with this particular juice and got through quite a few tank’s worth. I couldn’t honestly say whether this one was my favourite or the Apple one because I found both to be superb! Vapour production was once again normal for a 50/50 mix. I found the throat hit to be medium.


This is an excellent range of E-Liquids that are superbly mixed and there is a nice variety of flavours. If you looking to recreate some of that old nostalgia then these juices will suit you very well because they are very reminiscent of traditional pipe tobaccos and highly enjoyable!

These were sent to us to try from the team at Baker White - thanks for sending in!  You can check out their website here https://buybakerwhite.com/. They are currently running an offer for $10 per 30ml bottle plus buy three get one free!  The shipping is not cheap if you are in the UK though.  Hopefully we will see some UK vendors stocking this soon.

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