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Vsavi Vape Pen Kit

New to CBD vaping? Want something easy to use that works without fuss? We check out the Vsavi CBD vape pen kit

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Vsavi have very kindly sent some goodies in for review so lets kick things off with the CBD Vape Kit. The CBD industry is booming at the moment with many different ways of getting the good stuff working, but vaping remains one of the most direct and effective delivery systems so it follows that users will need a suitable set up which can be a minefield if you aren’t a seasoned vaper. So easy to use vape pens can offer a great solution!

Included in the kit are:

  • 1 x 4.2 Volt CBD pen battery
  • 1 x Ex-Blank CBD refill tank
  • 1 x USB Express charger for fast charging
  • Instructions

Vsavi Vape pen box

I love the packaging! For any ex smoker, you will immediately feel at home as it is basically a cigarette box, complete with the cellophane wrapper with the tab you pull off. I haven’t opened a packet of ciggies for years but it gave me the same sense of satisfaction that cracking open a fresh pack of Marlborough used to give me. Once inside, everything is clearly presented. The instructions are just a single sheet and are not the most detailed but really, they don’t need to be as it is just a case of screwing the refill tank on to the battery, rooming the mouthpiece and filling it with your chosen eliquid to just below the rim on the centre tube. It couldn’t really be any easier!

Vsavi Vape Pen kit contents

Now some of you old school vapers will feel a sense of nostalgia here. The battery section seems very much like the first battery I got with my starter kit when I first made the switch. It is slim and lightweight, and ex smokers will like the light up end which psychologically imitates a lit end of a cigarette. It is button operated, which I prefer over auto draw as you know when it is working, and the switch feels discreet but responsive. The white colour with subtle branding works well and adds to the uncomplicated feel of the kit.

The tank will also feel very familiar to us old hands as it is pretty much a CE clearomizer! I haven’t used a tank like this for quite a few years and wasn’t too sure what to think when I first saw it. I still have some silica wick lurking in the bottom of my vape kit box but it is more a memento from my personal vaping journey. But until cotton came along, silica was king due to its good wicking properties, flavour and heat resistance. Things have changed but I was quite surprised how well it still managed to work. It takes a little longer to fully saturate, so after the first fill, you need to let it sit a little bit longer than usual unless you want a nice dry hit! But once its sucked up enough juice and has had about a half a tank through to break it in, it gave a surprisingly solid vape. It isn’t going to chuck clouds but you wouldn’t expect that from a kit like this, it is purely functional rather than showy. I was able to chain vape solidly without any loss of vape quality. Flavour was also surprising, it was clean and stronger than I thought it would be and I could definitely taste what I was meant to and not much else. It has a slightly harder edge than you would get from a cotton wicked tank but it also has a greater lifespan so I guess it is a bit of a trade off. Vsavi say it should last for 15-20 refills, I think this may be a little over optimistic but it isn’t far off which makes this an economical way to vape cbd. One feature I really liked was the measure scale on the side to the tank. This is very handy when you are trying to work out your desired dosage so you don’t get through your cbd too fast. Overall I was quite surprised by the performance from this sleek little starter kit. The mouthpiece is shaped well and is very comfortable to use. All in all, it is a solid and straightforward kit that will be easy to use and reliable. Not everyone wants to faff about with coils and complications and this is very much aimed at that level of vaper.

You can pick up it up as a standalone kit for £19.99 which I feel is a little high for what it is but the better option is the bundle kits which also include 10ml of cbd eliquid in a variety of strengths and flavours. These range from £26.99 for the basic kit with 10ml of 50mg cbd juice to £59.95 for the same kit with 10ml of 500mg cbd. So you can very much tailor you bundle to what you need, which I think is a great option. You can also pick up replacement tanks for £14.99. 

As to what to fill the tank up with, sit tight as we are also going to bring you a review of a selection of their cbd eliquids, but that is for another time!


Many thanks once again to Vsavi for providing this kit for review.

Vsavi vape pen with box

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