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Baa Juice Nic Salts

Vape Club have sent in the new Baa Juice nice salts, and Gitchy got find out if they are actually wolves in sheep's clothing

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Vape Club have very generously sent over the whole range of Baa Juice for us to try out. Baa Juice liquids are nic salt based juices at strengths of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg, and they come in 10ml bottles and consist of fruits, sodas, and ice flavours. These are their version of bar salts so they’re full of strong flavours and work best for MTL vaping. A thirty second search of google tells me that the juices are made by Dispergo Vaping and, despite only a couple of them being labelled as ice, all of them have varying degrees of sweetness and cooling in them.

Must. Not. Make. Sheep. Puns…

Who am I kidding! I’ll try my best not to ram them down your throat, but I will make a couple.

I’m sheepish to admit I’m not usually a fan of bar salt type juices as I tend to find they are far too sweet for my tastes. I generally mix my own juice and make sure to put as little sweetener in as I can, if any at all, as I have quite woolly tastebuds that soak up all that sweetness. I can, however, appreciate that there are a lot of people out there that love the sweetness and I’m happy to confirm that Baa Juice has you covered if you have a sweet tooth, with the flavours used matching the sweetener very well. I was surprised how well the additives complement the flavours here, and these juices are oh so similar but also very different from your standard disposable vape flavours, which I’ll go into when I’m talking about the actual flavours themselves.

The bottle design is simple, with a small, cloud like sheep on the front. I think the protruding bits are ears but I’m not sure, they might be hooves (definitely ears). Nic strength is noted in mg, with the flavour at the bottom. The nic strength is also on the main part of the label as a percentage, so people who use that as a guide know what they’re getting. Also, in small print right at the bottom, is some text telling you that the bottle is a 3000 puff refill, emphasising the fact that the juice is an alternative to a disposable vape. This is a good thing with disposables likely to be banned soon as it means a lot of folk who have been introduced to vaping though disposables will still be able to get the juices they like to put in their refillable pods (or tanks if they go that far).

I’ve been testing these liquids in a couple of Aspire Neeko MTL tanks with simple Ni80 round wire coils coming out at 0.9ohms and some BP Mods Pro Cotton to keep it simple. Obviously if you’re using a mesh coil in a tank or pod, the flavour will be a lot more pronounced but I like my MTL simple as it’s what I’ve used most during my MTL journey.

Let’s see if these juices are good or baaaaaaaaad…

Baa Juice Nic Salts spookily good

Pineapple Ice

I love a pineapple juice flavoured vape, like I really love it, and I’ve been trying to make the perfect one myself for years. This is not a pineapple juice flavoured vape, but it has changed my perception of a good pineapple liquid so it really will help me with my own efforts to get that perfect pineapple vape.

First off there’s not a ton of cooling in it, despite being labelled ice. The actual flavour is an earthy, fresh chunk of real pineapple and it goes really, really well with the added sweetener and the cooling effect. If I was to compare it to anything I’ve tried, I’d say it is similar to Vape Train Australia Sugarloaf concentrate, which is also a sweet, realistic pineapple. Not the same, but slightly similar.

I adore this juice. Out of all of them, this is definitely my favourite and the only one where I polished off the whole bottle in one night before I moved onto another flavour. It just seems to get better the more you vape it. There really is some depth here, and the sweetness is very well balanced with the pineapple. I’ll be buying a few bottles of this in the future for my MTL adventures.

Sour Blue Raspberry

I’m not getting much sour here, but I am getting sweet. Lots and lots of sweet! This one’s probably the sweetest of the whole range for me and again it complements the actual flavour of the juice. There’s a slight cooling in it, which I wasn’t sure was there at first as you are assaulted by the taste as soon as you take a draw (in a good way). The blue raspberry here is very strong and I’m tasting a hint of bubblegum as well. I’ll be honest and admit this one isn’t really to my taste. If there was a little less sweetener I’d love it, but that might be what will draw other people to it. It also has a decent throat hit for being salt based.

Banana Ice

I detest bananas. I cannot stand the flavour or the smell of them, but for the purposes of this review I dived in and had a couple of tankfuls. Aren’t I nice? I also got my missus to have a shot of this and she stole it right off of me and made me order more as she loves banana vapes.

Again, for being labelled ice, there isn’t a ton of cooling. It is noticeable though and, yet again, it complements the flavours. It is also very sweet but not in a foam banana way, which I (and the missus) have found a lot of banana bar juices/disposables tend to go for. No, this one is more realistic again and has a lot of depth to it, while also being sweetie like at the same time, if that makes sense? While it’s not to my tastes, it would go down well with banana fiends, purely for being different from the norm if nothing else.

Strawberry, Cherry, and Raspberry

My first impression of this juice was cherry. That was the leading flavour but I found, as I have with a lot of the Baa Juices, that the depth comes out as you vape it. The cherry gives way to a lovely mix of the three fruits on the label, with the berry taste coming through the more you go on.

