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CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic

Vapoholic have taken their CBD Vape juices to a higher level with their latest CBD Calm Terpenes Vape Juice and we got to try out the complete range!

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The CBD market has gone wild in the last few years as more and more people discover the amazing potential of Cannaboid based products. Unless you have been living under a rock, you can’t have missed adverts extolling the many benefits of CBD, I know of several shops on my high street that offer a selection of drops, gummies, potions, powders etc. But unless you do some research, it can be a minefield trying to find the best quality and value, and sadly there are plenty of dubious brands out there which rely on this confusion to sell sub-par CBD to the unsuspecting. This is why I was delighted when Vapoholic got in touch to see if we’d like to try out their CBD Terpenes Vape Juice range by CBD Calm as I know they are a brand that really cares about their products.

Now I can’t and won’t make any medical claims about the wonders of CBD, anything I say would be purely anecdotal and not scientific fact, but it doesn’t take much digging online to find plenty of real world experiences from people whose lives have been positively and in some cases dramatically changed after regularly taking CBD for various conditions. But to get the best results, it is vitally important to choose products from a reputable source, and that is where Vapoholic come in.

Vapoholic are the UK’s no.1 CBD store, and they sell everything you could need; vape juice, powders, isolates, oils, gummies, disposables, etc. and they can also supply best kits for you to pair with your chosen products. They really are the perfect one stop shop to help you get the best from CBD. Not only do they have an outstanding selection of products, but their website is also a goldmine of information which gives so much knowledge in a clear and easy to understand way. They specialise in facts, you won’t find any unfounded claims or fairy-tale promises, but you will find everything you need to know to make an informed choice.

Not only do Vapoholic really know their stuff, but they also know a thing or two about production, so you can be assured of top quality products. All of their CBD is made under strict Good Manufacturing Practice Protocols (GMP) in their own top of the line ISO 7 clean room and is then independently lab tested for purity and strength. Finally, they are fully Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) compliant, so you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you are paying for and that you are also getting a safe and regulated product when you buy from the CBD Calm range.

CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic range

So, what are Terpenes?

I think most people by now know that CBD is a beneficial and legal product derived from compounds of the cannabis plant which works in harmony with our own biological system, we seem to be naturally hardwired to find a beneficial relationship to it. There are various other compounds found in the plant, but CBD is one without any psychoactive effects so you won’t get stoned, especially if you take CBD in its purest form. But CBD isn’t the only beneficial part of the cannabis plant, and this is where Terpenes come in. Terpenes are basically aromatics with extra benefits as they act as a sort of CBD super booster. Different terpenes work in slightly different ways and have their own unique taste too which is what sets the different strains of the plant apart from each other. This is a very basic overview, and I would suggest you check out the Vapoholic CBD Calm Terpenes page for a much more detailed guide. If you are looking for particular benefits from CBD, check each “strain” as the blend of terpenes is covered there, and you should be able to find ones that are more tailored towards your personal needs.

I would also highly recommend reading the guide on How to Vape CBD so you can get the most from this wonder product. CBD can sometimes be a little, well, rough if you use the wrong gear or settings so you really want to have an idea of what you are doing and what kits work best if you want to give yourself the greatest start when beginning to vape CBD. The bare basics though is to keep it low and slow; you don’t want to burn anything and the lower the power, the smoother the vape will be.

One final thing I would like to highlight before we get on to the individual juices is the strength. A lot of CBD juices I see are quite frankly next to useless as they are just not concentrated enough. Even worse, some brands use an overly complicated strength system to hide the fact that their products are not worth the bottles they come in. CBD Calm come in just two strengths, 1000mg (strong) and 3000mg (super strong). I wouldn’t really recommend anything under 1000mg anyway as you really aren’t going to get any real benefits. I’d start at 1000mg and then if you feel you need a bigger boost, then move up to 3000mg.

CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic O.G Kush and Gelato

O.G Kush

“The CBD Calm O.G Kush Terpenes is brimming with earthy, natural flavours which make for a bold and rich flavour profile making it the ideal choice for those who enjoy strong-tasting CBD e-juice”

This is your classic weed flavour, earthy and naturally herbal. It isn’t too damp tasting either, this has been well prepared with time to dry out properly. There is a fine line between fresh and green, this is definitely the former! It is also smooth and will be an accessible variety to start with if you are looking for a familiar flavour.

