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Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Vapes

Ohm Brew combine CBD and CBG with their famous flavours to bring us something a little bit different

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We have something a little bit different to review today. We have covered various CBD products in the past, but it’s time for them to move over as there is a new kid in town…CBG! Ohm Brew are a company who are always ahead of the curve so when they approached us to review this new type of cannaboid based product, we jumped at the chance.

Let’s start with a basic science lesson, and trust me, it will be basic. It has long been known that the human body has a close relationship with cannabis products (and no I’m not talking about the obvious highs), we seem to be hardwired to have a positive physical relationship with certain elements of the plant. We have a whole system, the endocannabinoid system, which is made up of a combination of molecules and receptors which seem to keep our bodies working in an optimal way. The human body naturally has receptors found in the nervous system, the brain, and in our immune systems, and CBD and CBG appear to able to bind these receptors which in turn enhance the naturally occurring Anandamide which is a neurotransmitter which controls many functions including enhancing pleasure (ooh err missus!), regulation sleep and appetite, and helping with pain. Although it has been suspected that cannaboids may have some kind of magic symbiosis with the human body, it seems that research is beginning to catch up and is now showing very positive signs with regards to the power of cannabis related products.

So far, most of the focus has been on CBD but recently there has been a real buzz about CBG, which is just another compound that naturally occurs in cannabis but in smaller amounts. It is also known as “the mother of all cannaboids” which is kind of an impressive title.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG flavours

Right, that is the end of the science lesson for the time being. As of now, we cannot make any medical claims about any CBD/G products but feel free to do a bit of research and then make your own mind up. All I can say anecdotally is that my mum suffers from chronic pain which she was prescribed strong opioids for. It was pretty much crippling her and she had a very poor quality of life until she discovered CBD oil. At first she didn’t really feel any difference, but over the space of three weeks, she went from being almost housebound to being surprisingly mobile to the extent that I’d have difficulty keeping up with her. Even more recently, she has moved on to a CBD/CBG mix and it has taken things to another level. She sleeps well and isn’t in constant pain. Don’t get me wrong, she still gets bad days and flare ups, but it is manageable, and she no longer needs to rely on opioids to get through the day. Now whether this is down to the CBD/CBG, I cannot say. But it certainly seems more than coincidental.

There are plenty of CBD vaping products on the market at the moment, of vastly varying qualities. But what got me excited when Ohm Brew reached out was that their new blends contain 300mg of CBD and 300mg of CBG. Not only that, but they also offer it in two different formats, you can either choose 10ml bottles of e-liquid ready to use with your favourite pod kit or mod, or you can go for the disposable vape option which contains 6ml of the same e-liquid and is ready to go once you’ve opened the pack and popped off the bottom cap and mouthpiece seal. So, which should you choose?

The Disposable Option

The Ohm Brew CBD/CBG disposable is the ultimate in faff free ways to vape. It is totally mess free and requires no extra equipment. You will also get a consistent vape every time. It is very beginner friendly and would be well suited to someone who doesn’t normally vape thanks to the user friendly element. On the flip side, you do have to consider the environment element, disposables are wasteful, and most people don’t strip them down to recycle properly. That is a moral debate only you can have with yourself though, but you can read up a bit more at Ohm Brew for inspiration (scroll down the CBD/G Disposables page).

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Disposable specs

The E-liquid Option

If you already have a vape ready set up, the e-liquid might be a better option for you as it works very well with your standard coils. I have to admit that I found the disposables a bit harder on the throat but with the Ohm Brew CBD/G e-liquid, I was able to lower the power of my kit which gave me a much gentler experience without sacrificing any of the flavour. There is also less waste as mentioned above, but you do need some basic vaping knowledge and a kit ready to use.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG e-liquid

I think it is great that Ohm Brew have offered the choice, what works for one person may not be right for the next, but this way, there is something for everyone.

Whichever option you go for, the end results should be the same. It is important to note that although these are cannabis based products, they do not contain any THC which is the compound that gets you high and is also the part that is illegal. I have seen people say that they get a relaxed feeling after using CBD vapes, but I have a theory on this. To get the most from these products, you need to use them slightly differently than your usual nicotine vapes. The inhale is the same, but you need to focus on taking it further in to your lungs and holding it deeply. I think it is this deeper inhale and stronger focus on controlled breathing that encourages a sense of calm and wellbeing, and this is how some people get that sense of peace. I have no proof, but it seems like a logical jump to me.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG packaging

The flavours

There are currently six flavours to choose from which cover a mix of popular “disposable” type flavours and more traditional weed inspired flavours. Now it is a long time since smoked anything other than a kipper so I can’t vouch for the accuracy in the flavour department, but I can tell you how they tasted to me!

