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SMOKO CBD Oral Drops

SMOKO prove that CBD doesn't have to taste bad with their delicious CBD Oral Drops

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CBD products are everywhere these days. I can’t even walk down my local high street without seeing window displays trying to entice shoppers to try the latest CBD products. From vape shops to pharmacies, it seems that finally the benefits of CBD products are finally breaking out to the mainstream public consciousness. This is fantastic news as there are so many benefits, but it also means there are some pretty dodgy companies trying to get a bite of the CBD pie. This can make it really hard for prospective buyers to be confident that what they are buying is the good stuff.

I have been lucky enough to try many different brands of CBD over the last few years and I am always excited to come across now ones, so I was delighted when SMOKO contacted us to ask if we would like to try their latest range of Oral CBD drops. I also know that there are still some people out there who don’t understand the difference between legal CBD products and illegal marijuana so hopefully we can put some of these worries to rest.

Smoko Oral CBD Drops orange

What is CBD?

I will keep this section brief as we already have some very detailed guides to CBD here at Potv and I would suggest getting comfortable and diving in if you want a more detailed understanding. But basically CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant which has been recognised for its many potential health benefits. It is not addictive and will not get you high. It is carefully extracted from the plant to make sure that virtually none of the THC (the part which does get you stoned) is present so it is safe for just about everyone to take. Legally we cannot make any medical claims, but anecdotally there is loads of evidence that it can help with many issues ranging from pain management to sleep problems. In fact, Potv has quite a few threads on our forum documenting our members various experiences with using CBD, and the majority report very positive outcomes.

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My CBD Story

Now you might be thinking that it is too good to be true so I am going to clarify that it isn’t some sort of miracle product that can fix all your ills, but for many people it does work. I first started using CBD after getting a work-related injury and it really did help to ease my discomfort. Then I got a different injury, and nothing helps this time round. The only way to tell if it will help you is to give it a try!

Whilst CBD no longer helps with my injury, I have the perfect guineapig to help me out with this review. She is a wonderful lady in the prime of her life (70 years old), who has many medical issues. She has to take so many different medications that I’m surprised the NHS has any money left! She suffers from arthritis and sciatica and before she discovered CBD, she was having to take some seriously nasty and highly addictive pain-relieving drugs just to be able to get moving around, and they weren’t really helping. At first she didn’t think the CBD was working but after about three weeks (it takes time for it to build up in your system so give it a good chance), she noticed a big difference in her activity levels, and a while after that, she was able to manage without the opioid pain killers all together. Again, it hasn’t cured her, but it has vastly improved her comfort and quality of life. So who is this mystery woman who I’ve roped in to help? It is my lovely mum!

The other reason for getting my mum to help out here is that often CBD reviews are written by younger people who already understand what CBD is. Often the older generations can be a little more wary, especially when it comes to the connection to cannabis, which is such a shame as they are probably the same group of people who stand to gain the most from it. So hopefully her experiences can help other people who may not want to risk trying CBD products. As I have already said, it isn’t a miracle cure, but you really have nothing to lose by trying.

Smoko Oral CBD Drops mixed berry

Smoko CBD Oral Drops

So finally let’s get into the meat of this review. SMOKO CBD Oral drops are Broad Spectrum which means they have the full range of cannabinoids and plant compounds with the exception of THC. Legally to be considered to be broad spectrum and to be approved for the UK market, broad spectrum CBD cannot contain any more than 0.2% THC. Whilst SMOKO haven’t yet published their data sheets on the website, I asked to see them and straight away they emailed me back with them and the lab tests show that the THC is so low that it doesn’t even register on most of the tests. Everything else checks out and I hope that SMOKO do add these to the website soon as they are very clear and show the quality of the products.

They offer three different flavours in three different strengths, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg. I would always suggest starting low and working up so you can find the best level for you. If you go in too high at the start, you take away the option to fine tune your dose.

The best way to take the drops is to drip one or two drops under your tongue morning and night. This means you have a fairly constant level in your system at all times. The underside of the tongue has lots of blood vessels, so it is one of the best places for the maximum absorption. At the end of the day, CBD isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you are making the most of it!

A lot of CBD drops have a “unique” flavour that can be a bit of an acquired taste. This is my polite way of saying a lot of CBD drops are vile, it can have a very earthy and bitter taste which is really not nice at all. But this is what really sets the SMOKO Oral Drops apart from the crowd. You can taste the raw flavour, but it is smooth and quite subtle with no bitterness at all. The additional flavours (mixed berry, mint, or orange) are very light but really do make a massive difference. They all leave a really pleasant taste which lingers long after you have dripped it and it makes things so much more palatable. I really liked the orange flavour as it is sweet and juicy, and Mum really liked the mint flavour for the smooth freshness.

What really impressed both of us was the purity of the SMOKO Oral Drops. Mum has been using a different brand for quite some time and we decided to keep her on the same strength so she could really do a direct comparison. Her usual brand can be a bit cloudy with visible particles. She says that once she gets halfway through a bottle, the sediment seems to thicken things up too. But the Smoko 2000mg was clean and consistent the whole way through with no off-putting bits. She said it was smooth and clean, and she was a little unsure if it was actually as strong as the flavour was so much nicer. I compared the data sheets between the two brands, and they measure up the same, so it really is the purity that makes the difference. The final proof was whether she still felt the same after taking the SMOKO drops for a while, and she noticed no change, so it is still working just as well as her usual brand.

Smoko Oral CBD Drops mint

Final Thoughts

We have both been very pleased with the SMOKO CBD drops, they are obviously top quality and of the highest levels of purity. If you have tried CBD before but have found the taste is just too unbearable, these might be just what you have been looking for. If you are new to CBD and are curious to see if it might work for you, these are a great product to try. You can order them directly from Smoko. 500mg is £29.99, 1000mg is £49.99, and 2000mg will set you back £69.99. There are cheaper options out there, but in this case, you really do get what you pay for, and if you are serious about giving CBD a good chance, it is well worth going for a premium product instead of trying to save a few quid on something that does the job but tastes so rough that you can’t face using it!

Many thanks to SMOKO for sending these in for us to try.

Smoko Oral CBD Drops clean drip

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