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PAX 3 Vaporizer

With the use of CBD becoming more accessible and acceptable, many people are turning to CBD flowers and wax for pain relief, anxiety relief and general health. See why the PAX 3 is the perfect choice for your vaping needs!

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Pax 3 by Pax labs

PAX Labs is based in San Francisco and released it’s first PAX vaporizer back in 2012. Many engineers at Pax have come across from giants of the tech industry such as IBM and Foxconn, and this experience shows in the quality and innovation of their products.

The company are recognised as a premium quality manufacturer which some have called “the Apple of the vaping world”. With the PAX 3, the company has built on this reputation to release something that is both simplistically beautiful and reassuringly functional. 

Who is the PAX 3 for?

With the use of CBD becoming more accessible and acceptable, many people are turning to CBD flowers and wax for pain relief, anxiety relief and general health.

The PAX 3 is a beautiful, portable device that will suit anybody who wants to vape herb in a discreet and fuss-free way. While there are some more advanced features, the device is also easy for beginners too. Although not as powerful as some of the larger plug-in devices, the PAX 3 competes well in a busy market.

Differences to the PAX 2

When the PAX 2 was released it was heralded as a portable, user-friendly device that was perfect for popping in a pocket and taking with you. The PAX 3 has gone above and beyond its predecessor with a larger, more efficient battery and added accessories and functionality, while still retaining its intuitive user interface and simple design while providing the genuinely fantastic vaping experience that the PAX brand has become synonymous with. Added to the brilliant haptic feedback and half-pack oven, users can now download a mobile app that allows you to customise the user interface, lock the device, have live temperature display as well as giving users access to a number of excellent video tutorials.

PAX 3 Complete

The Kits

The PAX 3 is available in two flavours, “Device Only”, or the “Complete Kit”.

The device only (€199 from https://eu.pax.com) includes everything that you need in order to vape dry herb:

  • Pax 3 vaporizer
  • Oven lid (full oven)
  • Two mouthpieces, flat and raised
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Magnetic charging dock

And the Compete kit (€249 from https://eu.pax.com) also gives you:

  • Concentrate insert to use with extracts
  • Extra lid (half oven) allows packing the oven with half the amount of material
  • A multi-tool to pack, empty, clean the oven
  • 3 Replacement screens

Oven Lids

The PAX 3 comes with three different oven lids that are easily interchangeable and are held in place with small magnets on either side of the lid.

The full-oven lid (left) allows you to fit in around .35g of dry herb, while the half-oven cuts this down to a more manageable 0.15-0.20g of material, making it much more approachable for a single user wanting a few hits without wasting material. Due to the nature of dry herb vaporisers, it isn’t possible to split the material over several sessions as the residual heat will dry out the product after use.

In addition to the above the complete kit also comes with a concentrate insert (right) which allows the user to, you guessed it, vape concentrates directly from the same device!

Ease of Use

The simple, intuitive controls on the PAX 3 are one of the things that make it so appealing to so many. A hidden button in the mouthpiece activates the device, changes the temperature and turns the device off, while the recognisable “four-leaf design” LED lights on the front tell you everything you need to know from battery levels to status and current temperature. If you’re not a fan of pressing buttons you can always give the device a shake and the built-in accelerometers will let you know the current battery levels via the lights. In addition, haptic feedback will get the device to vibrate when the oven is hot and it’s ready to vape!

The PAX 3 also contains a number of very smart features that will save you money. The device uses lip sensing technology and the accelerometer to tell the unit when you are not vaping, dynamically adjusting the temperature to preserve your herbs and battery life. Pop it down for 30 seconds and the temperature will drop. Pick it up again and the device will boost the temperature back up to the perfect level. Leave the device for 3 minutes and it will safely shut itself off.

How to get the best from the PAX 3

While the PAX 3 contains some truly amazing technology there are still a few things that you can do to ensure you are getting the best from your device. When grinding your herb, make sure that you grind until the material is nice and fine. This can often be achieved by flipping your grinder upside down halfway through.

Make sure that you have packed the material down. There shouldn’t be much movement but don’t go nuts. If you want to use less material, just swap to the handy half-pack lid.

Use a short puff to start off and then move to nice gentle draws.

Hidden Features

The Pax 3 has a number of fun features hidden away. I’ve found 8 so far, but I know that there are more! These include Simon (a memory game), colour carousels and even some hidden music. I won’t give the game away but there are many things to discover on the surprising little device.


If you’re looking for a smart, pocket-sized vaporiser for dry herb or concentrate, look no further. This little beauty not only packs a punch but has so many smart features hidden away that will save you time and money as well as making you smile.

The PAX 3 is available from a number of retailers and can also be bought directly from PAX EU on the link below:


As an added bonus, PAX Labs have given us a very special limited edition Planet of the Vapes engraved complete kit to give away to one lucky reader. To enter, just click here and follow the instructions!

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