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VGOD Cubano and Coco

New from VGOD are two tobacco flavoured E-Liquids designed to be used with QuickNic nicotine shots.

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VGOD Cubano and Coco E-Liquids

New from VGOD are two tobacco flavoured E-Liquids designed to be used with QuickNic nicotine shots. I purchased both of these juices from Grey Haze because I was in the mood for some new tobacco juices, and these sounded very tempting.

The premixed juice containing all of the required flavour concentrate, VG and PG etc. and comes in 50ml capacity bottles with child proof top caps. A separate screw on nozzle is included in the packaging. The bottles have enough space left for you to add 10ml of 18mg QuickNic nicotine (sold separately), and after a quick shake these liquids are ready to vape immediately.

Keep in mind that with these juices only a single QuickNic bottle is required and the maximum strength achievable is 3mg.

The labels are tidy and eye catching will all of the typical information clearly shown, including warnings. The attractive design and information is also repeated on the protective cardboard box.

As is typically the case VGOD don’t tend to state the mix ratio used, but I would say these are at least 70VG/30PG or even potentially a little higher. Just like their other flavours you can expect excellent cloud production.

I vaped both of these E-Liquids in a Mulciber RDA, fitted with a single 0.8ohm coil which was wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton.

Cubano by VGOD

A brilliant smooth Cuban cigar with a hint of Creamy Vanilla flavouring giving you a fresh and rich authentic Cuban Cigar essence!

Upon opening this juice I expected to be greeted by the smell of a strong tobacco but instead noticed a lovely sweet smelling vanilla. Since I happen to love vanilla I was really looking forward to my first vape.

Vaping Cubano for the first time was a bit of a surprise to be honest since I expected something rather different, and thought it might have some similarity to Black Note Adagio, which is an excellent but quite potent Havana Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavour. This flavour certainly has some of those characteristics in terms of the classic Cuban Havana flavour even though it is not an N.E.T. E-liquid but they tend to be mainly in the background. The most noticeable flavour at all times which is clearly in the forefront is a creamy, sweet vanilla. It is delicious without ever being sickly and I think it has been designed to tone down what would be a very strong tobacco vape which by itself might be a bit overwhelming for some vapers.

The tobacco is definitely there of course and it does taste like proper tobacco, rather than some dreadful synthetic flavour of old. Every now the tobacco actually manages to push its way past the tasty vanilla, and in those moments you can clearly pick out the strong tobacco leaves. It does tend to leave a very dry sensation in your mouth so be aware of that, because you can start to feel very parched if you indulge in this flavour for too lengthy a session. Of course if you were to vape it in a complimentary manner such as with a glass of wine or a Single Malt Whisky (I vape it with Talisker 10Y or Highland Park 12Y) then it does work exceptionally well a when you just want to chill out in comfort!

Keep in mind that even with the vanilla toning things down this may feel like a strong throat hit to some. Vapour production was extremely good so you are not going to have any complaints in that department.

Coco by VGOD

Coco is a delicious mixture of Creamy Coconut with a Freshly Baked Cake. Adding a hint of Smooth Tobacco makes it an amazing all day vape!

Coco is as you would expect is quite different to Cubano, but surprisingly enough I actually find it the slightly stronger vape of the two which is a little odd. Smooth tobacco isn’t really how I would describe it, I would say it is in fact a touch rough (seems much gentler in a tank) and is very much like a medium/strong American variant with a noticeable dry, hay like quality.

Now while it certainly has a bit more of a kick to it I wouldn’t say I disliked it all, because once you’ve been vaping it for a couple of minutes you start to grow used to it. At that point you can begin to pick out the other flavours in the mix, and the tobacco does start to retreat a little into the background. The subtle but very pleasant cake is a nice addition, as is the sweet coconut that occasionally lingers on your lips when exhaling. Just like the Cubano this juice can leave you feeling a little parched if you overindulge.

In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with this once you get past the initial roughness, some of which was certainly the result of vaping it in an RDA, because when I used it in an RTA it became far more restrained. If you’re a tobacco E-Liquid fan I would give it a try because it is mixed well, has a nice amount of variation in terms of ingredients and as such you may really enjoy it!

In terms of throat hit it can be medium/strong in an RDA but tends to be mainly medium in an RTA or equivalent. Vapour production couldn’t be faulted and you will certainly be very happy with that aspect.


Now while I did I state that I vaped these juice in the Mulciber RDA, they also proved to be highly enjoyable in my Taifun GT III and my Kayfun Prime RTA’s. I personally think the Cubano was at its best in the Taifun and I preferred the Coco in the Kayfun Prime because the cake notes came through a little better. As I noted earlier the Coco is far less rough and mellows out when used in an RTA. Of course you could happily vape these liquids in whatever atomizer you choose.

Providing you are a tobacco flavour fan, I think for the price of £14.99 for 50ml of E-Liquid that you only need to spend a further £1.99 per bottle for your QuickNic represents pretty good value. Especially when these juices are mixed well and offer a very satisfying and enjoyable vape!

If you would like to purchase these E-Liquids you can get them directly from Grey Haze. Remember to use code POTV10 at the checkout for 10% off your order.

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