Blue Slush Ice

“Blue Slush Ice- This childhood drink has a blueberry and raspberry combo with that extra ice boost which will leave your taste buds frozen with flavour!”

This has a really nice balance of fruits with the blueberry coming through surprisingly the stronger of the two. The raspberry brings a sweetness to the party though and they work together really well to make a smooth and syrupy flavour which helps to balance out the more herbal notes, especially in the disposable version. The ice hits more in the chest rather than the throat, it is a subtle blast which you feel more than taste, but it seems to work.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Blue Slush Ice

Fizzy Cola Ice

“Fizzy Cola Ice - Fizzy cola is our take on the classic sweet shop treat which is now available in our new enhanced formula. We then mixed in some ice to give you an extra icey exhale”

This was my favourite; Ohm Brew have really nailed that cola flavour. It tastes like the very traditional cola syrup and makes me think of those old black and white films with moody young people hanging around the soda fountains. It is so good. I much preferred the e-liquid version here though as I was able to drop the power making it a much smoother vape. Again, the ice is very mild, but it just adds to the overall flavour.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Fizzy Cola Ice

Kiwi Passion Guava

“Kiwi Passion Guava - This delicious tropical blend of flavours combines the sweetness of kiwis with tangy passionfruit and tart guava producing a mouth-watering medley that will tingle the taste buds after every puff”

Normally I am not that big a fan of kiwi with guava, but it seems to be perfect with the CBD/G, enhancing those grassy notes well. If you like fruit but don’t like things too sweet, this is a good option. It is a refreshing mix with just enough tang to make things interesting and it makes you want to come back for more. I must admit my heart fell slightly when I saw the name, but it is so much nicer than I expected, it is a bit of an underdog for me.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Kiwi Passion Guava

OG Kush

“OG Kush - Enjoy the unmistakable flavour of this classic strain with our take on OG Kush. An accurate cannabis flavour and aroma makes this a must-try if you want a true CBD experience”

This is where things get trickier to describe unless you know what I am talking about, but I will do my best. To be fair, you probably wouldn’t pick the more herbal flavours unless you already had some experience here! This is a fresh bud flavour that hasn’t been through a burning process, it is more like it has had a bubbling water treatment! It is very fresh, no dry sticks, twigs or dust here! If you know what I am on about, then hopefully it helps. If you don’t, well just stick with the fruits!

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG OG Kush

Pink Lemonade

“Pink Lemonade - Have it all with the tangy sweetness of a fresh cool glass of lemonade fizzing over a bed of strawberries and raspberries”

Right, we are back on safer ground again…for now! This is a great mix of tart lemonade followed up with a sweet berry mix. It is on the sharper side but not quite as tart as the Kiwi Passion Guava. Again, the flavours really compliment the herbal flavour with the fruit pulling out the stops to smooth things off again.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Pink Lemonade

Super Lemon Haze

“Super Lemon Haze - A strain that needs no introduction, but will surpass all your expectations. This lemony, cannabis delight provides a zingy flavour and fragrance that will have you coming back time after time”

I don’t know why I have been trying to skirt around the obvious with descriptions like this laying it all out there! This again is more of a fresh herb flavour but with a citrus twang. For me, this one was a little easier to vape, it felt a little smoother and has a bit more going on rather than it tasting just like a weed strain. It is a good middle ground between traditional green flavours and fruits. As I said earlier, it is a very long time since I tried the real thing, but I do remember something that had a similar flavour to this so I would say it is pretty realistic in the taste department.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG Super Lemon Haze

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I am a big advocate for CBD and CBG, and having more accessible options can only be a good thing. Stick some truly fantastic flavours into the mix, and I think these are some brilliant products. They may not work for everyone, we are all different and our bodies react differently, but these offer a simple way to try. I will say that if you are trying them for a specific reason, don’t expect overnight miracles, it takes time to build up and kick in, at least a couple of weeks. But if it does work for you, it can be genuinely life changing (once again, this is not a medical claim).

Ohm Brew don’t sell direct to the public, but they do have a handy store finder on their website. You should expect to pay around £15, and both disposables and e-liquids are roughly the same price.

Many thanks to Ohm Brew for sending these in for review.

Ohm Brew CBD/CBG drama

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