By the time I was near the end of the bottle, I was getting sweetie vibes. You know those fizzers sweets you get in multipack bags of sweets? The ones that come with Refreshers and Palma Violets (a UK thing I think), that’s the taste I was getting, and I only found it out because I nicked a couple of the sweets off of my four year old while vaping the juice.

Now there’s a definite cooling effect in this juice as well, and it elevates it back to disposable-like, so I’m thinking this one will do well with bar salts fans.

Kiwi, Passionfruit and Guava

I once tried to make a tropical juice and made a mistake with the guava, putting 5% of the concentrate in rather than 0.5%. It ruined tropical juices for me for what I thought was forever as the taste was not nice at all, kind of like cat urine, but this juice has brought me back into the fold.

First off you get the kiwi, and a damn nice kiwi it is too. As you vape on, the tropical flavours come more to the fore. This one doesn’t seem as sweet as some of the others but that’s probably because the base flavours do the work for it. That’s what’s making me enjoy Baa Juice so much, they have really thought about the flavours rather than just firing in a set amount of sweetener and WS23 into every one. It’s also got a nice slight cooling in it. Now I hate reviews that try to say something evokes things in the reviewer, but I was flabbergasted to take a draw at one point and remember being on holiday, it genuinely did have that effect on me. Definitely one of my favourites in this range.

Baa Juice Nic Salts mid point

Cherry Cola

This one is a sweet, sweet cola, with undertones of cherry to complement it. I find drinks juices to be overly sweet personally, but the taste of the concentrates used here make it very bearable and even very nice. What I did find is that the sweetness creeps up on you as you vape more, making it that little more authentic than some I have tried before.

I don’t think I’d spend a lot of time vaping on this one, but for what it is, it’s very nice and true to its name.

Strawberry Ice

What is it with the ice ones in this range? There is definitely cooling in it but not the blast I was expecting from previous encounters with disposables and bar juices in the past.

It’s actually a nice change and, as I’ve already mentioned, the makers have gone to great lengths to make the additives complement the flavours rather than just dump the additives in.

I’m a strawberry monster and here the actual flavour is a sweet, and I’ll say bright strawberry. It’s quite different from ones I’ve tried before and is pretty nice. It doesn’t have the off, overly green taste you sometimes get with commercial strawberry vapes. Added to the flavour, there’s a lot of sweetener. It coats your mouth more than the others so if you like that sugary taste all over your tongue, then this one is definitely for you.

Pink Lemonade

As with most of the Baa Juices not labelled ice, there’s a slight cool in this one. It’s definitely a pink lemonade and reminds me of the element pink lemonade that I used when I started vaping with nic salts, not the same, but similar.

As with the cola one, the sweetness creeps up on you the more you vape it, like a real drink I suppose, and I actually think it works better here. The cola was nice, but I could vape this all day, even with the sweetness that I usually try to avoid in my own juices.

Watermelon Ice

Now this is the ice I was expecting. There is a very noticeable cool to it, which, yet again, complements the flavour behind it really well. If I was to go down the ‘evoking’ route, I’d say it’s like a fresh slice of watermelon straight from the fridge (I have to stop this now due to my disgust at myself).

The actual flavour threw me a little, it’s not your typical watermelon. It’s a very deep and complex watermelon flavour which has something in it that I just can’t put my finger on. I am quite intrigued with this one as I just can’t place what it is that is behind it. It’s very nice and has a reasonable sweetness to it. I’m still vaping away at it, trying to figure it out, I don’t think I ever will, but I’m enjoying trying.

Lemon and Lime

Ah citrus. I have a love/hate relationship with citrus juices. As an addition to other flavours, citrus concentrates work really well for me, but on their own I just don’t get on with them too well....until now.

First off you get the tang of the lime but as you vape on and actually taste the vape, you get the oh so slight bitterness of lemon and then the kick of the two of them together. In tandem with the large amount of sweetness, it works really, really well, and the mild cooling gives it another dimension again. I’m really going to have to rethink my whole approach to sweeteners as this has totally rubbished my opinions and tastes.

Baa Juice Nic Salts range


I’ve said it several times already but the makers behind Baa Juice have nailed it with the balance of flavours and additives here. Some of the bottles have more cooling, some more sweetener, but the flavours behind them are well thought out, and in a couple of them, are completely different from what I’ve tried before. Disposables and bar juices I’ve previously tried usually assault you (in a bad way) with the sweetener and the cooling right off the bat, but Baa Juice lets you taste the actual flavours before letting you get to the familiar sweet coldness. A lot of them change over the course of a tankful as well so what you taste first might not be what the juice ends up tasting like by the end of it. There’s a subtleness there that I can really relate to as a mixer myself.

As for the ones I like personally? It’s all about opinions, but I love the pineapple ice. I’ve also really enjoyed the the watermelon ice, the kiwi, passionfruit and guava, and the pink lemonade.

If you would like to try the Baa Juice Nic Salts, you can pick them up from Vape Club for £2.99 each, or you can stock up with their brilliant 5 for £10 deal.

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending in the Baa Juice Nic Salts range.

Baa Juice Nic Salts art

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