Super Lemon Haze

“This CBD vape juice benefits from the same blend of terpenes as the Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain, which is a cross-pollination of Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk”

This has a bit more of a tang to it, and it is a slightly more complicated flavour profile too. It has a sweeter aftertaste, less earthy, which makes it a bit smoother. I found this was one of the easier ones to vape and would suggest this may be a good if you have more sensitive lungs. You may need to build up a bit whilst you get used to the sensation of vaping CBD, and this one would work well for that.

CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic Amnesia and Holy Grail Kush

Gypsy Haze

“The same aromatic profile as aromatic extracts (terpene extracts) taken from the cannabis strain Gipsy Haze, a cross between Jack Herer x (Black Domina x Space Bomb)”

I am out of touch with all these modern strains, but seeing Jack Herer in the descriptions has given me major flashbacks to a messy trip to Holland! The smell is very distinct as soon as you open the bottle, and this translates to the taste. This is a really interesting one, less plant like with an intriguing, sweet note without actually being sweet. Taste wise, I think this was my favourite.

Holy Grail Kush

“Our Holy Grail Kush is created with the same blend of terpenes you’ll find in the cannabis strain of the same name, which was achieved after the crossbreeding of the famous Kosher Kush and The OG #18”

Compared to the previous bottle, this one had little smell and has a much more subtle initial flavour, but this seems to build up, so it is almost like a reversed taste. The aftertaste just keeps building and also left me with an element of cotton mouth. It has a slightly more homegrown feel to it too.

CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic Gypsy Haze and Super Silver Haze


“A mix of terpenes with the same aromatic profile as the cannabis strain Amnesia (Amnesia Hy-pro clon)”

Ooh this one is nice, quite similar to the Gypsy Haze with an almost citrus flavour profile. It is a lighter flavour too which possibly suits a more all day vape type profile. It is almost refreshing and would go down a treat with a glass of fresh orange juice and a brownie….ah there are those flashbacks to Holland again!

Super Silver Haze

“The CBD Calm Super Silver Haze Terpenes is brimming with earthy, natural flavours which make for a bold and rich flavour profile making it the ideal choice for those who enjoy strong-tasting CBD e-juice”

This is another traditional flavour; I can almost imagine the buds on this bad boy! In fact, I would say this is the most accurate flavour when it comes to what I imagine when I cast my mind back to my miss spent youth. It is actually nice to revisit some flavours without the mental fog and paranoia!


“Our Gelato CBD vape liquid uses the same blend of terpenes found in the Gelato cannabis strain (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies)”

As I said earlier, I am well out of touch with the latest cannabis strains, and I am not sure if they are making that last strain up! But putting the daft variety names aside, this is another one that works well to my taste. I think I definitely have a type as the three that I preferred all share similar profiles and the other four also have common tasting notes. This is another lighter, more refreshing flavour but is a bit stronger in the citrus department. It also has the illusion of creaminess on the inhale but that soon goes up in smoke as you move to the exhale. This is an interesting flavour.

CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic Super Lemon Haze

Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time testing the CBD Calm Terpenes Vape Juice. I felt confident that I was using a product made with care and with huge attention to detail. I think if you are really serious about using CBD and have an idea of what you hope to get from it, Terpenes really offer a level of customisation that you don’t see with regular CBD vapes. The focus on the relationship to real weed strains might be a little off putting to some people who would prefer to be a bit more distant from the illegal varieties, but I think this really works the other way to really nail the natural links to the big benefits of the organically occurring compounds found in Cannabis.

If you would like to try CBD Calm Terpenes Vape Juice for yourself, head over to Vapoholic. there is more than enough reading material to keep you busy whilst selecting which varieties you’d like to try. Prices range for £14.99 (for 10ml 1000mg) up to £39.99 (for 50ml 3000mg) which is just insanely good value for money. You can also buy hardware bundles to take the guesswork out of choosing the right kit, disposables for total ease of use, or e-liquid bundles if you would prefer to get the full selection in one hit.

Many thanks to Vapoholic for sending the CBD Calm Terpenes range in for review… now where did I hide the biscuits?

CBD Terpenes Vape Juice by CBD Calm for Vapoholic vape ready

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